Win $500 Paypal CASH for Your Homeschool!

You have your lessons planned (or at least are thinking about it). You are gathering supplies and reading articles on homeschooling. Fall is just around the corner and perhaps your family is beginning to transition into a different routine as the weather threatens to cool down and you begin to dream of pumpkins, pencils, and papers galore. You know what that means…

It’s Back to (Home) School time!! It’s that time of year, when many homeschoolers are busy preparing for a new school year.  Some of you may have already started your new year, and some of you may have never stopped!  Ah, the blessing of homeschooling – to be able to do what suits your family.


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Speaking of blessing, I’ve gotten together with a group of bloggers to bless a homeschooling family with $500 (Paypal) CASH!  We’ve put our resources together to bring you a giveaway for a chance of winning $500.

We know homeschooling can put financial strain on families – whether it’s from living on one-income orbuying curriculum for your children – the financial aspect of it can be stressful.  Our hope is that we can monetarily bless a homeschool family so they can buy the curriculum they need, pay off a bill or two, or be able to have their kids participate in extra curricular activities. 

For your chance to win, simple use the Rafflecopter form below to enter –

 Win $500 Paypal Cash for Your Homeschool!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends August 25th, 2015 at 11:59pm EDT.  Must be at least 18 years of age.  Selected winner will have 48 hours to respond to email notification to claim their prizes or another winner will be drawn.

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  1. Jennifer B

    wjat an awesome giveaway! I would love to win this. We are living in the rural mountains of Central Asia where there is no school for my kids! Homeschooling is our only option and this would really help us due to the tight budget we have to live under! 🙂

  2. Jessica

    If I win this giveaway it would be such a blessing to our family because I will be able to purchase several things that I haven’t been able to purchase at this time. Things that would make our homeschooling year a memorable one. 🙂 Having an extra cushion to fall back on is always a blessing. I will be able to purchase more hands on kits and do more projects with my children. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  3. Kaelin Yonts


  4. Becca C

    This would bless us because we could we could buy another laptop and finish our work day quicker.

  5. Kate B.

    Wow! $500 would cover all the curriculum we need for our next phase of “book school,” with some to spare! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!!!

  6. danielle

    Hi Tauna,

    I so appreciate your blog. Thank you!


  7. Jaci

    WOW…great giveaway! Thanks!! This would bless our family since we are a one income family and have a couple people on a special diet due to an autoimmune disease. Our budget is always super stretched. Everything helps!!

  8. Roberta

    Thanks for this opportunity. I know it will help a family out.

  9. Roberta

    I could finish organize the paper monster. I am working with six kids and organizing the teacher manuals, workbooks, tests, lesson plans etc actually costs. Hanging file folders are not cheap. I would use the funds to put the finishing touches on that project.

  10. Karen

    I’ve bought everything I think I’ll need for the school year, but sometimes I have to “change horses midstream.” The money will come in handy for those times.

  11. Carlyn

    It has been a very stressful summer with house woes, buying curriculum, paying for unexpected hotels, and ending up losing “friends” in the process. Winning this would help us catch up that much more!

  12. Heather D.

    Wow, it would be a incredible blessing because I just haven’t been able to make the numbers work this year. With one in 10th and one in 8th…things seem to cost more…curriculum, classes, extra curriculars. I’m able to give them the bare minimum at this point as we’re struggling the most we ever have just to keep the roof over our heads and food on the table. It’s tough. This would be incredible.

  13. Tracy

    What a blessing you give!

  14. Nicole Sparks

    this would bless us because we do unit studies most of the time. I try to look for free ones, but they are not available for all subjects. I could buy several studies and books for them with $500.

  15. Allison Freeborn

    That’s awesome of all of you! I’m already a subscriber and entered the giveaway!

  16. Heather

    What a great and thoughtful give a way! It would be so nice to get the rest of our curriculum!

  17. Laura dodd

    Thank-you for this give away!

  18. Hope

    As a family of 11 we have to be careful with our budget. Usually we seek to have the basics then add in others things as we can. This would be a blessing because it would allow for some of the “other” things we consider a part of our homeschool but not always necessary. Thank you for the opportunity!

  19. Jen

    This giveaway is a blessing! It will bless our homeschool in the organization of everything department! We are just getting started in K5 with twins. I can envision bins with labels for all crafty stuff and a bookshelf or 2 for all the books we are collecting! Thank you to all the bloggers going in on this for all of us moms!

  20. Vivian T

    Thanks for blessing other home schoolers! This will enable us to buy curriculum that we’ve been putting off buying for a couple of years due to financial considerations. My family would be so excited to discover new books to love!

  21. Katie

    We would love to give our kids piano instruction (being farmers in a remote area makes this hard to find) and buy some greek workbooks. Plus we were hoping to purchase some answers in genesis resources this year. This giveaway would make this all possible.

  22. Laura O

    the giveaway would bless my family by helping provide more tools and curriculum; as a first timer to homeschooling, I’m still discovering new resources and trying to determine what will work best for each of my kiddos and the whole family. Thankyou to the many bloggers and free resources I’ve found so far!

  23. Tasmin

    I always think giveaways are great. I am sure my story is like so many other large homeschooling families. Living on one income, homeschooling K, 1st, and 3rd grade and have 2 toddlers and one baby. There hasn’t been much money for extra and I haven’t finished getting all of our curriculum together. Winning this paypal cash would be timely and a blessing to us.

  24. Kelly

    This would truly bless our family because my husband is taking classes now to obtain his degree. This would help us out greatly to take some of the pressure off from college expenses and help us apply that to more homeschool outings or material.

  25. Bobbie

    Being the winner would greatly help us getting preschool supplies for my youngest and college books for my oldest. My two oldest just moved to their dads and moving expenses, college expenses, co-op expenses have been quite massive on him….This would relieve some of his pressure.

  26. KatieG

    Thank you Tauna for your wonderful and inspiring posts. They surely are a treat for me!

  27. Annie

    We’d be able to go on a few extra field trips!

  28. Sally A

    If I were to win it would bless my family in many ways. My daughter could get art lessons. We would go on more field trips to learn outside our home. With this I could plan on buying next years curriculum needs.

  29. Jennifer Beggs

    This will be such a blessing to our family, because we added child #5 this year, and expenses for managing a home just keep rising! I try to be a frugal homeschooler–buying 2nd hand, creating some of my own curriculum, doing printables instead of buying more, but this will be a huge help to my family in making our homeschooling and family purchases.

  30. Bethany Davis

    This would be a blessing to win the contest because my husband got laid off from his job in June and we have been struggling. Thanks and God bless!

  31. Adia

    Thank you for offering this wonderful gift! This definitely would help with activities that I want to have my little one participate in(ie gymnastics) gas of course to drive to parks, the zoo, and other fun places. It would also help with buying food for healthy breakfasts and lunches to take along with us on our daily journeys!!

  32. Kelly

    This would bless our family by allowing us to purchase the extras on our wish list that don’t usually make it into the budget – microscope & sewing machine. It would also enable us to build up our home library more for our voracious readers!!! Thank you!

  33. Kimberly Aneed

    I never win anything, but if there was a first time- $500 would be a great

  34. Kimberley

    This year has been financially difficult and set us backward a bit. We would use this to pick up the curriculum we still lack for this school year and stock up on next year’s supplies.

  35. Janelle

    This could help our family so much, as my husband is in the military, and we’re a 1-income family, homeschooling a middle-schooler and a high-schooler.

  36. Julia

    This is wonderful! I could purchase so many items from my “wish list” that could enhance our homeschool for years to come!

  37. Heather o

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  38. Caroline Gill

    What a wonderful blessing this would be! It is often hard to accommodate all the homeschooling needs one has, especially with multiple ages to cater for. This would go a long way to getting a little something to bless each child’s heart and mind.

  39. Jeannie Miles

    Like many homeschooling families we have a limited budget for homeschooling. Winning this would allow me to do some of the fun extras like a science co-op that just are not in the budget right now.

  40. Amy

    Thank you so much for this great opportunity to cover my curriculum expenses and help with extra-curricular activities for my kiddos!

  41. Tommi

    Love your blog. So many great resources and tips. Especially loved the Lego posts!

  42. Susan A.

    Winning this giveaway will help me to afford to outsource something for my high schooler.

  43. Shannon R

    This giveaway would bless my family by helping me to purchase the rest of our curriculum that we still desperately need. As well as the basic school supplies that we are still lacking. What a huge relief it would be for us. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  44. Missy

    What an awesome giveaway! There are so many things I could think to buy for my 2, things that normally we would do without. A language curriculum would be top on my list.

  45. Elizabeth

    Winning this would be a huge blessing since we just moved and don’t have much extra cash for purchasing curriculum for this year.

  46. lifewithmycowboys

    My son has the unfortunate habit of finishing something much earlier than I thought and it seems like I’m always having to purchase things throughout the year. This would be a great opportunity to ammend our current situation of trying ro fill in the many areas he’s finishing too soon where I have nothing else.

  47. Debi Schuhow

    Probably eclectic, a little bit of everything. Traditional school based with Unit studies and some Charlotte Mason.

  48. Debi Schuhow

    This will bless my family as my husband and I are raising two grandsons the best we can. He is 60 years old and I am 47 years old and work full time. While we can make it, it is at the expense of saving for our retirement.

  49. Ruby

    by enabling us to get more suppleemental books to read ti enrich our learning of any given subject.

  50. jennifer

    What an exciting contest!
    Also, your blog name is GREAT.

    1. Tauna

      😀 Thanks Jennifer!

  51. Janelle

    Winning the prize would bless our family by being able to provide the resources for piano lessons and some needed school supplies.

  52. jennifer

    This would bless our family by relieving some financial stress for us due to my husband having become disabled, not likely to be well again, and unable to work since mid-December.

  53. Christina K.

    If I won this $500 giveaway, it would help our family tremendously since I will be leaving my job in 2 months to stay home full-time and finances will be tight.

  54. Holly Villarreal

    I am a first-time homeschooler getting ready to make the transition to part-time work and full-time homeschooling. I have four little ones at home and I would love to use the $500 to buy math manipulatives and give us a little breathing room in our budget!

  55. emily

    This would help us purchase the holes in curriculum I identified last year- but haven’t been able to fill. It would also help us to pay off our moving debt

  56. Jessica

    This would bless my family by helping us to pay for extracurricular activities.

  57. Christy

    We are first year missionaries with four children. This money would be a blessing for our homeschool with our limited budget. 🙂

  58. Ann Riffle

    This would be such a wonderful blessing for our family. We still have no idea what we will be using this year for curriculum because we can’t really afford it.

  59. Erin

    Winning this giveaway would definitely help me build a curriculum and resources stash to help my young boys start their homeschooling journey. And maybe help convince family and friends that this is do-able!

  60. Carolina B

    Great Giveaway! It’d be a blessing to not buy our materials on our credit card this year

  61. Jeri Thompson

    Winning this giveaway would be extremely helpful because I have no resources to buy curriculum. I’m sorta making it up as I go. I think my kiddos would enjoy something a little different.

  62. Kerry

    Thank you for the great giveaway! I love your unique and inspiring blog.

  63. Susanne Lee

    This will bless our family by allowing us to get some extra-fun curriculum, vs just the basics that I usually scrimp on (Costco, etc)…. 🙂

  64. Stacey DelCanto

    Thank you so much for offering this giveaway! If we win we will be able to buy the curriculum we need and also be able to buy school supplies and join a co-op! This would be such a blessing to our family!

  65. Forest Rose

    This would be a huge blessing! I would love to be able to stock up on supplies for the year. There are a lot of things I need, but just aren’t in the budget for this year.

  66. jennifer mathesz

    traditional homeschoolers atm

  67. jennifer mathesz

    this would be a blessing because we are of course a one income family and this would allow us to get some special items we might otherwise not be able to afford

  68. Aadel

    Winning this giveaway will mean being able to purchase the rest of the curriculum we need for our year! We have been buying it one book at a time due to financial constraints.

  69. Alayna

    This giveaway would bless my family in many ways! Living abroad can increase costs for homeschooling, so this may allow us to acess curriculum that may not have been within our budget or even outfit our new homeschool room!

  70. C Gray

    Wow! Where to start? First thank you for your encouraging blog and the chance to win. Such a blessing would be used for our school wants. When we plan our upcoming school year we often find used items that are deeply discounted or free curriculum that we have found online or have been graced with by others. This year, we have had a hard time doing that. So, if we should win, we would use it to buy the items we hope to incorporate into our learning (still used if possible). Again thank you! -Cindy

  71. Lynn

    Winning this giveaway would allow my children to sign up for extra curricular activities that we don’t have da budget for. Thank you for your generosity!

  72. Gabrielle

    Winning this would be such a blessing! It would allow us to purchase the items we’ve had on our homeschooling wishlist, that we otherwise can’t afford at the moment.

  73. Lisette

    This giveaway will absolutely bless us because we are a single-income family. We, parents want the best for our kids – Best resources or curriculum for their well-being and we don’t have that much great curriculum/resources here in the Philippines. This would be a big help for my family. 🙂

  74. Beth

    Winning this would be huge!

  75. April Christmas

    We have been looking at a great microscope for the kids, and a few things like Lego education or Little Bits. So this would be so helpful. Thank you for this giveaway.

  76. Teresa M.

    If I won the $500 PayPal giveaway, I would purchase my kids school supplies for their Co-op class we attend on Fridays! What a blessing that would be!!

  77. Marcie

    This $500 would help us to get better organized with our homeschool and it would give us the money to start learning Italian!

  78. Nicole

    I’m so grateful I found this site. .it has been such a help in renewing ideas & ways I homeschool. With two older ones out of the house, I have a 9yr old who loves learning, loves legos & is not at all like my older two. I’ve had to change so much to keep up with his zeal for history & science & LEGOS! My other two were 100% athletes. Your tools has given me such great ideas & tips. Thanks you!

  79. RachelH

    Wow, what an amazing and generous giveaway! This would be a huge blessing to our homeschool. I have an 8 year old, 5 year old, 1 year old and baby on the way. I’ve been wanting to get some resources for K and for my older child, including some memorization songs and hands-on resources for active kids, and materials to make busy-boxes for my toddler. Winning this giveaway would make that happen this year.

  80. Tami

    winning the $500 would bless our family with groceries until my husband finds a job. We are in a transition of unemployment and I am currently working until he finds a position. He makes much more than I do, so finances are super tight right now.

  81. Rebekah

    This would help us buy curriculum because there is just no extra money in the budget right now. It’s hard to just pay the rent.

  82. Tamara

    We would be so blessed by this giveaway! My husband just started a new job and we are so tight I haven’t been able to buy our curriculum yet!

  83. Stephanie

    Wow! This would be a huge blessing to win this giveaway. Our van with 270,000+ miles on it is about to die. The transmission is going out again. We need a new one to drive to various activities. Living on one income so that I can stay home to home school my kids is not easy. Praying for a miracle of provision. Thanks for the chance to win this $500! Wow!

  84. CW

    It would be nice to be able to spend money on things like new glasses, tools for my husband, etc. without worrying about ruining the budget.

  85. Lisa T

    This will help us tremendously with music lessons. Thank you for the giveaway!

  86. Christine

    With 7 “students” this year, there is always something I need. More explode the code, forgot someone’s math workbook, whatever. There are constant needs around here.

  87. katie

    We are moving states for my husband job. It’s a quick move. This would be a huge blessing for all the unexpected expenses that we will occur and things that need to be closed out before we leave our current state.

  88. karen

    finances are tight right now, especially with two surgeries in our family this month, so we’d use this money to help pay our bills!

  89. Melissa

    We would love to do more enrichment type activities, the hands-on type lessons that take special equipment or “ingredients”.

  90. Allie

    “How will winning this giveaway bless your family?”

    This would be a HUGE blessing! We would be able to invest in Life Of Fred, as well as so many wonderful books and sensory therapy items.
    Two of our children have Autism, and this would help us immensely.

  91. Rachel Shea

    This would bless my family tremendously! We are in a very hard spot financially right now but know we are called to home school. We have virtually no funds right now for school.

  92. Nicole Pipkin

    It would bless my family by buying printer ink & curriculum. I buy a lot of unit studies & lapbooks so we use up a lot of printer ink.

  93. Elizabeth B

    I have a wishlist of things that I’m trying to find used, or atleast at discount prices. Some things are harder to find than others and I’ve been waiting to purchase them to see if I can squeeze other sections of our budget. This would be so helpful in purchasing those last few things!

  94. Lisa Clark

    Thank you so much! You always have something interesting and surprising for me. This week it is the $500 Paypal give away. One of the biggest ways the money would bless my family is paying for field trips. Our group has some wonderful field trips planned, but some of them are expensive, especially the three hour train trip, so the extra money would certainly be useful.

  95. vicki

    the $500 giveaway would be a blessing in many ways… starting with books, books, and more books. thank you!

  96. Athena Garris

    This giveaway would bless our family so much as my 5 year old is starting kindergarten this year and I have a 3rd grader and 5the grader also. It would provide fun art projects and science experiments and school supplies and learning games for my family!

  97. Melissa

    This giveaway would bless our family so much! We recently moved and took a huge loss on our old house. So thankful it sold after 13 months! We’ve had to scrape together quite a bit to pay for all our homeschool materials for this coming school year. Things are pretty tight. Thanks for doing this!

  98. Liz

    I am so excited for this drawing. Thank you so much!

  99. Tina Johnson

    This would bless my family so much, I would be able to purchase the next set of curriculum from our favorite, Trail Guides to Learning! We have Paths of Exploration, now we just need Paths of Settlement.

  100. Keri

    This PayPal giveaway would bless our family by purchasing items needed throughout the school year as well as by paying to participate in extracurricular activities.

  101. Wendy Clark

    I would be able to buy some more books we need and I would hope to put the rest aside for Christmas.

  102. Michelle

    Thanks for posting this giveaway! How fun! I we win, we would put it toward paying off our adoption. 🙂

  103. Heather Loewenheim

    I really enjoy your blog. This give away would really be a blessing for us. The beginning of the year is always difficult. My husband is a school nurse and does not get paid for about six weeks over the summer. It makes things really tight. Thank you!

  104. Lydia Imsand

    This giveaway will be a blessing to my family because we will be able to purchase the right curriculum for my children. We have limited income that varies each month. Right now I am using free books from the Internet but would like to purchase some curriculum when I have the money.

  105. Angie

    I would definitely take most of it and pay it to the children’s orchestra, so I wouldn’t have to worry about fundraising until November. Literature is always a good choice and school supplies are always needed.

  106. Jacqie

    Thank you for all you do! This $500 would benefit our family by allowing us to purchase the hands-on materials we’ve been badly needing. It will also allow us to help out another family as well.

  107. Linda Burton

    My kids love love love learning!! Money is really tight for us now. The prize would be a blessing!

  108. Linda Burton

    My kids love learning. This prize would be a blessing to our family financially.

  109. Maureen

    Thanks for the awesome blessing. Homeschooling is expensive especially if you have a large family. With $500 extra dollars our family would love to add some new great read aloud nonfiction books.

  110. Melissa

    How sweet would this be!??!! Thanks for doing the giveaway. God bless you

  111. Melissa H

    First, thank you so much for this website it has been such a blessing as we are still new to homeschool. It is so full of great info and leds me to other websites that just as awesome (I even promoted you on my fb page Midnight Artz last month). This giveaway is so great! It would help us to pay off some medical bills (which seem to be ongoing) and buy some supplies like folders, ink, and paper. Thanks again for all you do, it is just a blessing to us! God bless you all!

  112. Kathryn

    This giveaway would be such a blessing to my family. My husband and I are planting a church and finances are quite tight for us in this season. I am beginning to homeschool this year, and it would be an incredible help to have an extra budget for curriculum and school supplies.

  113. Amy

    How thrilling! This giveaway would tremendously bless our homeschool! We had to tighten the homeschool budget purse strings this year due to necessary home repairs. We are using free online curriculum with supplements. I’d be able to get the boys a lot more supplements!

  114. Kathryn

    My husband and I are planting a church and finances are quite tight in this season. I am beginning homeschool this year and it would be an incredible blessing to have an extra budget for curriculum and school supplies.

  115. Betty

    My husband and I could do something special for our upcoming 20th wedding anniversary.

  116. Esther

    Oh my goodness, what a treat to be eligible for such a giveaway even living in Canada. Funding for homeschooling is available where we live, but tenuous given the new provincial government we now have. With job security eroding, having the funds to continue to educate our daughters in the way we are passionate about would be such a great blessing!

  117. Shari Neal

    We really need the $500 for curriculum and school supplies. My husband was in an accident, no insurance, and financially we are strapped and unable to get our supplies. I have about 95% left to get. We would feel so blessed to get this money to cover what we need for school. Thanks for having the giveaway– whether I win or not someone is going to be profoundly blessed and thrilled to win! 🙂

  118. Lin

    Wow, the prize would mean we could actually buy curriculum without worrying about postage costs (to NZ) for a change. Thank you for doing this giveaway

  119. Deanna

    This is an amazing giveaway!!!! It would get us the color laser printer and the piano keyboard that we need to get all the subjects covered that my kids want to learn this year…

  120. Deborah H

    We will be homeschooling overseas, so this blessing would allow us to be more choosy in the curriculum – getting exactly what I want that would require less luggage weight and space, rather than just accumulating a hodgepodge to lug around with us.

  121. Iris

    Winning this giveaway would bless my family by giving us the funds to fix our school room.

  122. Kala

    This is a blessing for anyone! We would love this, my husband has been out of work the past 4months so buying curriculum hasn’t been possible right now.

  123. Amanda

    I would love to win! It would be a huge blessing to my family!

  124. April

    This would be such a blessing because I can use it to take my kids on field trips that I didn’t think I’d be able to take them on this year.

  125. Jessica Rivera

    This giveaway would be a big blessing for us in order to buy books for my son’s Kindergarten this year.

  126. Tonja Buckland

    Winning this would enable us to buy our math curriculum and some other manipulatives & books I’ve had my eye on.

  127. Nicole M

    This would be a wonderful blessing for our family…we have lots of books and science materials we would purchase for our homeschool.

  128. Amy Sanders

    This giveaway would help because we just haven’t been able to afford much of anything for school. We still haven’t gotten to get some school supplies and the curriculum I wanted for my older two turned out to be something we can’t get now. Our well pump went out and so all the money we were saving for homeschooling had to go to that. This would definitely be a blessing for us.

  129. Anita Barwick

    I’m recovering from St.4 colon cancer and things are quite slim around here. I can’t work and today I had surgery to repair my knee. I still have my other knee and foot to repair. It has been very hard for the last few yrs. but I want to thank God for healing me and I am cancer free! My3 children have been somewhat cheated from having a mommy and my poor husband has been carrying a BIG load by himself at times. I’m ready to reclaim what the locust have eaten and enjoy my family again. I’ve put off buying their books because I’ve tried to save up. Anything would bless us!

  130. Judy

    My family (s many other families) has been dealing with financial hardships for several years, so this would be a blessing to our family to have something to help buy needed curriculum. Thank you for reaching out and being a blessing to someone. May God bless you in an extra-ordinary way!

  131. Darcy

    Winning will bless my family by allowing us to add some things to our curriculum that we have done without due to finances.

  132. Danika Cooley

    My boys need jeans. They’ve hit that crazy teen growth stage. 🙂 Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  133. Krissy McLean

    This is an amazing giveaway. This would bless our family a having 5 kids money is always right when it comes to just about anything. This would allow us to purchase some materials that we weren’t able to purchase before.

  134. Lauren

    Thank you for such a great giveaway! Winning this prize would bless our family with helping to pay for a science curriculum my son really wants and for piano lessons for the year. 🙂

  135. Christy B.

    This would bless my family immensely. We are traveling music missionaries, and funds for homeschool books are usually tight, often not there at all. $500 would stretch VEEEEEERRRRRRRRRYYYYY far…like that last word.

  136. Teish

    Being a self-employed family can be tough! It would be lovely to have a little extra boost to cover some of the unexpected stuff that comes up in school and around the house!

  137. Amy

    This would be an incredible blessing. I am quite frugal in buying curriculum – buying used almost exclusively and re-using workbooks, older editions, etc… so I could use this to buy items I can’t find use but would benefit our home school. I would also love to bless my 2 sisters-in-love who home school with some cash!

  138. Laurie M

    Wow, this would be wonderful to win. We are beginning homeschooling our 8 yr old twins while serving overseas in Nicaragua as missionaries!

  139. Kareth

    What an awesome give away. Our funds are quite limited song kids don’t get to do any extracurriculars. Would love to get them involved in an extra activity or two. 🙂

  140. Rachel Kokes

    I love homeschooling my daughter, but am on a limited budget, so I create a lot of my own materials. This money would allow me to purchase several items that would save me time, as well as some more expensive learning tools on my wishlist! Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  141. Jessie M

    We might get some of the supplements we aren’t ready to jump in on yet because of the price. We also may use it to get supplies for our local co-op.

  142. Jami Blackchief

    This would be such a blessing to our slender budget!

  143. lynette

    Excited about this contest! I’m just starting to homeschool and could use a little help!

  144. Tyra

    This would help with piano lessons, co-op, and field trips! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  145. Jennifer R

    Winning $500 would be a tremendous blessing for our family. We’ve been hit hard financially over the summer months. Our laptop died over the summer, and we’ve been unable to afford replacing it. As our daughters get older, we’re using technology more and more for learning. So, I’d love to use the $500 winnings toward a new computer. Thanks for doing this!

  146. Sally W

    $500 would be a blessing to our homeschool because I run a $0 budget homeschool. It would be nice to just buy something for our school without having to sress about how much it costs for a change!

  147. Julie McKenzie

    What a blessing to win this contest! We have two kids in high school now so in addition to the unit study we’ve used we are having to purchase more costly high school books. This would be so helpful!

  148. Ashley B

    This giveaway is awesome! If we had the extra $500 we would spend it on a desktop computer. Our laptop is very old and crashes constantly!

  149. Christy Foss

    Thanks so much for this opportunity!!! What a blessing to those who win!

  150. amy bryant

    What a blessing this would be to our family. We could purchase items on our wish list for this upcoming school year.

  151. dawn

    Tight budget this year so winning would be a real blessing to our family.

  152. tina g

    Thank you for this opportunity. I would enroll my daughter in gymnastics.

  153. Nichole

    At the moment we are leaning on God to provide us a means of replacing our computer that was lost in a power surge during a storm this past Tuesday. It was our only computer in the house. Not only do we use it for school, must have for Teaching Textbook for my oldest, without it my husband can not leave the office (a hour from home) until his work is done, which means less time with us. I am confident that it is not Gods’ will for us to go into debt to replace it. We are paying our bills but living paycheck to paycheck. Should we win this would truly be a blessing and a testimony to our family of God’s amazing provision. And if not we will continue to praise Him in this storm!

  154. Tanya

    This would be such a blessing to us! Perhaps I could use the $500 Paypal cash to stock up on pantry staples. This would free up cash so we could tie up some loose ends on home projects, like finally finishing (after two long years) a bathroom of ours. 🙂

  155. Dawn @Oh Sweet Mercy

    We are in the process purchasing our first home. $500 would allow us to purchase a year’s worth of our curriculum at once instead of making monthly payments and that would definitely ease the strain on our budget.

  156. Mandy

    Winning would give me freedom to do many, many field trips this year!

  157. Monica M

    I’m a single mom who struggles to make ends meet. I’ve had to delay getting several subjects b/c it wasn’t in the budget. No matter what, we’ll make it work.

  158. Heather

    This would bless our family by allowing us to get some quality books and supplies for our homeschool. Thanks!

  159. PS

    I love free resources and use a lot of them. Sometimes, you really need to buy just the right thing though.

  160. Genie Wade

    Oh my goodness this would be a huge blessing to our family!
    We are a one income family so the money would help get the rest of the curriculum we need to have a well rounded school year.
    I know who ever gets this it will be a wonderful blessing to their family 🙂

  161. Christina

    With a blessing like this, my kids could finally have music lessons!

  162. Melissa

    I am about to quit my job to stay at home with my kids full time. Winning this would help us to cover the costs that will come with homeschooling such as activities and supplies.

  163. Tanya Stuart

    It would be such a blessing to win this for our homeschool. We would be able to set up a space just for my children to do activities and crafts instead of the kitchen table.

  164. brittany

    it will help replace the dryer that just broke; with winter around the corner, i’ll need to take down our line and use the dryer. At some point we will need to purchase it!

  165. Tristine Fleming

    Our family would be immensely blessed with this because we are truly struggling to afford homeschool supplies. My husband and I agreed before we had children that I would stay and home and school them. We were in a great place financially, but shortly after we had our son, my husband lost his job and has been working hard to get back to that level. We make huge financial sacrifices to homeschool our son. Many people tell me to put him and in school and get a job so we won’t be so strapped every month, but we believe this is what the Lord calls us to do as Christian parents and that He will provide for our needs. That’s why I know this would be an ultimate blessing for us.

  166. Sarah

    Winning would give us the chance to go on more expensive field trips, order some books we currently just have to do without and give us a bit of flexibility without being so tight on cash.

  167. Michelle L

    I have paypal but non US am I still eligible?

  168. noel

    What a blessing this giveaway would be in buying supplies for our large family for homeschooling!

  169. Laurie S.

    What an amazing blessing this will be for a homeschooling family. Curriculum adds up so quickly. It warms my heart to think of how much this will help a family. Thank you!

  170. Lynda Atwood

    $500 would enable us to do the “extra’s” Maybe do a big field trip to places in our State and stay overnight in a motel.

  171. R G

    What a generous giveaway! Perfect for manipulatives.

  172. Stephanie

    We’d love this to get started building a great home school for our boys. We’re still at the very beginning stages so everything helps with one income!

  173. Kim

    We would be so thankful to win the Paypal giveaway…we would be grateful to purchase more books, art supplies and any curriculum that we need. Thanks for offering this wonderful gift! Whoever wins will be most blessed! Thanks for all you do to help us all. 🙂

  174. Jennifer

    This giveaway would be such a blessing for our family! We could buy curriculum and school supplies without having to worry about money or giving up something else for a couple months to be able to afford them.

  175. Deana

    I wish I could win this, we have cut our homeschool curriculum budget way too short this year, and could really use help! This would be an amazing blessing.

  176. Rachael Carrillo

    Winning this would be a blessing for us. We would use it for Art classes, Music Lesson, and field trips. Thank you.

  177. LisaIowa

    8 of our 10 kids are still in our homeschool, 3 in high school and the 9th U.S. In college. Every little bit helps and $500 would be a huge blessing!

  178. Katrina

    This would help us out so much with books to go with our units, early readers, and hands on materials for math and science!

  179. Kristin

    Being in the same boat as a lot of folks…single income homeschoolers, this would bless us tremendously by allowing for art curriculum and supplies we’ve had our eyes on. What a great blessing to whomever wins! I love the support of the homeschooling community. ♡

  180. Jennifer Bowen

    This will be such a blessing! I would be able to buy the remainder of the needed books for our history program and also the new TWSS by IEW!

  181. Christin

    This will build our homeschool this year as we dont have the funds like the previous years.

  182. Clara A.

    This would be an immense blessing, as we’ve been on a super tight budget these last couple of years. I still haven’t gotten a few subjects we need for our 4, and I would so appreciate this blessing.

  183. Theresa Hoff

    What a great giveaway! And what a blessing this would be! Money is tight and I know it is for most homeschool families because of sacrifices. I have used free resources online for the past couple of years, but it just has not worked out at all with my 7 kiddos. So this year we are back to books and has put me in a bind. Trying to be cost efficient and careful by buying used, but still is costing more than anticipated. Blessings to you for doing this!

  184. Melissa R.

    Winning would be such a blessing. It would help tremendously with buying all the extras that we need to make learning more fun and interactive such as a microscope and other science equipment/supplies.

  185. Sherrie Kennedy

    This Giveaway will Bless this single mother with the ability to purchase what we need for lessons, and plan field trips to places that don’t offer free homeschool days.

  186. Tanya Hileman

    Winning this would be amazing. My husband lost his job the day before our 16th wedding anniversary. We are living off of my disability payment. Schooling is going to be rough, but we will make it happen.

  187. Courtney

    Love this giveaway!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  188. Anne Davis

    I stay home and homeschool our 3 children. Money is pretty tight on just my husband’s income. Winning this giveaway would allow me to finish purchasing cirriculam for the coming school year.

  189. Michelle

    I would be able to buy the workbooks we need for Math u see and Apologia books!

  190. Lori Hooten

    We would use it for books and games. There are a number educational games that I’d love to add to our game closet. Also, we are always using up our art supplies so I’d restock that!

  191. Sara M

    If we won this, it would bless our family so we could buy some specifi homeschooling items we don’t currently have and can’t really afford right now.

  192. G. Nelson

    Winning would bless our family with the resources for a specialized math curriculum for my first grader.

  193. Amy

    We would use it to make ends meet and to work our way toward being debt free.

  194. Kerri Young

    Thanks for offering this great giveaway and for being a helpful resource!

  195. Jennifer M.

    Winning would bless our family with being able to buy curriculum for the year and be able to do field trips for our 10 year old son. The last year or so have been really bad due to me being diagnosed with congestive heart failure and having to get a pacemaker/defibrillator, no insurance, one income. This would just be such a blessing. Thanks for the opportunity.

  196. Taryn L.

    Wow, what a huge blessing! In answer to the question, if I won this I could make my children’s learning more hands-on and get everything they need for this year. Thank you for your generosity to the homeschool community!

  197. Reina

    Hello <3
    I would buy a few staples for the pantry & immediately purchase intoxicated on life's astronomy class, (enrollment ends on the 30th), then purchase a good microscope & buy the other books that were needs or on my heart for this school year. If I had any left over I would purchase my boys and I some much needed shoes. 🙂 this is going to be such a blessing to someone! Thank you!!!

  198. Kim F.

    Winning this giveaway would bless our family tremendously to help pay for the school supplies needed this year. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  199. Kelly A

    out family is going through a really tough time financially. $500 would help alleviate some financial stress.

  200. Liz R.

    This would almost completely pay for our school materials for this year. That would be huge as my husband is still getting his business off the ground and we really don’t have the money for school stuff.

  201. Jodie K

    There are so many great resources that we would love to try. If we won one of the first “extras’ we would purchase is a membership to Mark Kistler’s drawing class!

  202. Jennifer Foltran

    Thank you for the great opportunity to boost our budget greatly for this year!

  203. Shannon Alexander

    This would be a huge blessing to our family because we would be able to finish buying supplies and books. It would also allow us a little to put toward field trips.

  204. Diane Estrella

    It would pay for a lot of books we need!

  205. Christina G

    This would bless my family because after 5 years of school as an adult (my husband lost his job in the recession), my husband has finally (re)graduated and landed a job that we just relocated for! Thank you for the chance to win!

  206. Raia

    Definitely would use it to buy math books!

  207. Julia C

    This is an awesome giveaway. Money does get too tight this time of year…more than usual.

  208. Gwen

    This would be a huge blessing to our family, having moved house and had to replace our roof unexpectedly, as we would be able to buy new curriculum for this year. Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  209. K Tripp

    This is such a blessing to whatever family gets it. Thanks. It would bless our family of 5 children to be able to experiment more and field trips.

  210. Nyla

    $500 would give us the money to buy hands on materials for science. I’d love to invest in a good microscope, Snap circuits, and some other fun materials for the year.

  211. Kristi

    Wow, how generous!

  212. Patrick Siu

    We would buy a touch screen lcd for the kids.

  213. Angela

    This would be a great blessing to our family. This is our first year homeschooling and it has already cost us a lot of money for what we need.

  214. Jenny

    This would be a great way for us to begin our homeschooling journey this month! Curriculum, field trips, tools…the possibilities are endless! Thank you for the opportunity.

  215. kristi

    This would bless our family so much right now since I am lucky enough to be a stay at home mom but that means a single income. Especially because my hubby just had surgery and was off work for three weeks. Really takes a toll on commission based income!

  216. Michelle

    Wow, really? $500 real smackeroos? 🙂 Every bill would go in our grocery money envelope and bless our table with good food for quite a while. Thanks, ladies!

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