Eclectic Homeschooling: What it is, Pros and Cons, and What Ours Looks Like

What is “Eclectic” Homeschooling? 

Eclectic homeschooling is a wild ride that uses a variety of methods and tools to create a homeschool experience that best fits the goals, needs, and interests of the family. Sounds good, right? That’s why most homeschoolers fall into the “eclectic” category, whether they say so or not. A family may align mostly with classicalCharlotte Mason, or another method, but true purists are few and far between.

One thing about homeschoolers is that we have a bit of an independent streak *grin* and even the most rigid among us will venture outside the box on occasion. However, with the great freedom allowed in the eclectic style, there are also some potential downsides. 

Join me over at Intoxicated on Life to explore the pros and cons, as well as catch a glimpse into our own eclectic homeschool!

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