Christ-Centered Television for Kids

We are picky about what our kids watch on TV. We don’t have cable or TV hook up, and any movies the kids are going to watch have to be pre-screened by us. Some of the movies my 12 year old is just able to watch this year as he grows a bit in maturity, he still has to watch with his dad present. 

Now, our way of handling TV might seem strict to some, while others would choose not to allow some of the movies we do. Different parents will make different choices in this area!

However, as Christian parents you probably would love more wholesome and Christ-centered television for kids, right? Wading through the shows available in library, on Amazon, or on Netflix can be a bit discouraging because of the lack of selection. 

Great Christ-centered television for kids with the streaming service JellyTelly!

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Well, I have a solution for you: Minno!

 Minno is a Streaming Video On Demand service, similar to Netflix or Hulu, with over 300 hours of Christian programming for kids and families. It is unlike any other Christian streaming service, because it is dedicated to kids and families. It was started by VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer (and was originally called JellyTelly). He also also created What’s in the Bible?, which is one of our favorite shows that we even use as a supplement to our Bible curriculum! 

Minno collects the best in Christ-centered television for kids all in one place for families to enjoy. You can try a FREE WEEK to test it out!

Here are the shows and movies that are our favorites so far: 

  • VeggieTales
  • What’s in the Bible? 
  • Superbook
  • The Torchlighters missionary stories
  • 3, 2, 1 Penguins
  • Friends and Heroes
  • Holiday shows
  • A selection of FULL feature movies
  • And more!

When it’s time for a little relaxation or a much needed break from the homeschool routine, I let my kids pick from whatever they want in JellyTelly. It’s nice not to have to worry about what they’ll land on! 

I also really like how accessible it is. I can call it up on my phone in the app, on my computer, or through streaming devices.  Here are some highlights:

  • Trusted, Biblical Content For Kids
  • Stream VeggieTales And More
  • Available On All Major Platforms
  • Enjoy On Your Favorite Device
  • Download and Go
  • Stream On Multiple Devices Simultaneously

I also want to mention that Minno has much more to offer with fantastic encouraging and practical blog posts for parents, family devotions, “church” at home for those who can’t make it in person that week, and more!  

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  1. Jessica

    The whole concept sounds fantastic and is something I would LOVE to check out! 🙂

  2. Faith

    My family loves Veggie Tales.

  3. Melanie

    All of the shows look great but I think my kids would love Friends and Heroes as well as Awesome Bible Adventures.

  4. Melissa Franklin

    1-2-3 Penguins is great. I know my kids would enjoy it!

  5. Cynthia Haynes

    Awesome giveaway! My kiddos will enjoy JellyTelly.

  6. Cheryl B

    I think my Granddaughter would like 321 Penguins.

  7. Kelly Stowe

    Awesome Bible Adventures!

  8. Karin

    I am super excited to have access to the What’s in the Bible series. Everyone loves them, but we don’t own any. That and Seeds worship music. I used those when I directed children’s choir.

  9. CCorbitt

    I really like Owlegories!! I didn’t know about Jelly Telly as an app for kids. Thank you for sharing about it. Thank you for offering it as a giveaway.

  10. Angela W

    I think the 1 hour Bible for kids looks great or the Angel Wars.

  11. Carrie Elsass

    Always a Veggie Tales fan:)

  12. Jennifer Lantz

    I would love having all the Seeds videos available whenever we wanted!

  13. Melissa Graham

    I would love any of the shows! What an amazing site for a mama with 7 kids!!!

  14. Jeannette RAgan

    It is hard to say which one… they all are good… My children like veggie tales… I remember davey and Goliath…

  15. Jennifer Mathesz

    We LOVE “what’s in the Bible?”

  16. kathy downey

    We would love to watch 321 Penguins!

  17. Sanica Stubbs

    Good morning! I believe our family would enjoy Veggie Tales, What’s in the Bible, other fun shows for kids, and the occasion christian movie. Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Will G

    Veggie Tales!

  19. Nancy

    I didn’t know this existed! So exicited to have a chance to stream some of the shows my older girls used to love to watch on DVD like Hermie, Veggie Tales, God’s Little Princess, and so on. Now my newest blessing will get to see them too.

  20. Becca

    Our family loves Buck Denver and would love to have all of those shows on-hand! My daughter like Gigi and would probably like to see Mandie. My son would really like to try out several of Jelly Telly’s action shows (that look perfect for a 5-year-old boy!). I am also interested in the 1-minute/other short Bible devotion options for our family. (Maybe a great way to start the homeschool day???)

  21. Lisa

    My youngest is 15, so we have kind of outgrown Jelly Telly. But I’d love to gift it to a friend with a 7 year old son!

  22. Sandra Lassiter

    My youngest LOVES the Torchlighters series, but we only have a couple of them. It would be great to have access to all of them!

  23. Jessica

    What a cool service for little ones! We have loved veggie tales for 17 years!

  24. Cathy Shea

    My favorite show from jelly time would be the worship but my kids would probably enjoy either friends and hero’s or the bug time one.

  25. Pamela

    I am really impressed with all of the available content. I am most interested in “Friends and Heroes”, “The Jesus Storybook Bible” and “The Nature of God”. There are lots of other categories that I would love to explore as well.

  26. Kirsten

    We’d be interested in seeing Bibleman

  27. Jessica Brammer

    We would like 3, 2, 1 penguins but all the shows look great.

  28. Emily

    What’s in the Bible is a really great show.

  29. April Sutkay

    I would love to check out “What’s in the Bible?”! That sounds amazing!

  30. Jeni

    Any christ-centered shows that I can find for my son are wonderful. He would definitely be interested in the Denver and Friends and Heroes. Thank you for doing this giveaway

  31. Lynette Williams

    We really love What’s in the Bible with Buck Denver. As a Bible college student, I took some semester-long courses that struggled to address questions this series tackles with grace and clarity. We’d love the streaming option for watching these!

  32. Maria

    The One Hour Bible for Kids.

  33. Marci

    321 Penguins

  34. Gabreial Wyatt

    Veggie Tales!

  35. Ellie Wright

    I’m interested in watching Calling Sticks and Stones

  36. Christine

    Interesting, I’ve never heard of JellyTelly. I will have to check it out.

  37. Melinda Roberts

    I have wanted to check this out for my kids what blessing

  38. heather kaufman

    My kids would like 321 Penguins!

  39. Stephanie H.

    We also love watching and learning with Veggie Tales, but the Bible Notes with Cliff sounds interesting too.

  40. Nicole Martin

    I think my son would like the Awesome Bible Adventures!

  41. Amy Marshall

    What’s in the Bible and Owlegories!

  42. Katie

    We Like what’s in the Bible.

  43. Kimberly

    What an amazing giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity!

  44. Elizabeth H.

    Character Builders looks like it would be interesting

  45. Kimberly

    Oh, I forget to add, Veggie Tales is our all-time favorite! And a new personal favorite of my mine is the Friends and Heroes! 🙂

  46. Jason

    I think my kids would Love to watch the Veggie tales shows!

  47. Allison

    I would like to watch The Torchlighter series and Character Builders.

  48. Kelly A

    Friends and Heros is the show that I am most excited about. Though my kids really love the What’s In the Bible with Buck Denver series!

  49. Alayna

    I am really interested in the What’s in the Bible? shows! They look great!

  50. Liz McKechnie

    Kids love Buck Denver and VeggieTales… I think I want them to try 321 Penguins!

  51. Ingerlise

    Angel Wars would be at the top of the list, but there are too many to pick just one.

  52. Valarie Hudson

    I love Jacobs ladder.

  53. Anna

    I love What’s in the Bible?

  54. Patsy

    I love the idea of The Bible Stories!!!


  55. NT

    I really like the 60 second bible stories!

  56. Laura

    It’s hard to choose just one show, but if I have to….Friends and Heroes or the 5 minute devotionals. Ok, that’s two. Sorry!

  57. Kelly Kiggins-Lund

    I’m most interested in the What’s in the Bible series. They always provide a lot of great information and keep my child entertained.

  58. Lydia

    My two little boys would like a lot of the shows.

  59. Deana

    My kids love VeggieTales!

  60. Cara Black

    Buck Denver,.. we love Phil Vischer and all the Veggietales gang, but we have never seen Buck Denver videos. Great giveaway! We are very strict also, Tauna, and we preview everything our kids see first also. Garbage in, garbage out! Would be great to have Jelly Telly,and not worry they will see something inappropriate, AND teach them the Bible at the same time. Win win!

  61. Cari Webb

    My kids would like to watch Davey and Goliath.

  62. Sally

    Bible notes with Cliff

  63. Sherry

    We have enjoyed the torch lighter series before.

  64. A

    I am most interested in the What’s in the Bible? and Seeds Family Worship.

  65. Liz

    321 Penguins!

  66. Dana Ponder

    We really enjoy 123 Penguins!

  67. Katherine Stevenson

    The worship videos and Veggie Tale movies would be our favorite.

  68. Jaci

    Angel Wars for my Star Wars loving boys!!

  69. Janelle

    So excited about this giveaway. We would be most excited about the family movies!

  70. Jen E

    Probably What’s in the Bible? and Seeds of Worship Videos! Thank yoU!

  71. Melissa

    Thanks for this opportunity. I’ve been eager to check out “What’s in the Bible with Buck Denver”

  72. Heather B

    My 14 year old would like to have the Jelly Telly and Roku combo to view Angel Wars and Bible Man-He has always loved these series. My 8 year old loves Veggie Tales, Life at the Pond, and of course, Owlegories! -Heather Bill

  73. Edie S

    We love Buck Denver and his friends, so we would love to explore other shows like them.

  74. Brooke Bumgardner

    Healed by Grace looks like a wonderful show. I would like to watch that with my older daughter.

  75. Vickie

    I am most interested in the movies and “What’s in the Bible? ” series.

  76. Teresa Wylie

    Veggie Tales is of course classic. We have a preschool curriculum that uses What’s in the Bible as a part, so it would be great to have access to those.

  77. Kristen

    My toddlers already ,like Veggie Tales and 321 Penguins so I would be excited for them to be able to see more episodes than the DVDs we already own.

  78. Richard Brandt

    That’s a lot to choose from but I’d have to go with Davey and Goliath just because I’ve grown up with them.

  79. Connie Scruggs

    Friends and Heroes looks good.

  80. Ticia

    The Buck Denver’s friends intrigues me.

  81. Laura

    We love Theo and Torchlighters!!!

  82. Katie Bazemore

    What’s in the Bible?

  83. Brandi Vidrine

    Friends and Heroes

  84. Crystal

    I am interested in Hermie and Wormie.

  85. Zekesmom10

    We love those Torchlighter films. Thanks for the chance.

  86. Lisa Hyatt

    I couldnt pick one!!! But the 1 hour bible for kids looks like fun. And Character builders. Amd mommy wants some mommy movies too!

  87. Anne H

    I love the Torchlighters missionary stories!
    I would also like to see Friends and Heroes and What’s in the Bible.

  88. Rebecca West

    We love Veggie Tales and the Torchlighter series!

  89. Jessica

    321 Penguins!

  90. Chelsea amanda

    Looking forward to Friends & heroes!!!

  91. Melissa

    321 Penguins and the Buck Denver Asks series look like shows my boys would enjoy.

  92. erin

    movies and music videos and preschool appropriate shows.

  93. Mia

    Would love to watch Healed by Grace**

  94. Eileen Gravelle

    We are interested in watching Friends and Heroes and also What’s In the Bible.

  95. Sandra Watts

    I would like to check out some of the Buck Denver and friends shows. This would be good for my son’s family.

  96. Julie

    I like Cherub Wings for the songs, it would be my pick.

  97. Sarah T.

    We love Booga Booga land!

  98. April

    We love Veggietales and 321 Penguins! Thank you!

  99. Jody

    We like Davey and Goliath.

  100. Jessica

    This sounds amazing! We are excited about the Friends and Heroes series.

  101. Beth Martin

    I would really like to see Saved by Grace and Second Chances. I am sure my kids would enjoy Last Chance Detectives too!

  102. Jeanine Carlson

    The Mandy series is something I think my kidlet would enjoy!

  103. Tam

    My kids love these. We watch everything from What’s in the Bible to Torchlighters.

  104. Rachel

    I’m interested in watching Books of the Bible.

  105. Melissa Cazares

    We have seen 3-2-1 Penguins and Veggie Tales and love them!

  106. Amy Hall

    1 hour Bible for kids.

  107. Alexandru Rusu

    I like 321 Pinguins because it’s funny

  108. Katie Anne

    I think my daughter would love Undefeated eKidz Worship. She loves to sing worship songs!

  109. ryan little

    i would love to watch veggie tales with my son

  110. Jamilyn Clausing

    The Jesus Storybook Bible, Storybook Bible Tales, Seeds Family Worship. Wow! Good resource!

  111. Becky

    We have some of these shows available on DVD at our church library. We haven’t seen Torchlighters which I think my kids would really like!

  112. Bobbie Torgeson

    My older children loved Sugar Creek Gang. I’d love for my smaller ones to see it. And, they enjoy Seeds Family Worship at church. It’d be great to have that at home, too.

  113. Sarah Sanchez

    My kids love veggie tales!

  114. Lauren

    Whats in the Bible!!

  115. Julie

    My kids love 321 Penguins! I’d like to check out some of the science shows. Always looking for educational tv!

  116. Angela Whiteley

    I had no idea this existed! I am always trying to find clean things for my kids to watch! I would really love to try this out!

  117. becky fisher

    The Torchlighters

  118. Steve Weber

    Anything VEGGIETALES my nieces and and nephews are all over.

  119. Nina hodapp

    What’s in the Bible

  120. Teresa

    whirl. would love to see God Rocks! and Dr. Wonder’s Workshop on there.

  121. LaTrese

    321 penguins

  122. Devchenka

    Im new to this, movies sounds great.

  123. Surso S.

    awesome bible tales

  124. crystal gibson

    Hermie and friends looks wonderful. This would be great for my niece.

  125. Adarsh Verma

    Adventures in Booga Booga Land

  126. Bridgett Wilbur

    My daughter just loves the veggie tales. We watch it all the time.

  127. Jaclyn Mercer

    My kids love Veggie Tales!

  128. Linda Finn

    I like the sugar creek gang ! That would be my pick !!!
    Linda Marie Finn

  129. leslie

    Awesome Bible Adventures looks really well…. awesome! 😉

  130. jeani b

    The 1-hour Bible for Kids looks fantastic! They all look great, really. I know my daughters would enjoy them.

  131. Piroska

    My little granddaughter absolutely loves Veggie Tales.

  132. Felicia

    We love the buck Denver series!

  133. Brandon Sparks

    Very interested in Books of the Bible

  134. Rajee Pandi

    I love Jacobs ladder

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