Essential Oils for Women’s Health

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I don’t know a single woman who doesn’t say she needs to take better care of herself. All the wives, moms, grandmothers, career women, stay at home moms, homeschoolers, volunteers… they ALL seem to say that taking care of themselves is next on their to-do list. Well, essential oils are a helpful and effective way for us women to make some progress in this area. Here are 14 essential oils for women’s health that are fantastic for physical and mental well being, with some fun ways to use them. 

Great tips and recipes for using essential oils for women's health!


14 Essential Oils for Women’s Health

Clary Sage – Antidepressant, immune support, respiratory support, hormone balance, etc. 

Geranium – Skin care, dermatitis, stress and anxiety, hormone balance, etc. 

Oregano – Antiseptic, edema and cellulite remedy, respiratory health, intestinal health., etc. 

Frankincense – Mood lifting, immune and respiratory support, aches and pains, skin care, etc. 

Lavender – Relaxation, sleep aid, antidepressant, digestion support, skin care, etc. 

Bergamot – Calms stress and anxiety, helps with yeast issues, relieves water retention, etc.

Ginger Root – Stimulates circulation, digestion aid for nausea, flatulence, morning sickness, etc.  

Neroli – Aids with better sleep, depression and anxiety, and skincare issues such as fading stretch marks, etc. 

Lemon – Deodorizing, digestive care, immune booster, relaxation, concentration, etc. 

Rose – Skin care, reducing scarring, helps aging skin, aphrodisiac, mood lifting, etc. 

Chamomile – Skin care for sensitive skin, cleansing, reduces puffiness, hair care, first aid, calming, etc. 

Marjoram – Aches and pains, arthritis, respiratory support, digestion, headaches, fatigue, etc. 

Basil – Mental clarity and concentration, digestive aid, pain reliever, anxiety, etc.  

Here is an infographic and two recipes that are fantastic for women’s health. I hope you enjoy them! 

~ Tauna

Great tips and recipes for using essential oils for women's health!

Happy Mama Hormone Balancer

This simple recipe helps you have a cheerful day!


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  1. That’s the prettiest infographic I have ever seen! Did you make it? If so, bravo. I’ve been trying to make these myself and haven’t succeeded in making anything but a mess, so far! I laughed reading your post at all your “etc’s” for every oil, but in a good way, because it’s true; every oilcan do so many things it is amazing. Your blog is beautiful.

    1. Thanks Millie! Yes, there are lot of “etc.” in essential oils uses 😀 Yes I made the infographic myself. It was fun but challenging! Thanks for the lovely comments.

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  156. What brand of Essential oils would you recommend?

    1. I like to use Plant Therapy, Rocky Mountain Oils, or Eden’s Garden.

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