Art Day: Trinity Snowman Project


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Our household has been learning about the trinity through the Westminster catechism in our Sound Words curriculum. Turns out, there are several ways to describe the trinity to children using seasonal object lessons (shamrock, apple, triangle, etc.) 

Of course, these are just a hint of the full truth and no substitute for acknowledging the mysterious and triune nature of a God more amazing than we’ll ever fully understand. 

Still, here’s a cool trinity snowman: 


For art day with our friends, we pulled out some dark blue construction paper and pastels and got to work with guided drawing, the children copying each step as I described and demonstrated it for them. 

As we drew, we talked about how the snowman reminds us of the trinity – one God, three persons. 

This project was inspired by the art project I saw here and the printable poem (pictured above) I found here

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