A Very Lego Christmas: Create Your Own Lego Challenges!

Create Your Own Christmas Lego Challenge A Very Lego Christmas Proverbial Homemaker

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My kids and I have been doing Lego challenges together now for a few years. It all started with the Jesse Tree Lego challenge and since then we have created them for Bible, holidays, homeschooling and more! It has become such a great family activity that we can work on together and solidify great lessons at the same time. 

Of course, anybody can make a Lego Christmas challenge to use in their family! Not only will you gain wonderful memories and create new traditions, but you’ll provide a fun and exciting learning activity that your kids will love.

JOIN ME OVER AT LIFE OF A HOMESCHOOL MOM to learn more about creating your own Lego Christmas challenges!

I’ve outlined some tips and provided great ideas to get you started. There are many fun ways you can add Lego builds to a lot of the regular holiday activities that will enhance your family’s holiday experience. You will find this post one of 37 in a wonderful series called Homeschooling Through the Holidays! We hope that it is a blessing to you and your family. 

Homeschool Through the Holidays Series

Of course, you can also use a pre-made Lego Challenge from Proverbial Homemaker! Not only are there great Bible challenges, but we have fun holiday-themed challenges as well. 

On Sunday, December 13th our family will be starting an Instagram challenge going through the 12-day Christmas Story Lego Challenge together (to end on Christmas Eve). Although you can start anytime, this will be a fun way to share your kids’ creations with us and check out some other build ideas!

Join me on Instagram and use hashtag #PHLegoChallenge to make sure we catch each other’s posts! We’ll share one each day starting Dec 13th and include the hashtag. You just might find your kids’ creations on the Proverbial Homemaker Facebook page. 🙂 

12-Day Christmas Lego Challenge on Instagram

Lego Challenges at Proverbial Homemaker


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