Our Experience With Rocky Mountain Oils (+ FREE DIY Get Started Kit)

I first heard about Rocky Mountain Oils (then Native American Nutritionals) as I was researching the essential oils “fad” after a bout with sickness. My gracious cousin gifted me with some doTerra oils and I found that, to my surprise, they actually worked for some of the things I tried! (I’m a skeptic like that.)
I was skeptical about essential oils but decided to give it a try, although I didn't want to sign up for an MLM. Check out our experience with Rocky Mountain Oils!

Disclosure: *This post may include affiliate links. As an affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read the disclosures and terms for more information.

I decided to give the essential oils thing a go, but shied away from MLMs like doTerra and Young Living and went searching for another company. I’m so glad I found something that fits the bill! (For details, see my post on choosing an essential oils company and the purity issue.)
Update: Native American Nutritionals (NAN) has since merged with and then re-branded to Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO). I STILL use this company and love them even more now! They offer amazing customer service, free shipping (always), test results for every bottle on their web site, and more. 
The Company

Rocky Mountain Oils is a company that has a good reputation and does their best to serve their customers well while sourcing the very best essential oils. 

5 Things You Need to Know About RMO
  • Great Information and Support: Their customer service is amazing. You can even do live chat with them on their web site if you have any questions or concerns, and they offer a 90-day money back guarantee if you don’t like the oils for any reason. Pretty cool! Their blog and knowledge sharing side of the company is still growing, but I’m impressed with what I’m seeing so far. 
  • Excellent Products: They carefully select only vetted suppliers and test for quality at several points along the way. For a full description of the process, check out their “Guaranteed S.A.A.F.E.” page that explains how they select and deliver oils.   
  • Good Prices: Given our experience with the company and products, along with what I now know about the essential oils industry, I’d say they have good prices. (And FREE SHIPPING!) They are not as cheap as what you might find in natural food stores or a few other cheap online companies, but the product and service higher. They’re also the same price or usually even cheaper than the MLMs. 
  • Product Options: They sell essential essential oil kits, singles, and blends along with supporting items. You can shop oils by mood, condition, or blend/single name. There is also a Kids’ Line that I am in love with. SO easy for this busy mama! 
  • Comparison Chart: For those of you who want to know what RMO oil compares to blends such as Young Living’s Thieves or doTerra’s Breathe, you can check out this blend comparison chart
Get started with essential oils with this FREE quick-start guide! 
Click here and complete the checkout process.. 
Find out why we use Rocky Mountain Oils and get started with essential oils with this quick-start guide! Includes the 5 top recommended oils for busy moms to start building their essential oils collection and 5 recipes for healthy homes and families! There are MANY tips and resources on Proverbial Homemaker for using essential oils, but this is a great place to start!
How We Use the Essential Oils
We were sent several oils, mostly blends. Some were hits, some were misses, and some we haven’t used enough yet to know. 
Some Wins: 
  • We LOVE Immune Strength (a Thieves or OnGuard equivalent). I’m surprised but convinced that it has carried us through cold and flu season so well. I honestly think it worked even better than doTerra because I noticed a more drastic difference while using it. Sign me up for a gallon! 
  • Fortify also seems like it may help prevent getting sick in the first place. 
  • Peace and Quiet is also a favorite of mine (is that any wonder for a mom of 6?).
  • Tummy Rub works well on kids’ tummy aches, baby constipation, and adult intestinal issues. My husband even let me try it on him and I overheard him telling a friend that it really works!
  • Frankincense wasn’t something I’d ever think to use but it has been a great all-purpose oil, like lemon. We’re currently using it to try to get rid of a wart on my daughter’s foot. Plus there’s the novelty factor. I like it! 
  • More! Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to use MANY more RMO oils and find out what works for my family. Essential oils are not a silver bullet, but I can defintiely say they’ve improved our general health and wellness. I also love using Lavender, Lemon, Tea Tree, and Eucalyptus globulus
Some Misses and Lessons Learned: 
  • True Blue didn’t work for a sore neck, which I was disappointed about because others seem to love it. However, I have used it successfully for migraines and some aches and pains in my knee during pregnancy. (Update: Since Blue Tansy has been added back to the blend I find it more effective for me personally.)
  • I learned to smell an oil BEFORE putting it all over me. Those oils need to go on the feet. (ahem: Fortify). 
Why We’re Sold

I was skeptical when I approached essential oils. What I found was not so much a life-changing miracle health solution, but a toolbox full of options to help us with the every day health issues of family life. Totally worth the time and money, in my view. My experience with Rocky Mountain Oils has sold me and nobody is as surprised as I am. I’ve even signed up as an affiliate (which I don’t take lightly) and am getting ready to buy a diffuser. (Update: I’ve tried several now and this one is my favorite for large areas like our downstairs open floor plan.)

*FDA disclaimer: “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.” 

Download the FREE Essential Oils DIY Get Started Kit!

Get started with essential oils with this quick-start guide! Includes the 5 top recommended oils for busy moms to start building their essential oils collection and 5 recipes for healthy homes and families! There are MANY tips and resources on Proverbial Homemaker for using essential oils, but this is a great place to start! Click here and complete the checkout process to get your freebie. 


   Get started with essential oils with this quick-start guide! Includes the 5 top recommended oils for busy moms to start building their essential oils collection and 5 recipes for healthy homes and families! There are MANY tips and resources on Proverbial Homemaker for using essential oils, but this is a great place to start!

Download the Essential Oils Getting Started Kit

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  1. Kelly Wade

    I just discovered NAN myself and find this whole Blog SO helpful as I explore them further. Thank you!!!!!!

  2. The Things In My Head

    Welcome to the NAN/RMO Family! We have done interviews with Paul and will actually be featuring him on our site again this coming week. I would never use any other essential oil products after learning about NAN!

  3. Karen

    LOVE NAN!! I have been hooked for over a year now! Beautiful oils!

  4. Karen

    LOVE NAN! Been hooked for over a year now. Beautiful oils!

  5. Kate Schaumburg

    Oregano is great for getting rid of warts, I’ve heard. I’m just getting seriously into EOs and personally doterra’s didn’t seem to do much for me. I did get the starter kit from YL and will buy a few oils from them, but am looking forward to the majority of my oils being from NAN. I emailed them a few days ago and their customer service and help is absolutely amazing!!! When I hear back from a company and I literally want to hug them, I know I’ve found something great!

  6. Kate Schaumburg

    I more thing, for readers… is you have to be aware that not all EOs work the same for everyone. Everyone’s body chemistry is a little different, so one blend may work better on some then others. Like True Blue not being ideal for you.. Either it didn’t mesh with your body chemistry to give the results you wanted, or the cause of the soreness didn’t line up with the benefits of the oils in the blend. Regardless, EOs are awesome and more then worth a little trial and error!!!!!!!

    1. Tauna M

      Good point! After writing this review I used True Blue for my son’s growing pains in his knees and it worked very well.

    2. Sarah H

      Thank you for your honesty!! I too, have recently purchased a YL starter kit. I do love the oils!! My upline is fantastic and a personal friend! I have had my son using the oregeno DAILY (he is 14 and still needs continual coxing lol) on some mean warts on his finger and foot. I mean they were serious warts that we had tried going in to the clinic for burning, and we also purchased some OTC meds and all they did was cause discomfort and pain! After 37 days of just once a day use, those nasty buggers are GONE!!! I am bragging on the oregeno, not necessarily YL. I will also look into NAN too. Thank you!

      1. Tauna

        Thanks for stopping by Sarah! I really need to try oregano too. It’s on my purchase list! I’ve heard so many great things about it. Glad essential oils are working for you, too! πŸ™‚

  7. jeandulcie

    I don’t suppose you know why NAN and RMO seem to be the same company but operate under two websites and two names? Just curious. I first bought at the NAN site and when my oils (fabulous ones!) arrived with RMO labels I went searching.

    1. Tauna M

      I know the two companies merged (there’s some info on that on the NAN site) but I’ll ask about branding and web site plans.

    2. Tauna M

      Ok here’s what Paul said. Admittedly, I have no idea what it really means (LOL!) other than that there will be entirely new labels soon, but I may do another phone call with him soon and I’ll ask some follow up questions if I can.

      “The merger was at the end of 2012. Is branding moving toward NAN or toward RMO? — we were in the process of doing all the branding under RMO and were in the process of moving everything over there. Now we just made the decision to keep both companies —- RMO will be focused on the “science of the oils” and NAN more on the “spirit of the oils”. So we are going to be designing up completely new labels for both companies.”

    3. Kimberly Rouse

      I’ve been using NAN for over a year now and LOVE their oils. I really didn’t like when they changed their labels after the merger. It made me feel odd receiving oils with a different company name on them. I contacted them and am so happy to hear they are designing new labels. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait!

      1. kim

        I find this weird! You stated this back in March but they told me that they ran out of lables for NAN and that’s why they are using Rocky mountains due to the merge….so it’s taking this long for labels or the Merge that happened a while back? It’s going to be 2015…..

        1. Tauna

          Hi Kim! I don’t know. I’ll ask and get back to you! πŸ™‚

    4. Kimberly Rouse

      I’ve been using NAN oils for just over a year now. LOVE them! I didn’t like that the labels switched after the merger. It made me feel odd receiving them with a different name. I recently contacted them and am so excited to hear new labels are coming soon! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait!

  8. undomestic mama

    I found NAN the same way you did. Although I’ve been in to essential oils for about 15 years, I always used my mom’s. Now, with my own twin boys, I’m finally starting to build my own arsenal. I just ordered two NAN oils on Friday, can’t wait to try them!

  9. Causey Fam

    Your story of how you found them is almost identical to mine! Right down to the… “cousin gifted me with Doterra…!” I have been impressed so far.

  10. Causey Fam

    My story about finding NAN is practically identical to yours! Right down to the…”my cousin gifted me Doterra…!” πŸ™‚ I have been impressed so far as well!

  11. Leah @ The Grace Bond

    I love this blend! It has kept our sickness at bay. NAN is such a great company. Thanks for the compiling the information for new users to see and the awesome giveaway.

  12. Jen's Corner

    I really like NAN as well. I am new to oils and I really like Align and Relieve Me for my neck aches. I am also trying the PH Rescue and it seems to help with my sinus issues and yeast issues.

  13. Jodie | Velour

    i recently learned of NAN (through whole new mom) and just placed my first order today! i’m a long-time lover of essential oils and am excited about the oils from NAN.

  14. Janice

    I placed my first order today. Excited to receive it!

  15. Cyn Trombino

    I have just started using EO. Thanks for your insight into “what to buy”

  16. sjacosta05

    I love their oils and am so glad to see others out there mentioning this company. I wanted to veer away from the MLMs and I stumbled upon NAN via a blog I read (can’t remember which one) while researching different EO companie. They really do have wonderful oils, can’t wait to try some more!! My fav so far is the Feminine Aid– has a totally grounding effect during my “crabby” time LOL and in general it is a great one to use!

  17. sjacosta05

    I love their oils and am so glad to see others out there mentioning this company. I wanted to veer away from the MLMs and I stumbled upon NAN via a blog I read (can’t remember which one) while researching different EO companie. They really do have wonderful oils, can’t wait to try some more!! My fav so far is the Feminine Aid– has a totally grounding effect during my “crabby” time LOL and in general it is a great one to use!

  18. Barbra

    I just stumbled on this post when looking for reviews of NAN oils as I was about to place an order. Does anyone have advice as to whether or not I should order Neat oils? Are the ones already mixed with a base too diluted? Thanks!

    1. Tauna M

      I just talked with Paul from NAN about this. He says the ones that include base are made available that because that’s what people are used to for those blends with the other companies like Young Living. The neat ones are obviously not mixed with a base. I’m kind of smacking my forehead right now because I forgot to ask the percentage of eo to base in those blends. But if you’re worried about it, just buy the neat! I have had no qualms with the effectiveness of the ones that do include a carrier oil. I just have to remember not to add more carrier oil when I use them! Hope that helps!

      1. Laura

        Its 40% EO and 60% FCO

  19. Barbra

    Thank you for the fast response and for calling! “I have had no qualms with the effectiveness of the ones that do include a carrier oil. ” – this was a very helpful response. I just ordered some oils so we’ll see how it goes!

  20. Mami3x

    After reading a blog on these oils I decided to give them a try. They sounded to good to be true and they were. They did nothing for my boys but an allergic reaction. The smells were awful and they were so thin. Definitely, sticking with DoTerra. They’re more expensive but you can tell why… Also, you can’t get anyone on the phone or email at NAN. Very disappointed and frustrated.

    1. Tauna M

      I am so sorry about that experience! It definitely hasn’t been ours. I’m especially surprised at the customer service issue since they seem to excel at that by all other accounts. Bummer! Would you mind telling me which oils you bought that you say didn’t work and didn’t smell right? I haven’t had that problem yet, but perhaps I use different oils? Regardless, I’m glad you do have a company that you enjoy so you can continue using oils!

    2. Kathryn Mora

      Just read your comments about NAN. Wanted to share what I found out after I did an in-depth research on NAN and found that their quality is purer than most other companies. I also learned that it is important for us to first test the oils one at a time as we use them to see how our bodies react because we all have different reactions, which can include an allergic reaction.. Also, I saw one of his a video where Paul Dean, the founder of NAN was interviewed. The YouTube video is called The Health Revolutions #9, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qviPsYrFFJM. I learned a lot about the world of essential oils from watching that video.
      Also, recently, I’ve called and emailed NAN more than once and the calls and emails were returned within a day. Maybe things have improved in that area since your experience.
      Just wanted to share what I found out and hope it’s helpful.

      1. Tauna

        Hi Kathryn! Thanks for the comment. I assume you’re responding to Mami3x’s experience rather than my own since mine has been nothing but excellent! Good point about testing oils one at a time for reactions. Thanks!

    3. SMorin73

      I am also a Doterra consultant with a certification in Aromatherapy, I thought Doterra was the best company until I discovered some of there oils were complete distillations, I have just ended with them and have started with NAN and RMO because there products are truly high quality and I have found the customer service excellent which I can not say for Doterra’s customer service, on multiple occasions they have been unhelpful and have had no knowledge of their own products.

  21. Mami3x

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. Iria Doescher

    I have been dabbling in EOs for a while now, all my friends are using YL, which I don’t quite fully trust. I have two or three of their oils to find out how I would like them ( Thieves, Joy and R.C). I also have a few MountainRoseHerbs oils. I really love their teas and herbs, not sure about the oils yet. I stumbled upon the same reviewers as you and decided to check out NAN. I put in an order today, and am now waiting to see how I like their oils. The website is easy to navigate, the prices are fair, and there is no commitment as with YL.

  23. oliveoyl64

    Thank you for the info and your preferred list from NAN. I am new to EO and found you through a google search. I have a few singles of eo from various co. but wanted to try a blend so I don’t waste money on singles I will not use. I have been on NAN site and was getting overwhelmed with all the oil blends. You made my decision easy since Immune Strength is at the top of your list. That is the one I was leaning towards and will now go purchase. Thank you.

  24. oliveoyl64

    I have been trying to decide on one EO from NAN to have in my arsenal. You have Immune Strength at the top of your list and since I work in a public school this should probably is a no brainer for me. Thank you for the info and positive feedback on NAN.

  25. michelle piver

    I really enjoyed this blog post. I am obsessed with learning all I can about essential oils, I was first roped in by Young Living, and although I think there is NOTHING wrong with the oils themselves I really dislike the MLM aspect. I want to be able to recommend oils based on the fact that the oils help, verses looking like I’m trying to sell them something. I just made my first purchase with NAN and I can’t wait till my package arrives. I got the attention blend for my son who has ADHD, he’s had success using individual oils from YL, but I liked that I could get him this blended oil that had everything I am using and more that I was exploring already in it. So my 12 year old can literally put one on and be done. I also bought the one that is equivelant to Brain Power from YL for my 10 year old that has Cerebral Palsy and ADD. I have seen some really nice things happen with the oils for him, even his teachers have noted a better attitude, his body moves better, his mood is more uplifted….so we will continue oils on him as well. I can’t wait to get these oils and I hope that we have the same outcome from this company as we have YL’s oils. I feel like NAN is more ethical, and I can feel confident in referring my friends (who now ask me every day) to the site. I LOVE how they also tell you the best places to use the blends, so it leaves a newbie like me feeling more confident that what she has been doing is right. I wish the western medicine world would start making these more mainstream.

  26. Jennifer

    I am new to EO myself and chose NAN also after reading all the research that Whole New Mom blog did. Her series was extremely thorough and informative. I just got in my first order of Tummy Rub for my daughter with digestive issues, Oregano Oil for one of my daughters with molluscum (since oregano is used to treat warts, I thought I would try it for her), lavender (since it seemed to have so many uses), and the Bug Off (since our backyard is a wooded area with a ton of mosquitoes). I plan on building my supply slowly since they can be costly. My big question though, is how do you apply your oils? It seems that some have to be diluted (such as the oregano), but I’m reading different things on which oils to dilute with. Also, some things I read say apply to the feet, some say behind the ears, etc. Is there a general guide you follow for these different issues? I would love you input!

  27. Anonymous

    I have been watching Paul’s videos on you tube. I had watched one that said he worked at young living before. I see alot of his blends are similar to young livings as well. What did you mean that you are an “AFFLIATE” with them.

    I have had bad experience with Doterra as well.

    Next time you talk to Paul please ask him if he plans on getting involved with the zyto compass scan.

    I am going to send NAN an email along with RMO and see how their response is. I am on a fb group and the peppermint oil was tested along with 10 other companies and came back failed. I want to see what their response is.

    Thank you for this information.

    1. kim

      Are you saying that NAN’s peppermint oil failed Kayleen?? I want to know updates if so. I am on the fence about EO’s and have been doing TONS of research because I am clueless what company to go with. I originally was going to go with YL because for some reason I feel more safe with their Seed to Seal deal and then I started looking into NAN and I feel impressed by them and then now looking at Plant Therapy =/
      Now I am at a complete loss!

    2. Tauna

      Hello! I am so sorry I didn’t get back to you on this Kayleen. I actually contacted Paul and got a response from him but failed to post it here. :/ I am curious if you established contact with them and what they said. Here is what Paul said in response to your questions, but since I am unsure what follow-up questions to ask, perhaps you can clarify them here or let us know what you found out? Thanks!

      Here’s Paul’s reply:


      When we started out my friends and family was used to using YL blends so we created some that were close to what we were used to (Aligning compared to YL’s Valor), some that were enhancements (First-Aid compared to YL’s Melrose), and some that were completely our own (Tummy Rub). Basically we just wanted to keep using oils we were used to using.

      I am familiar with the Zyot Compass since my Mother was the first customer to receive one. I believe she already has something set up with them. I am not sure what your talking about with the peppermint came back failed? What do you mean by this? I don’t believe our peppermint oil was ever tested. Our peppermint is 1st distilled low temp and pressure not the standard high pressure extraction.


    3. Tauna

      Oh, and by “affiliate” I mean that I have joined their affiliate program. Unlike other oil companies, NAN and RMO has set up an affiliate program rather than an MLM-style program. Affiliate programs are mostly for bloggers and are very common. I have joined a few affiliate programs of products that I use often myself and would recommend to friends and readers gladly.

      When I use affiliate links in posts or email them to friends who ask about the product, I get a portion of any sales they make. That percentage varies depending on the company. I don’t know if NAN plans on setting up “affiliate’ or partner programs for non-bloggers in the future. Hope that helps clear that up! πŸ™‚

      1. Jayne T.

        Difference being if you’re in an MLM, you get bonuses back on your own purchases.

        When you purchase via these links, the bloggers get your bonuses.

  28. Bethany Perkey

    New to it all but hoping to make it and NAN a part of our life more. Just need to figure out more on it. πŸ™‚

  29. Jayne T.

    Chiming in here with a disclaimer: I have recently become a distributor of YL after hemming and hawing about it for 2 years because of cost.

    That said, I tried NAN after reading this post. I’ve also tried organic from the health food stores prior to YL and they just didn’t quite make the difference for us. They don’t hold a candle to YL. Not even close. I’m a firm believer that you get what you pay for regardless of the product.

    It’s also disingenuous to subtly go negative on an MLM (regardless of the MLM whether it be doTerra, YL, or another) yet be making money from affiliate links.

    With YL, I get rewards based on my own purchases. And they are significant. With the bloggers’ marketing strategy, the purchaser gets nothing but the blogger surely does. I look at my bonuses the same as a loyalty card from CVS, Walgreen’s or Target.

    With one month’s order this past month I racked up almost $100 in free product. (Again, I don’t care if it’s my competition’s or not. I’m sure doTerra has some sort of bonuses for their members, too.)

    1. Tauna

      Hi Jayne! I get what you’re saying, but I do want to point out that NAN uses an affiliate program (that’s new) and may have plans to work out some partnership program with non-bloggers. One step at a time. πŸ™‚ I tried doTerra and NAN and found NAN equally effective if not more so. From what I researched, I would say that the claim that the MLMs have higher quality oils (from a sourcing/testing persecutive) than NAN are dubious. So that, taken along with my experience using doTerra and NAN, I go with NAN.

      I have not tried YL and I just prefer not to get into an MLM program. It’s a preference issue and even with an attempt to try to buy YL from a friend at cost, it was too much for me. I have no idea what bonuses she gets for her own purchases though so maybe that would make a big difference. I signed up for the NAN affiliate program when the products worked so well for me that I wanted to continue using them and started recommending them to all my real-life friends. From what I’ve seen, the quality and affordable cost so outweighs the MLM brands (even with discounts and bonuses, as far as I know) that I am happy to tell my friends about them!

      1. Sarah

        I’m sorry that Jayne is annoyed by the affiliate commission. Personally, I appreciate the fact that these bloggers are doing my research for me and are presenting a forum where I can read opinions of others as I feel it’s valuable information. It costs me nothing to receive this info so if the bloggers get paid by their affiliates, more power to them. I imagine it allows them enough income to be able to spend their time writing their blogs.

        Also, while the MLM companies provide bonuses to heavy purchasers, their oils cost a lot more to begin with so the end cost is highly dependent on how much “business” you do. I don’t really want to be in the EO sales business nor do I want the hassle of contacting friends to place orders for me, waiting until their volume is great enough to submit, etc. I like being able to go online, purchase my oils, and they usually arrive within 2 days!

  30. Sarah Rominger

    Hi, I am currently signed up with YL and the reward program. In order to get any kind of significant rewards I have to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of oils. If I was rich, I could get some freebies, but I am far from rich. Also, with my discount, I still can barely afford their oils. I came across several blogs and reviews online about NAN and I can actually afford them, so I ordered several yesterday and only paid $30! That’s less than I pay for one YL oil with my discount! I’m so excited to get my oils and try them out! Thanks so much for sharing this company with me! God bless, Sarah

    1. Tauna

      That’s so good to hear! It’s nice to get some feedback from someone who has tried the YL route and found the NAN oils more frugal even with the YL rewards. Thanks for stopping by!

  31. Paula Cook

    I just received my first order of NAN EO. I order Ow-ease, Immune Strength, Flu-time, and Blend of Vitex Berry. I made the mistake of putting some of the Flu-time on my husband without a carrier oil. It burned him. I would love to hear suggestions on how to use the oils, if you have any. I called NAN and they were very nice in their suggestions.

    1. Tauna

      Hi Paula! Yes, I always start with diluting. Here are the dilution rates recommended for children from NAN: http://go.nativeamericannutritionals.com/SH4o

      Personally, I start at the 8-12 year range of dilution for myself as well and increase the amount of EO in the mix until it seems to be most effective. It’s a little trial and error, but it’s better than being burned and it helps to keep from using more EO than needed. Hope that helps!

      1. Paula Cook

        Thank you! We are enjoying the essential oils from NAN.

  32. Sarah J

    Hello Everyone,
    I am brand new to EO’s, and I just recently bought some from Eden’s Garden because pricing was way cheaper compared to YL, and just today I came about NAN. Anyone have any experience with Edens Garden, or any input? I am in college so I definitely can’t afford the expensive stuff, but NAN looks like it has amazing prices and I’ve seen so many good comments. Also, I know this is probably a question that is always asked, but ingesting oils? I’ve been looking into mixing grapfruit and water for weight loss, or even peppermint for the season! But I may be putting in an order soon with NAN! Thanks in adance!!

    1. Tauna

      Hi Sarah! I’m only familiar with Eden’s Garden for use with making things smell good and for cleaning products. For therapeutic purposes, I stick with NAN. πŸ™‚ I have a friend who uses the NOW brand from the health food stores and likes it, but to pull out the big guns for health-related troubleshooting, she buys NAN as well. Hope that helps!

      1. Sarah J

        Thank you Tauna, it definitely does!! (:

  33. Dana

    H! I am new to EO’s and so appreciative for all of the info. There is so much to learn. A co-worker who is a YL rep made a comment to me when she found out I was using NAN oils. She said that NAN oils like Immune Strength cannot be ingested and that suggests there are purity and sourcing issues. Advice?

    1. Tauna

      Hi Dana!

      No, that’s not accurate. Many MLM reps will say that usually because that’s what they have been told and that’s the kind of marketing strategy the company employs. I suggest reading the other articles I’ve written about EOs here: http://www.intoxicatedonlife.com/tag/skeptics-guide-to-essential-oils/

      Especially this one about purity issues and choosing a company: http://www.intoxicatedonlife.com/2014/03/03/skeptics-guide-essential-oils-choosing-company-k-purity-issue/

      As far as ingestion, NAN is just as safe if not more so than YL, precisely because of the testing, purity, and sourcing standards NAN employs. On the other hand, I don’t think there are many legitimate uses for ingestion because, in most cases, inhalation or topical use are the most effective ways of delivering EOs where they need to go. A little safety research and a liberal use of common sense will guide us in when to ingest.

      Take everyone’s opinion with a grain of salt, including mine. πŸ™‚ And especially if they are selling the product. The first articles I listed above were written before I decided EOs were worth my time and money, and before I signed up as an affiliate with NAN. So they are a good place to start.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Tauna

        I went back and dug up a response I received from NAN a while ago when I asked them about certification and testing. You can find a lot of what I learned from them in those links I gave above, but here’s what they answered in this case:

        “All our oils are either organically grown, or wild harvested. Certifications vary for us depending on country or region. So we don’t even bother getting into the certification game that other companies play. By our definition, that means no pesticides or fertilizers of any kind. This is actually possible to do because we only grow our plants in native environments. So if Frankincense grows naturally in Oman, then we can grow it there, without needing to do crazy things to the soil to get it to grow. It naturally wants to grow in its natural habitat, and it also grows in its most therapeutic state when grown indigenously. Also, we do not grow our plants on large corporate farms, we grow them on small family farms. Because they are grown on small farms, the plants are better taken care of, and don’t need the assistance of fertilizers and pesticides. Long story short, the plants are planted and grown naturally. So this is a win-win. The only downside is pay crazy import fees and shipping charges to bring them from all of these places.

        In addition to farm inspections, We test everything that comes in a second time ourselves, and reject oils that do not meet our strict standards. Which is why we have oils and blends go out of stock from time to time. For example, we have Melissa right now, even though it is out of stock. But we are waiting for our 3rd party testing before we mark it back in sale on the website.

        We do not allow any pesticides or fertilizers on our farms. Our goal is for the plant to have less than 2 points of human contact when it is harvested. They are planted, grown, and then harvested. Even unnatural watering is discouraged, except during dry years. Our thought is that the plants grow best, when not touched with humans. Good crops go to essential oils, lesser crops get sold to soap companies, and bad crops get abandoned. Many of our oils are wildcrafted, meaning the first contact they have with humans is when they are harvested. Otherwise they are grown exactly as nature intended, nothing added.

        Ultimately our goal is to get as close to the natural product as possible. We want as little human involvement with our oils as possible. We dont want tractors driving around our plants getting fumes absorbed into the plant (and ultimately into the oil), we dont want neighboring farms dusting for pesticides, nothing. We go to remote regions and harvest them as naturally as possible. Simple as that.

        Our oils speak for themselves when you try them. We have 30 day guarantee if they would like to return them for any reason.”

  34. Chandra-Beth

    I’ve used essential oils for about three years now…I tried NAN oils a few weeks back, and I am more than pleased. I, too, used YL and was trying to steer away from their marketing structure. I just want to buy an excellent quality product, I don’t want to sell…..but it needs to be affordable. We are treating a severe metal allergy and Hoshimoto ‘s disease naturally, so quality is very, very important to us. I also use every day oils like Lavender for cleaning and relaxation, thieves(immunity) to diffuse when I have tutoring students in the evening, and fragrant citrus blends to diffuse because I love the smell. Thanks for a wonderful, affordable product with customer service we can rely on.

    1. Tauna

      Wonderful! So glad to hear this and that they worked well for you. Thanks for taking the time to share this with us!

    2. Alissa P


      What are you using for the Hoshimoto’s?

  35. Morgan

    I am just getting into the EOs and I am going to be purchasing from NAN. My question is:

    for my “starter kit”, what top 5 would you recommend? I have a 2 yr old and a 5 year old and we don’t have any major health issues- just some general allergies that come from living in Louisiana. I also get headaches often, so something to help with that.

    I appreciate any feedback!! Thanks!

    1. Morgan

      I did write down the one’s you have listed up top. πŸ™‚

    2. Tauna

      Hi Morgan!

      My personal top 5 would be Immune Strength, Breathe Ease, Peppermint, Lemon, and Lavender. Breathe Ease has been known to help with allergies and especially sinus issues. Lemon helps too. Headaches do well with lavender and peppermint. I have used Immune Strength to nix and oncoming migraine by putting it on a tissue and breathing it in, desperately. LOL! I have heard really good things about the black cumin oil (http://bit.ly/1HZxfqi) for allergies, although we don’t struggle with that so I’ve never tried it. Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

      1. Morgan

        It does! Thank you for the super quick response!

  36. Janet Feig

    This company Nans sounds good. But is it better to go to someone who can prescribe the oils for you? There is a lot to it. I wonder what aromatherapists do. Probably expensive plus purchasing the oils. Dont know which path to take. Janet

    1. Tauna

      Aromatherapists cannot “prescribe” oils like a doctor can prescribe meds. Here is an article I wrote about some research I did on this topic: http://www.intoxicatedonlife.com/2014/09/03/certified-aromatherapists-really-know/

      Bottom line: I’d rather rely on experienced essential oils users than aromatherapists. Then it becomes a matter of weeding out the “experts” to find the ones who really know their stuff.

  37. Patty

    I stumbled upon NAN as I searched for an essential oil company that offered quality oils at reasonable prices. I loved that I could look up oils by condition. My teenage son was having a lot of anxiety so I purchased At Peace. I was shocked by how quickly it worked. I heard my son telling a friend that whenever he is feeling anxiety he rubs At Peace on his feet and he feels better immediately. I’m sold and I continue to try different oils and blends.

    1. Tauna

      That’s awesome Patty! I’m so glad they have worked. I haven’t tried these for anxiety but I will!

  38. Misty

    Can you take their oils internally like doterra and yl?

    1. Tauna

      Yes, NAN oils are just as pure as YL and doTerra. If you take oils internally, you can still do that with NAN. πŸ™‚ However, despite what the two big companies and their consultants say, most aromatherapists do NOT recommend internal use of oils and neither do I. It’s actually an issue of how the chemical constituents interact with your body, not a purity issue (although taking adulterated essential oils internally would be even worse).

  39. Mel Henry

    Hi, there! I also first discovered NAN through Whole New Mom, but being a skeptic, when ahead and did my own research, too. Through it I found more and more people coming to the same conclusions. I have a doTERRA oil someone gave me, as well as a few samples a rep kindly sent me to help with morning sickness (first pregnancy πŸ™‚ ).
    I was really impressed with the doTERRA rep, but not the company. My mom bought the YL starter kit, and I’ve gotten to play with it some. I can’t speak to the quality of the oils as I have yet to get mine from NAN (put my first, very small order in today!!), but I can say the value is way better. I can get a 15ml of one of the same oils as DT or YL sell for less than the price of their 10 or 5ml almost every time! I also like that they carry variations of a lot of oils, like two types of lemon and lavender, and three types of frankincense.
    I’m trying to learn as much as possible about essential oils before I get super into it. It’s just a lot to digest!! Speaking of digest, how can I know if it’s safe to use oils internally or not?? YL and DT advocate liberal use of it, but just about everything else says it’s usually a bad idea. It’s so confusing!

    1. Tauna

      Hello! Ingesting essential oils is NOT recommended by most certified aromatherapists. It’s too easy to cause problems doing that and it’s questionable whether it really provides additional benefits over inhaling or topical use. I would steer clear of it and anybody who advises you otherwise. There are a very few cases where it would be recommended and those would be under the care of a certified aromatherapist who knows you and your issues. Hope that helps!

  40. Denise

    I am new to many oils other than peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon. I just spent 193.00 on NAN. I pray that I made the right choice in oils. I didn’t realize this was such a chaotic mess between MLM companies and sole proprietors.

    What is my best book for blending and for different uses of oils?

    1. Tauna

      The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy is supposed to be a great book, although I have not read it yet. Here’s a link: http://amzn.to/1vrd58u

      You can find some free and cheap kindle books here if you’re interested: https://www.proverbialhomemaker.com/ebooks-on-essential-oils.html

      Hope that helps! The Rocky Mountain Oils site is also a great place to find how to use any of the oils you bought, even if you didn’t buy from RMO/NAN. It has some great information!

  41. Luanne

    I understand the reluctance of some to buy from MLM companies, but just wanted to throw in my 2 cents. First, I do not sell YL or DT, not a blogger, not an affiliate with any EO or other company! Just an EO beginner here… I have absolutely no qualms buying merchandise from MLM companies of any type as long as they are reputable and actually selling a product rather than trying to recruit more people with no focus on their product. Think of it this way- if you wanted some mascara and could buy it from either the chain store near the mall, or your good friend, who would you buy from? I’d buy from my friend, who has what is actually a home based business. My money would than go to help my friend financially rather than a large chain store’s overpaid executives. I get my mascara, help my friend, and it’s all good. I don’t like all the “fighting” that’s going on between YL and DT, still a little leery and wish it were easier to figure out best companies, etc. but I’m interested, have a few oils, and just wish it weren’t all so confusing! Also, all you YL and DT ladies, please be careful and don’t be pushy, it makes us nervous and then we back off! FYI, went to a YL class and skeptically tried the Zyto scan. I mean Really Skeptical. Guess what? The person doing the scans had never met me, the person whose house it was at didn’t know my medical history, and the Zyto scan completely nailed it. Others were coming away with lists of oils for all different kinds of things and I was just sure it was nothing more than a fancy marketing tool. I came away with a recommendation for 2 oils. One was one of the less expensive oils, and the second one was for the same basic issue so I didn’t even price it. I was pretty amazed. Would like to hear from others who have had a Zyto Scan… Can’t afford much, trying to go slowly and adding one oil per month. I haven’t tried any of the NAN oils yet, but I will soon!


    we also use Rocky Mountain Oils….after using YL for a LONG LONG Time!

    Do you just diffuse IMMUNE STRENGTH or apply on bottom of feet diluted?

    1. Tauna Meyer

      You can use it either way!

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