Lego Smarties Recipe

When I was teaching I would tell other people {and myself} that I went to go see the latest kid movie in order to keep up with current kid events and stay more relate-able to my students .  So when I stopped teaching my excuse stopped, too.  I had no  reason to watch the latest kid movies.  What was a girl to do?!  Watch them anyway, of course.  An added bonus being that I could even see them in the theaters if I took some kids I was babysitting!  Score!

Have some Lego fun with these super simple and kid friendly Lego Smarties!

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So when I heard that Tauna was doing a Lego series this month I immediately thought of The Lego Movie.  Then I immediately had to forget that ridiculously catchy theme song.  Then I had to decide what I wanted to make!  There are videos all over the internet of gummy Legos made with jello and I wanted whatever hardware I needed to make that happen!  But I didn’t want to make gummies.

One of my favorite candies, especially at Halloween, is smarties.  So I wanted to experiment with making my own Lego Smarties.  2 bags of powdered sugar and a pound of butter later and I finally nailed it down.  A smartie is crunchy so these need to sit out to dry out and become hard.  I imagine these dry out much much faster when they’re rolled out and cut in thin circles like a for real smartie would be but aside from needing a few extra hours to harden completely these babies are really simple with just 5 ingredients including flavoring and food color.

Have some Lego fun with these super simple and kid friendly Lego Smarties!

There’s no need for the oven on this one and pushing the dough into the molds is the perfect job for little fingers.  I stuck them in the freezer for 30 minutes so they could set up enough for me to poke them out of the molds and then left them in the fridge overnight so they could set all the way through.  You could also leave them covered on the counter overnight but we don’t have AC so our house is exceptionally humid and warm.

The brick mold is a little bit bigger than an actual Lego but I think that’s a good thing because it makes them sturdier.  These would make for great additions to goodie bags for your kiddo’s Lego birthday party or set out in a bowl for the The Lego Movie family viewing party or for a fun neighborhood play date.  

Have some Lego fun with these super simple and kid friendly Lego Smarties!

And aren’t those little men just adorable??  I used three colors and three flavors for these but you could use more or less, whatever floats your boat.  If you have essential oils they definitely make a huge difference in flavor over using an extract.  You can use an extract if you don’t use essential oils {I did for the raspberry ones} but I absolutely recommend them!

Have some Lego fun with these super simple and kid friendly Lego Smarties!

This recipe made 3 full trays of bricks and 2 1/2 trays of men? figures? Lego people?  And the best part?  One of you lucky people will get to take these adorable molds home!  Or, ah, have them sent to your mailbox!  Check below the recipe for your chance to enter the giveaway for these awesome Lego molds AND The Lego Movie!

Have some Lego fun with these super simple and kid friendly Lego Smarties!

Lego Smarties
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  1. 1 stick salted butter
  2. 4 cups powdered sugar
  3. 1-2 Tbs heavy cream
  4. Food coloring in desired colors
  5. Essential oils or extracts for desired flavors
  1. Add butter to a stand mixer and beat on medium speed until light yellow in color about 5 minutes.
  2. Add powdered sugar one cup at a time mixing completely after each addition.
  3. Add 1 Tbs heavy cream and mix well. At this point the consistency of the dough should be almost like fondant, easy to manipulate but still firmer than frosting. If needed add another Tbs of heavy cream to reach desired consistency.
  4. Separate dough into as many colors and/or flavors as desired and refrigerate add in your desired colors and flavorings. If using essential oils 1-3 drops should be plenty or if you're using extract then add 1/8 of a tsp.
  5. Press dough into molds and freeze for 30 minutes to allow candy to set. Carefully apply even pressure to the candy to pop them out of the molds and allow to set overnight in the refrigerator for best consistency.
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  1. Oh!! That mold and that idea! Just perfect!! One of the boys wants a Lego party, the possibilities of that mold:-)

  2. Biggest Lego lover? My 5 year old. He will build for hours and his imagination just soars. I love it!!

  3. The kids love legos!!! my oldest song has a Lego print backpack.

  4. I have 5 boys aged 11 – 2. I’m not sure I can pick a ‘biggest Lego lover’. They ALL love Legos!

  5. My grands really are intense when they build with Legos and duplos. This would be great to make with them.

  6. Our two boys vie for the title of biggest Lego lover but the youngest would love to make these smarties and share them with their Papa!

  7. These are so cute!

  8. Biggest lego lover in my house is my 6 y/o son and he is using all of his dad’s old legos.

  9. All five of my boys enjoy Legos to some degree. I’d say my 6, 8, and 10 year olds are the biggest fans though.

  10. i love them just as much as my son does 🙂

  11. My boys are just getting into lego. They would LOVE to make these candies, such a great idea!

  12. Hiya! This is a fantastic read, you can’t have too many Lego ideas!!!! Our biggest Lego lover in our home is our 5 year old son. He eats, breathes & sleeps Legos!!!!!! Yes, anyone who has a Lego lover at home knows this is possible TEEHEHEHE Keep up the great work!

  13. I love this idea! Thank you, Tina

  14. We are a Lego family. My son though is probably the biggest fan. He spends his time making amazingly complex creations. Thanks for the chance to win an amazing prize pack.

  15. Super cute! We are always looking for fun cooking ideas.

  16. All five of ours are Legos lovers- I don’t think one more so than another, although I have been tasked with making a Lego bday cake in August from out oldest!

  17. All the boys in my house …big and little!

  18. My 7 year old son is the biggest lego fan in my house. However we all love legos!!

  19. I’m pretty sure if my girls were only allowed to keep one toy out of all there toys, they would pick their box of lego. It is played with every day. I love your lego challenge, their friend from down the street has even asked if we can wait for him to come over so he can join in.

  20. I have three Lego lovers in my family not counting adults. 🙂

  21. what exactly did u use to make each flavor?

    1. oh and how much flavoring?

  22. Probably my now 12 yr. old son. Although, my 7 yr. old girl is right there with him in being the biggest lego lover.

  23. My husband and girls love Legos, they are great!

  24. My husband and two littles love Legos, they are great!

  25. My 11 year old son is our biggest LEGO fan. My nickname for him is LEGOLAD. He also happens to love The Lord of the Rings and his favorite character is Legolas.

  26. It’s a toss up between my almost 4 year old daughter and myself!

  27. Both of my grandsons will create for hours at a time.

  28. All three of my little ones love Legos. I’m afraid I’m the biggest Lego lover in this house! I love watching them use their imaginations and create interesting pieces.

  29. I have FOUR LEGO-loving boys, I think each of them would be offended if I claimed one of their brothers loved LEGOs more than another. 😉
    LOVE this idea! Smarties are one of my favorite candies that I can never have because of the food coloring. Gonna have to try this.

  30. We love your Lego posts! We are looking to add more Lego to our schooling too.

  31. I have a husband and four boys. They *all* love Lego!

  32. It’s hard to say in our family. Everyone got some Lego sets as gifts this past year…mom, dad and child!

  33. Who is the biggest Lego lover in your home?
    My eight year old daughter is the biggest Lego lover in our home.

  34. The biggest Lego lover in my house is my 7 year old son…

  35. Right now, my 9 year old son. He and my 11 yos vie for first place. But I’ve been a fan for close to 4 decades…

  36. My 8 year old and my husband are the biggest lego fans

  37. Legos are pretty much the ONLY toy at our house.

  38. My biggest lego player is now 17 and he doesn’t play quite as often as he used to. However, I’ve got 3 more boys younger than him that are taking over besides some sisters that wouldn’t mind getting in on the action once in awhile. The smartie recipe looks yummy! We’ve done several lego decorated birthday cakes over the years and this candy would be perfect.

  39. My son is the Lego lover in our family.

  40. My 10 year old son is my biggest Lego fan, but all my kids enjoy building with them, especially my boys! I love the smarties idea and I know my kids would love to try to make their own candy (especially that 10-year old I just mentioned!). Thanks for sharing!

  41. Do you think the Lego candy recipe will work using xylitol sugar?

    1. Not sure! I would definitely try it!

  42. My two Lego loving sons would be so excited about this!

  43. We have 3 Lego Lovers in our house!! Hard to choose just one!!!

  44. My fiance and I both love legos a whole bunch, we love to buy them ‘for the god-daughters’ but really…we just love to indulge in our kid on 😉

  45. My son asked for a Lego birthday party in September, these would be perfect to make as favors.

  46. My husband probably still is now, but my toddler will be soon I am sure!

  47. Both of my boys love legos!!!!

  48. Both my girls LOVE their legos! I have a lot of fun with them too! 🙂

  49. Not sure which one of us is the biggest fan of Lego’s in our family. I know it isn’t my husband as he ended up in urgent care one day after puncturing his foot (just before a flight out of town). But our kids, one boy, one girl–LOVE lego’s and use them more for imaginative play now than anything else. I love the fact that it creates ingenuity, sparks imagination, responsibility (put things away–see above!!), and allows both our children who are very different from each other to play together.

  50. My 9 year old son loves his legos!

  51. My sons love Legos so much, but I’m the original Lego fan in the house!!!

  52. Awww- we LOVE legos. This would be amazing for both our son and daughter.

  53. My youngest brother is the most avid Lego-er in my family. But I am a close runner-up. There’s something irresistible about all those pieces waiting to be assembled.

  54. My son is but my husband isn’t far behind

  55. I would say that would be Samuel.. Although Sophie and Susannah are not far behind.

  56. I have two little boys that love Legos and this movie. I love your smarties too! So cute!!!

  57. My 3 sons love legos!

  58. Definitely my husband and my little boy!

  59. my son

  60. My son is 6 and is crazy for anything Lego!

  61. I have 3 boys ages 18, 15, and 8, and they all love Lego’s.

  62. My son is the biggest Lego lover,he builds everything from robots,spaceships,castles to trains and he plays Lego video games.

  63. My husband, hands down! As a kid he had 5 gallon totes, note the s on the end, of them.

  64. My son is the biggest Lego fan

  65. The biggiest Lego fan here would be my son if you asked him and my daughter if you asked her – lol – thanks for the opp!

  66. The biggest Lego fan here would be my son if you asked him and my daughter if you asked her – lol – thanks for the opp!

  67. My husband, for sure!

  68. My son, but my girls love them as well.

  69. My three older boys are Lego lovers. The baby is too but they make sure the bedroom door stays shut so he doesn’t destroy their creations. We love the Lego Movie!

  70. My 11-yr-old son is the biggest Lego lover in our house! LOL

  71. I think I am the biggest Lego person in our family. Lol

  72. My ten-year-old LOVES Lego… for his birthday last year he decided to spend our family day sorting all our Lego into organized colour bins!

  73. Definitely, my husband. He’s a big kid lol

  74. I have 3 lego lovers… and now they have converted my daughter (princess ones of course!) 4 lovers– but my 13 year old is the most avid fan!

  75. That would be me. They were my favorite toy as a kid. My little cousins love them now too.

  76. Biggest Lego lover would be my 3 boys….although I lost count of how many times I have joined in on the building.

  77. Probably me! I grew up choosing Lego over Barbie! My whole family loves them, though!

  78. My 6.5y son is the biggest lego user, but he it’s a toss up for who loves them more….daddy or son. 🙂

  79. Biggest Lego lover would be our 5yr old girl.

  80. My 5 year old!!! Morning, noon and night!

  81. My two boys love Legos! They are such a great creative outlet. I also love to sit with them and create, while sharing some mommy fun time. The molds are awesome and would be a HUGE hit in our house. Thanks for the contest!! 🙂

  82. What adorable molds! I can’t wait for them and I’m just going to go ahead and order them now. I know my Lego enthusiasts will love this project!

  83. All three of my kids love legos.

  84. I have a 6 & 8 yr old who absolutely love legos- and the Lego movie! My 8 yr old has weak hands & Lego’s are an awesome way for her to help build her hand strength. Lego’s + candy is even more fun!

  85. Big LEGO fans at our home!

  86. Everyone in our house loves Legos, but our 4 year old son is the biggest fan!

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