Beginner Music Theory Activities

Most kids love listening and dancing to music. By actively involving your child with musical experiences such as music theory activities at a young age, you are exposing them to some very beneficial skills.

Some ways playing an instrument is beneficial to your child are:

  • Helps with organizational and time management skills
  • Enhances coordination, especially hand-eye coordination
  • Helps with reading and comprehension skills as well as math skills
  • Helps them with be better at focusing and controlling their bodies
  • Allows them to have a higher self esteem
  • Teaches them responsibility and discipline
  • Enhances their respiratory system
  • Helps boosts their listening skills.

Along with learning to play a musical instrument, comes the music theory. I have created some beginner music theory activities to help introduce music theory to your kids.

 Music Theory

Included in this Printable Pack are three part cards. Our boys have found these very useful, especially in learning music terminology.

 Music Theory 1

These 3 Part Cards can be used in many ways. For repeated use, I recommend you laminate them.

  • Print out two copies to play the memory game or snap
  • Use as vocabulary cards
  • Match the smaller cards to the larger cards
  • Match the words to the cards without words
  • Give your child the cards without words and ask them to write what the picture is

Music Theory 2

Music symbols can be really difficult to learn to write. The tracing pages included in this pack, are there to show your child how some of the most important music symbols are written. These would be great printed out and laminated or placed in a plastic sleeve, allowing your child to practice over and over again with a dry erase marker.

Music Theory 3

These is a lot of math involved with music.  These counting pages will help children with recognising the music symbols as well as with counting and writing practice.

Music Theory 5

Learning the names of the notes is quite difficult to understand. These Name the Notes pages can be used over and over again if laminated and the answer written with a dry erase marker.

Music Theory 7

To learn to read and play music, you need to learn about rhythm. These Clap the Rhythm pages are a great way to practice by clapping the rhythm or tapping the rhythm on a drum. A wooden spoon and a saucepan works really well too.

Music Theory 4

The matching cards pages are our boys favourite. After cutting out and laminating, I placed all the cards in a pile and the boys took turns at matching all the notes. These cards can also be used in a game of memory.

Music Theory 8

Also included are some music theory posters. These are great to refer to when completing other activities in the pack and for learning basic music theory.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this 40 page music theory pack and I encourage you to bring some music into yours and your childrens life.

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