How To Teach My Child the Alphabet

If you’re a brand new homeschooler with a preschooler underfoot, you’re probably excited to begin teaching your child. One of the first concepts most parents introduce their children is the alphabet. If you’re interested in how to teach your child the alphabet, there are several things you can do to make it both educational and enjoyable!


 How to teach my child the alphabet seems to be a common question. Here are some tips on how to teach the alphabet to your little one and have fun in the process!

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How To Teach My Child the Alphabet

Sing the ABC Song with a Poster

One of the first things you can do to teach the alphabet is begin singing the ABC song with your child. Sing it during bath time or before bed. Sing it during play. Your child will pick up on it quickly and begin singing it along with you. You can also print out a free ABC poster and point to the letters while you sing. This will help your child associate the letter with its name.

To teach letter sounds, you can create a phonics song for each letter of the alphabet while holding up ABC flashcards or pointing to the ABC poster. The song from Leapfrog Letter Factory, “Every Letter Makes a Sound,” is a great one to use.

Play Alphabet Games

Alphabet games are a fun way to reinforce letter names and letter sounds. One that children love only involves some sidewalk chalk and a spray bottle of water. Write letters on the sidewalk or your driveway and call out a letter name or sound. Your child can find the letter and spray it away with the water!

You can use alphabet flashcards to play a game of memory. Use uppercase and lowercase flashcards and lay them face down. The goal is for your child to match the uppercase and lowercase letters.

There are many other wonderful ABC games you can play with your child and they will incorporate well with your preschool lesson plans. 

Read ABC Books

Most children enjoy story time with mom or dad. Purchase a couple of books that focus on the letters of the Alphabet to help your child learn to recognize letters. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and The ABC Bunny are two favorites. Make it a ritual to read the books with your child once a day for a while and you will see your child begin to recognize the letters!

Point Out Letters in Everyday Life

Do you have anything in your child’s room with his or her name on it? Talk about it with your child. Tell them the letters in their name while showing them. If you have any signs around your home, talk about those letters, too. Point out the letters on the STOP sign at the end of your street and everywhere else you see big, noticeable letters.

Practice Writing with Sand

To help your child build fine motor skills, have him or her practice writing letters in sand. Simply fill a small plastic container with sand and let your child use a finger to make letters. You can also do this with salt or cornmeal. Sit down with your child and show him or her how to move the finger to form the letters. 

Teaching your child the alphabet doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Just begin introducing the letters in an organic way and slowly work on adding in alphabet skills playfully and your child will be well on his or her way to knowing the ABCs!


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