Essential Oils for Men

There are so many great uses for essential oils, but still many times men have no idea what they’re missing out on when they don’t use them! Perhaps they just don’t know which ones to try or how to use them. Let’s solve that problem, shall we? Check out our list of 16 essential oils for men and then enter to win an essential oils kit just for the special guy in your life!

Love these ideas for essential oils for men! Great for DIY colognes, beard oils, diffusing, bug repellent, and general health and wellness.


Really, any of the essential oils available can be used and appreciated by men. However, there are a set of them that are particularly loved for their more “manly” aroma (my husband says “flowery” is not for him) or some of their specific uses. 

The men in your life will love these oils! Get them a few along with some tips for how to use them. When applying topically, a general guideline is 4-8 drops in ½ teaspoon of carrier oil (such as fractionated coconut oil or sweet almond oil) for adult topical use. I like to put about 10 drops of the essential oils in a roller bottle and fill the rest with carrier oil. Diffusing works well for many of these, too!

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16 Essential oils for Men

(Scroll down for an infographic with much of this information included.)

Aligning. Calming and relaxing with a nutty, woody aroma. This is one I personally like to dilute and rub into my neck and shoulders when I just need to relax. Would make a great cologne in a roller bottle!

Joint Support. Relieves arthritis, bruises, sprains, and other inflammation. Can help with hemorrhoids, hypertension, and other circulatory issues. Anti fungal properties help with jock itch, cold sores, and more. Helps get rid of lice and other pests. Apply topically or using a roller bottle. 

At Peace. Uplifting, stimulating yet calming, with a fresh scent he’ll love. This is a great oil to use or diffuse when you’re under extreme stress or grief and need help physically relaxing. 

Fitness. Suppresses  the appetite, motivates you to keep pushing during your workout, relieves stress, and more. Has a great citrus and cinnamon scent. 

Bug Off. Repels insects and has a strong citronella aroma. Helps with fleas, ticks, and more. Can also help with fighting bacteria, mold, and body odors. This can be made into a spray (in a bottle with witch hazel or water) and shake before use, or diluted for topical use. May also be useful in candle making for outdoor candles. 

Focusing. Increases alertness and mental focus. Has an herbal minty aroma. Stimulates circulation and helps relieve mental fatigue. This would make a great mist or diffuser oil. 

Energize. Supports the digestive system and gives you a boost in energy. Has a warm, grainy scent. Helps with symptoms of depression and anxiety, and can be used to prevent headaches. Opens airways and thus helps improve circulation and fight of respiratory infections. 

Majestic Breeze. Balancing, soothing, and stimulating with a strong pine and cedar aroma. Stimulates circulation and provides an energy boost.  Diffuse to relax, use to deodorize different areas of the house, or wear as a cologne. 

Tranquility. Relaxes you and relieves stress. Has a pleasant warm citrus scent. Apply as a cologne or diffuse for the whole family to benefit from this calming oil. 

Sports Pro. Relaxes the muscles, aids repair of bruises and joints, and has an energizing quality. Reduces swelling and inflammation and increases circulation. 

Bergamot. Calming and soothing oil. Very good for skin care as well. Mixes well with other citrus oils. 

Cedarwood. Great for skin and hair care with a woody scent. Helps with dandruff and preventing hair loss, and helps control body odors. Works really well for acne, Repels mosquitos and moths and helps with ADD and ADHD issues. 

Frankincense Serrata. Uplifting, supports the immune system and respiratory system, great for skin care. Has an earthy citrus aroma. Dilute and rub on to bring relief to painful and achy joints. Diffuse to clear up sinuses and lungs. 

Patchouli. Great for skin and hair care including dandruff and dry scalp. Repels insects and much more. Uplifting earthy scent. Great as a cologne on it’s own or with other single oils. 

Peppermint. Good for so many things including relieving headaches, boosting energy, and digestive and respiratory care. 

Sandalwood. Good for many different skin types. Gives great help for mature skin and skin conditions, helps relieve stress and depression. Excellent in creams or as part of a cologne blend. 

Love these ideas for essential oils for men! Great for DIY colognes, beard oils, diffusing, bug repellent, and general health and wellness.

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fb fathers day oilsLove these ideas for essential oils for men! Great for DIY colognes, beard oils, diffusing, bug repellent, and general health and wellness.

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  1. Would be interested in Frankensense or Energize

    1. They both sound awesome. set I think I lean towards the Frankinsence. 🙂

  2. I think he would like Frankincense Serrata.

  3. Sandalwood and cedar wood have both been on my wishlist for awhile now!

  4. My husband likes the scent of tranquility the best so far, but I think we’d benefit from the sports pro, aligning, or fitness blends, as well as frankincense serrata.

  5. We like sandalwood diffused, yum!

  6. To using! So, maybe he’ll listen and remember what I say

  7. I like to try the energize oil

  8. My husband and I both love frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, and ambergris, and I usually add a tiny bit of rose to mine as well.

  9. He would probably be most interested in “at peace”

  10. My hubby would be interested in sandalwood.

  11. Yay!

  12. This would be awesome for my hubby:)

  13. Bug off!!! For sure, living in Texas!!!! Uuggghh!

  14. Peppermint!

  15. I have jotted some of the essential oil blends down on paper. They are Focusing, Cedarwood, Francincense Serrata and Sandalwood. I think our whole family could benefit from most of them.

  16. There are so many uses for oils. My husband could benefit from the fitness blends.

  17. I have been reading up on cedarwood lately and think my hubby would enjoy it or the fitness blend! Love RMO!

  18. At peace or Frankincense seemz great.

  19. love RMO. not sure only one oil could be chosen.

  20. I think the fitness or the sports pro would be a winner with my husband. We use some EOs already but we migjt have to check out RMO!

  21. We need to try bug off since we are outdoors daily and energize would be nice also.

  22. Fitness or energize would be good for our whole family.

  23. Frankincense Serrata

  24. Definitely interested in the Sandalwood and Energize for my husband!

  25. I think the at peace blend would help my husband after he comes home from work.

  26. My husband would benefit most from the Bug Off but I would love tea tree

  27. I would love to make a Cologne with sandalwood!!!

  28. I think I would like Sandlewood the best! My husband would probably like the sports pro though.

  29. Cedarwood to help him relax at night.

  30. We’d be interested in “Joint Support” and/or Frankincense.

  31. I would really like to try Energize.

  32. I’d love to try the Joint Support one, and with my husbands knee issues it would probably be his top pick also.

  33. My husband would like the Joint Support.

  34. I like them all! We love essential oils in this house!

  35. I would like the Tranquility- sounds relaxing.

  36. Aligning or Majestic Breeze!

  37. My husband is interested in the Aligning oil.

  38. We’ve really liked Rocky Mountain Oils, using LOTS of lavender to calm the boys. =) I think the Frankincense is of the most interest to me, it seeming to be so versatile. This looks to be quite a collection–very useful.

  39. You mentioned so many great oils. We have tried Peppermint, Aligning, and Energize, and love all three!

  40. the focus blend

  41. I think my hubby would like the Majestic Breeze, I can’t say that there is one I wouldn’t like tho! I really appreciate the fun DIY cologne recipes. LOVE oil recipes. Thanks a ton.

  42. My husband has been interested in Frankincense but most are too expensive. We’ll definitely be getting some while it’s on sale.

  43. Energize would be a definite for my husband and I with three very active young boys.

  44. We would love the cedarwood oil. Thanks for a great giveaway!!!

  45. At Peace.

  46. Frankincense serrata, I love the smell of it and so does my Dad.

  47. Cool!

  48. Aligning or Fitness!

  49. This would be a great opportunity to try some oils. Thank you for the chance to win.

  50. My husband would be interested in energize and I think I would like tranquility!

  51. Would most be interested in Joint Support!

  52. Both Energize and the Frankinsence. It’s hard to choose!

  53. Peppermint is one of our go-to oils. I’m also thinking about trying Patchouli.

  54. I think my hubby would like Sports Pro. He works out alot.

  55. I would love to try sandlewood! I bet my hubby would love it!

  56. I like frankincense.

  57. Sandalwood and Patchouli!

  58. Joint Support sounds like a good one.

  59. I have been very interested in Frankincense and Cedarwood.

  60. I’d love to try at peace, along with several others.

  61. Thanks for the chance to win! I am especially eyeing the peppermint oil due to its benefits for digestive health.

  62. I’ve been thinking about trying some of their oils and appreciate the list of what each one is for.

  63. Most interested in Joint Support.

  64. I would love the frankincense for him as he uses it everyday already for his thyroid and sure could use more!

  65. I think my husband would most like the patchouli since he loves candles and soap made with it.

  66. I’ve been wanting to try most of these! My hubby is happy to try the oils out and ones that smell a bit more manly, would definitely be welcome! Thanks!

  67. I know my husband would love the sandalwood.

  68. Thanks for allowing us the chance to win! I don’t even think my husband knows what EOs are yet, but I’d love a chance to introduce him to them!

    1. Oops… I missed the part where we were supposed to mention the one we were most interested in. I’d say Cedarwood (he’s concerned about hair loss) and Bug Off (he’s gets bit by mosquitos a lot and it drives him nuts!).

  69. I never imagined doing this as a gift. What a great idea! Thank you!

  70. Sandalwood would be my first choice…it is one of my favorite scents.

  71. frankincense

  72. My husband loves frankincense.

  73. The Energize sounds great!

  74. Tranquility!

  75. I think my husband would like sport pro.

  76. I think my husband would like the Energize.

  77. My hubs would like Sandalwood EO the best, I think, because he’s about to turn 41 and started complaining about wrinkles and looking older.

  78. My husband loves my oils…Majestic Breeze sounds lovely as does Energize. Thank you for the chance to win,

  79. I think he’d like to try Bug Off! especially, because it is high mosquito season in FL. 🙂

  80. My husband has a lot of neck pain, so the Aligning blend seems like a great choice.

  81. Joint support would be nice for my husband this month!

  82. I would love Frankincense serrata
    and tranquility

  83. I think the Pain Ease would be one of our top choices.

  84. My hubby would benefit from At Peace, Energize & Focus.

  85. I think the At Peace would be best for my anxious hubby!

  86. Majestic Breeze, I’m sure.

  87. I would be interested in the peppermint.

  88. I’ve been wanting to try sandalwood.

  89. Frankincense

  90. What a great giveaway! And super generous!!! Thanks for the chance to win! God bless you!

  91. Our family loves essential oils …..

  92. Aligning would be great for my husband!

  93. My husband would love the bug off and the relax one. He hates putting all those chemicals on his skin to keep off the bugs and would be excited to try that one out.

  94. Cedarwood for sure!

  95. Wow, great giveaway! Maybe I could get my hubby to actually use oils. Lol

  96. This would be amazing for my husband!

  97. We love lavender here!

  98. Maybe sports pro or fitness.

  99. I think my husband would most like SportsPro, and my adult sons would like Tranquility and Fitness

  100. At Peace sounds so good, I’m intrigued by some of the EO in the blend.

  101. I think my husband would enjoy several of these. At Peace looks like one he NEEDS right now! I also think he’d love Patchouli or Sandalwood but pretty sure I can’t afford that last one. 🙂

  102. I think he would like the Energize.

  103. There are so many, but I think Sports Pro and Bug Off would be one of them 🙂

  104. I think that mine would benefit the most from the Relax at Home kit! He works 24/7 and has a hard time relaxing when he is at home.

  105. I would be most interested in the Sandalwood and I think my husband would like the SportsPro. Thank you for a fantastic giveaway!

  106. Definitely Bug off as he gets eaten alive outside.

  107. Frankincense is my husband”s favorite oil. Uses it everyday. Probably the best oil you can use!

  108. We haven’t been able to try essential oils yet, so it would be fun to try any of them! The “Bug Off” seems especially helpful!

  109. Energize sounds like a fit here

  110. My husband could use the energize one. He’s a father aged 46 with a 3 and 1 year old. He owns his own construction business where he does all the work himself….occasionally hires help, if needed….but remodeling, and all the work he does is a lot. He does not work slow by no means! And, some days..especially in the summer, it’s hard to have energy left for our 2 girls…but he still manages to, somehow.

  111. Patchouli

  112. I think my husband would like tranquility.

  113. Energize or Tranquility sound like something my husband would need and like.

  114. It’s a toss up between peppermint and cedarwood.

  115. My husband would probably like the Energize or the Frankincense Serrata.

  116. I’ve heard such good things about align!

  117. At Peace would be great for my husband!

  118. I would love for the hubby to win this!

  119. Fantastic!

  120. Definitely the sandalwood

  121. He would like Peppermint.

  122. Bug off would be great for my outdoorsman!

  123. Cedarwood, Patchouli, At Peace are several we would like.

  124. My guy would like to try the Tranquility and At Peace for better sleep. He has sinus allergies so something to help him get relief with that would be great. I would like to try several oils to experiment with.

  125. Would love the energizing and peppermint!

  126. I love all of the RMO essential oils I already own and would love to add to my stock!

  127. Majestic Breeze sounds nice.

  128. My husband would probably like the Energize one!

  129. My husband is always asking “Do you have an oil that will help –xx–?” One of his favorites is cedarwood. Mixed with lavender, it helps him relax and sleep after a stressful work day. Other regulars are cypress for circulation, peppermint for aches and pains, and neroli blend for extra-stressful days.

  130. I think my husband would like sandalwood if I got it. Sports Pro would be what he would gravitate toward.

  131. I’d love the peppermint and energizing ::)

  132. He needs Focusing

  133. Energizing

  134. He would use all of them!

  135. He would use anything that would help with circulation ,but most likely he would try then all!

  136. Sandalwood

  137. I have so many EO’s that we want to try. Some on the top of our list are Frankincense, Energize, Focus, and Majestic Breeze.

  138. Bug off for sure and the relaxation kit.

  139. I would LOVE to try Aligning as I tend to get an achy back rather often.

  140. My hubby would most likely use the Joint Support as he has some inflammation issues. Thank you for a great give away.

  141. I am most interested in the sandalwood.

  142. I think my husband would appreciate sandalwood or cedar wood the most!

  143. My favorite would be cedar wood.

  144. My hubby would probably love Frankincense or Energize cause he always comes home beat from his job. It is very labor intensive. Poor guy. Great giveaway!!

  145. My sweetheart would definitely enjoy the Cedarwood.

  146. What a great giveaway. Thank you! We could ALL use more oils in our lives 😀

  147. Would love aligning!!!

  148. They all look great, but I don’t have any peppermint yet.

  149. I love EO, but haven’t checked out RMOs. Husband would LOVE this set!

  150. Sandalwood-so healing!

  151. interested in trying the cedarwood or frankincense 🙂

  152. I think my guy would like Frankincense Serrata

  153. I’m most interested in Majestic Breeze

  154. This is great. Just what I need to start getting my man into oils!

  155. Cedarwood, love the smell ..

  156. Frankincense.

  157. What an awesome giveaway! Our family could really use & enjoy all of these oils!

  158. My husband would be most interested in Bug Off! It would be perfect for work


  159. My husband will love the energize blend!

  160. He would like either the peppermint one or the “at peace” one.

  161. Any of it would be a total BLESSING but I really appreciate the healing of frankincense <3

  162. I would love Fitness!! I love these oils and building my collection. So grateful for them and the information you provided in helping me choose this brand!!!

  163. Would love the Energize and Fitness blends.

  164. I will go for this one…Energize Rocky Mountain

  165. I love sandalwood but I would get the joint support oil for my boyfriend, he works around the house a lot so that would support his joints.

  166. My guy says Peppermint.

  167. We love RMO! My husbands recently discovered he has done arthritis so he’d like to try the Joint Support.

  168. Love Sandalwood

  169. Majestic Breeze would be wonderful for my man, exactly what he needs.

  170. He would most like Sandalwood

  171. Energize, Tranqulity and Majestic Breeze

  172. My husband would love the orange scent, its his fave!

  173. I’m thinking sandalwood. something to make him some cologne with!

  174. Tranquility is my favorite that I have tried. I am looking forward to Frankincense and Majestic Breeze some day!

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