Favorite Essential Oil Blends

Recently, a reader sent me a message asking what my favorite essential oil blends are from Rocky Mountain Oils (formerly Native American Nutritionals). Very soon, I was jotting notes on her favorites and eventually it turned into a fun conversation with several others on the Proverbial Homemaker Facebook page.

This inspired me to start trying out more blends and testing how they work for our family. Since we first researched and tried essential oils, my three favorites have been Immune Strength, lavender, and lemon, which I use constantly. Eventually I ventured into other singles and blends that I now love.

Great essential oils blends to try

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My Favorite Essential Oils Blends

Immune Strength – This is the first and favorite blend for us. We use it when everyone around us is sick to avoid getting it, and use it when we do get sick to get well quickly. It’s also my emergency blend for the occasional massive headaches I get sometimes. Love this stuff! I’d buy it by the gallon if I could.

Breathe Ease – Great for the sniffles, sinus and lung congestion, and more. It has a blend of all my favorite oils that ease the congestion and chest pain for those nasty head and chest colds. Diffusing in my room on a towel and holding it over my mouth/nose are how I use it.

Peace and Quiet – What? They bottled peace and quiet? 🙂 I laughed out loud when I first heard about this one, because as a mom of five kids, it’s just hilarious. However, it has become one of my favorites for diffusing during the day or just applying to my palms and temples when things get kah-razy.

Tummy Rub – An absolute staple in our house. When we have indigestion or the little ones talk about a tummy ache, this is what we use! It’s their “tummy medicine,” kept in a roller bottle and diluted just to rub on their tummies and sides when they need it.

Joyful Moments – This was recommended to me for the holidays and I love it anytime of year! I use more of it than I would other oils just so that the scent is nice and strong. It’s like a happy and warm forest kind of scent.

Blossom – This blend just lifts my mood like no other. I LOVE the scent and I like to diffuse it with a bit of Clary Sage added for, urm… hormonal balance issues. I have heard that Feminine Aid is good for that as well. 

Attention Assist – Perfect roll-on for meeting a deadline or helping the kiddos to stay focused during lessons!

Blends On My Wish List

I also have quite a list of blends I am going to this year. Here are the ones at the top of my list:

Slim and Trim – Because… they bottled this too? I am working on finally losing my baby weight (7 years is a bit long, right?) so I’m interested to see if this really helps.

Baby Skin – I have been using the Skin Care blend and enjoyed it, but a reader suggested I try Baby Skin instead for even better results. She even mentioned that it’s great for stretch marks! It had better be industrial strength. That’s all I’m saying. 

Citrus Passion – I love the scent of citrus and just imagine that this or perhaps citrus passion or orange creme would be a great uplifting blend to diffuse and chase away the winter blahs.

Migraine Support – When I get those massive headaches I mentioned, I use Immune Strength because nothing else will work. Lavender and peppermint don’t do much for me beyond heading off a mild headache. So I’m interested to see if Migraine Support does some real magic for my headaches.

Hair Support – I don’t have thinning hair, but one of many gifts of pregnancy and childbirth is the postpartum dray scalp freakout that my hair likes to do. Drives me crazy! Fortunately, I have found that adding a combination of geranium, bergamot, and lavender to my regular shampoo really helps. I’m curious to see if using Hair Repair in this way will be a big improvement.

First Aid – I have heard really good things about this blend and it’s versatile use for general first aid use in a family with young kids. It is supposed to be great for treating cuts and scrapes for it’s anti-bacterial and pain relieving properties, as well as for things like ear aches. 

What about you? What is your favorite blend or one that you would like to try? Check out the huge variety from Rocky Mountain Oils (Native American Nutritionals) and see what they have to offer!

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This Post Has 386 Comments

  1. Renee

    Would like to try immune or breathe easy

    1. Maranda Bell

      I have done my research on essential oils and I love what native American nutrionals stands for, but I have yet actually try any of their oils yet :/ But if I win I’d love to try ylang-ylang complete for it’s overall benefits! Thanks for offering this opportunity to us all!

      1. Shawna

        I would also like to try these oils. I usually buy cheaper oils not knowing if the quality is compromised.

    2. Danielle Stewart

      I love NAN and use their oils Regularly. I have to renew my licensure this year and would love to try out brainpower.

    3. Marnie

      since my family has moved to the mike high city I’ve had constant sinus infections. Breathe ease sounds like it would help?

      1. Jen

        Never had a bloody nose in my life until I moved to Colorado! Breathe Ease DEFINITELY helps! When Im sick I diffuse right next to my bed, rub some on my chest and feet. Breathe Ease is the blend that turned me from skeptic to believer!

    4. Mandy

      I would like to try immune strength or breathe easy

    5. Britney

      I would love to try peace and quiet. I have two boys under 3yrs and would like to make bedtime routine a little less crazy 🙂

  2. Kim

    I am new to oils and I am trying to learn all that I can about them. If I won I would choose the Immune Strength blend. Thanks for the information! I am curious why you chose Native American Nutritionals to be your favorite company?

  3. April

    I just started using oils last night after receiving what I ordered in the mail. I used calming the child before we got ready for bed yesterday. I’m very new to it, so this post helped a great deal!! I would love to try oils of the Bible as soon as I read that, I thought that would be great for my quiet time, before the kids get up or after they go to bed.

  4. Bronda

    I would like to try the First Aid blend. I have a 4-year-old who is very active and frequently gets scratches/scrapes/bumps/bruises, and I think this would be great for her! (Not to mention for my husband, who deals with burns from his work as a cook!)

    1. dlfs

      For burns apply lavender liberally. Pain just goes away.

  5. Laura H

    Citrus passion sounds fun

  6. Tara

    I wasn’t able to leave a comment, but I would love to try hair support 🙂

  7. Eva D.

    I would like to try the Hair Support and Tummy Rub! I know, that’s two, but it’s so hard to choose!!!

  8. Ellen

    I’d love to try the Immune blend!

  9. booksbycorine

    I just discovered EO and looking to learn more. Thanks of the post and telling me the EOs you love.

  10. Fibia

    I would really like the Tummy Rub. Thank you for the giveaway

  11. Meredith

    I’d love to try Immune Strength – we just do individual oils now, or blends that I’ve done myself, but I’ve heard good things!

  12. Denise

    I would love to try any essential oil.

  13. julie

    immune strength

  14. CW

    I’d like to try immune strength — I get migraines too.

  15. Emily Seawell

    Slim & Trim is what I want/need!! I have lots of female issues that cause losing weight to be a struggle!

  16. Rebecca

    WOW. That’s all I have to say! I am wanting so many blends from that company but after careful research i’m dying to get gentle healer or roman chamomile next!!!

  17. Kimberly Holder

    I would love try the first aid and immunity blends for my kids! I have used the migraine blend in the past and loved it!

  18. Allen

    Wife and I love the Slim and Trim. Just started using it a couple weeks ago and love the energy it gives us.

  19. Rebecca

    ooops!! Blends!! Gentle healer or Immune Stregnth 🙂

  20. Beth Z. Patt

    I’d get gentle healer.

  21. Brittany

    I’d like to try Baby Skin. We recently adopted an african american boy and so we are learning that their skin care is much different than ours! I’d love to make him some lotion with this oil in it to help his skin from drying out.

  22. Shannon

    I am dying to try joyful moments!! Who doesn’t need more joy. Also, migraine relief….because without all these migraines, there might actually be more joy!! 🙂

  23. kristi

    I have been wanting to try attention assist for my 7 year old son while homeschooling.

  24. ashley

    My favorite blend is Love, however Immune Strength is a very close second! Migraine Relief is also on my wishlist. I’ve heard great things about it 🙂

  25. belle bickel

    I bought Immune strength in the Fall. I think it has been a big help with keeping us healthy. I even used it to avoid a third mastitis infection and antibiotics. .

  26. Kym

    I think Breathe Ease would be a great one for almost everyone in my family to try! And like you, I would really like to try Slim and Trim.

  27. Allison M

    I’d love attention assist. And immune strength is my favorite I have!

  28. Erin C

    I’d love to try First Aid!


  29. Jill b

    I would really love oils of the bible to try!

  30. Missy

    peace and quiet sounds amazing!

  31. Karen

    I would definitely want to try the “First Aid” I have Immune Strength and love it!! NAN is wonderful!!!

  32. Erin

    citrus passion sounds awesome, or the first aid one

  33. Missy

    peace and quiet sounds amazing!

    Or baby skin!

  34. Jenny

    I am 28 weeks pregnant and Baby Skin has been my saving grace for tummy itchiness. I use it every night and now in the morning too. It’s the only thing I have found to really take away that awful itch. I went with the small neat bottle so I could blend it myself. Its amazing and the smell is great. There are so many blends I would love to try. The two I can’t decided between are Joyful Moments and Oils of the Bible. They both look amazing.

  35. Jen

    I’m pretty addicted to Immune Strength and Relieve Me. There are so many others I want to try. It would be hard to choose if I won, but I’m up to the challenge!

  36. jeannie

    I have not tried essential oils yet but i would love the immune blend.

  37. Alison

    I only recently got into EO’s but I LOVE UPLIFT right now. But I have so many on my list of wants. Ahhh.

  38. Myrla

    I would love to try the Hair Support.

  39. Theresa Harrington

    I’d like to try Slim and Trim or Hair Support. Trying to lose weight, and my hair just always needs help as it’s curly and crazy!

  40. Christin

    I’d love to try helichrysum! I’ve loved the blends that have it in them, and I’d love to try it by itself.

  41. Aida

    I’m new to the world of EOs but have recently starting using Frankincense a lot. I hear amazing things about NAN’s Sacred Frankincense, and I would love to try that, or Helichrysum Italicum!

  42. Lori J

    I would love to try the migraine relief or peppermint.

  43. Yvonne

    I would love to give Immune support and breathe easy a try! I need help with allergies.

    I am new to oils and am just loving the benefits to my skin. I am currently using Skin Care and Skin Tone together. It has helped my eczema tremendously. While it is not a cure, it makes it tolerable and I am finding I do not need to slather on lotion all day long. A big relief!!

  44. Becky

    I love Immune Strength, but I’d really like to try Sports Pro. Thanks so much for introducing me to this company!!

  45. Betsy

    I would like to try Breathe Ease. Immune strength has worked well for us.

  46. Miss Chris

    I also love Joyful Moments. I diffuse at work and love how centering it is for me. It can also help with airborne viruses, so that is definitely a plus for when someone comes into the office not feeling well! I would love, Love, LOVE to try Brainpower! I am in my last year of grad school and this oil has been on my wish list for a while!

    1. Miss Chris

      Ooopsies, I meant Brainstorm. I should have coffee before commenting. 🙂

  47. Michelle

    I would love to try the breathe easy, have already used immune strength and loved. Also would like to see if any of the blends for focus would work for my two sons.

  48. Linda

    I’d love to try the slim & trim blend! Thank you!

  49. S Wasklewicz

    Would love love love Breathe Easy. My poor husband can barely breathe his passages are so swollen and nothing seems to help!

  50. Sherry Cooper

    My favorite is Euphoria and Oils of the Bible…they smell great!

  51. Sarah

    Immune Strength is my favorite! LOVE it. 🙂

  52. Lisa s.

    I would love to try immune strength.

  53. Andrea Bertani

    I would love to try the blend Brainstorm!

  54. Tiffany T

    I would love to try Brainstorm. Right now my favorite blend is First Aid, it really helped my little guys bum,

  55. Misty C.

    Current fav is breathe ease– really want to try immune strength or tummy rub!

  56. Pam

    Breathe Easy. Thanks for the chance to win!

  57. Mary

    I love Tranquility!!

  58. alice young

    Joyful moments

  59. jessica davis

    I would like to try baby skin and joyful moments

  60. Kathleen

    I would love some Peace and Quiet 🙂

  61. Robyn

    Peace and quiet please!!! with a toddler and 2 dogs (one a rescued foster dog) and an unusually vocal cat, I need it!!!!

  62. Laura

    I would love to get Helichrysm Italicum. It’s on my wish list, but it’s hard to spend that amount of money all at once. I have used Rocky Mountain Oils, which is the sister company to NAN. I am not partial to one or the other, they both have fantastic service! : )

  63. Sarah Lampe

    Love NAN’s oils! I can’t live without Migraine Relief or Feminine Aid. Those are the two that made me a believer in essential oils. Would love to try Gentle Healer.

  64. Amanda

    I would love to try oils from the Bible 🙂

  65. Sara

    I’ve been using Native American Nutritionals for almost a year and have noticed a difference between them and other oil companies. My favorite might be melaleuca- most recently, I’ve used it to stop sore throats…doesn’t tasty great, but works like magic.

  66. Hannah

    I love the DNA Repair blend! I use it for my son with autism and it really seems to help him with focus and it smells great. I would like to try the Present Moments blend for him as well at some point.

  67. Beverly

    I would like to try Immune Strength, since I have Chronic EBV.

  68. Hooi-Imm Lander

    Citrus Passion.

  69. Kelly

    I would love to try peppermint or eucalyptus! I start grad school in the fall and can imagine these would help me concentrate on my studies. 🙂

  70. Tina ref

    I would love to try Gentle healer, and I love the Immune Strength

  71. Shari

    Baby Skin would be great for this pregnant mama & my two babies!

  72. Lori

    It would probably be good for us to try immune strengthe…. for my Mother’s sake, who lives with us and has emphysemia…. 🙂

  73. Caro

    First Aid blend for hiking and camping emergencies!

  74. Jamie

    It’s so hard to choose! It would be between, Gentle Healer, Pain Ease, Sports Pro, Relieve Me, and First Aid.

  75. Natalie

    Migraine Relief! Like you, I’ve tried lavender and peppermint for headaches and they just don’t do it for me…. Sure would love to find something that works!!

  76. Brittny Jacobs

    I would love to try Flu Time. The recent media reports on young children dying of the flu is too scary!

  77. Jodi I

    I’d like to try Immune Strength!

  78. Jamie

    Just started trying a few essential oils. Would love to try several different blends from NAN….so hard to choose!

  79. amber wagner

    I would like to try their Blend of Neroli. 🙂

  80. Peggy

    i would love to win Slim and Trim or any of the calming oils!
    I’m a newbie too to EO’s so enjoy learning info on these blogs!

  81. Lea

    I would like to try brainstorm. My favorite blends are Love and calming & aligning mixed together.

  82. Paula H

    Immune strength is the one we need for sure!!!

  83. cristin hendricks

    I love immune strength from NAN. Its amazing stuff. I would love to try peace and quiet being a mom of three or oils of the bible 🙂

  84. VC

    Just recently have found oils! My little one just had a cold and I used the Breathe Ease Blend. His cold is pretty much gone and we are on day 4! In the past, his colds have dragged on for weeks!!! I am so glad I have been introduced to essential oils! I would love to try the Baby Skin!

  85. Shannon

    I love NAN. Two of my favorite blends are True Blue and First Aide. True Blue knocks out my tension headache and relieves my husbands back pain. I use First Aide on my two sons whenever they get a scrape which is often!!

  86. Bev.

    Peace & Calm would be nice. I have a very loud and active little guy.

  87. Leanne

    My favorite blend is definitely Immune Strength. It’s what started me on this oil kick! There are lots of others I would love to try though, including Sacred Frank.

  88. Mandy Melton

    This is my favorite EO company! We use Focus a lot for my daughter.

  89. Laura A

    I’ve been wanting to try Cypress oil for a while

  90. Jennifer

    I would love to try feminine aid to see if it helps my daughter’s mood disorder. Also interested in first aid, brainstorm, focusing, oils of the bible, and gentle healer.

  91. Staci

    Love immune strength and breathe ease!

  92. Tracie

    I’d love to try Baby Skin! This would make an excellent addition to my homemade body butter.

  93. Ashley

    My current favorite is lavender. I use it for everything…laundry, cleaning, showers, sleep. LOVE.

  94. Ashley

    I love using Lavender for almost anything and everything dealing with my kids and Baby soft always worked wonders on diaper rashes!!I love the Citrus blend in my all purpose cleaner, it makes it smell quite delightful!! Yet to find one that works for my headaches though! I would love to try Oils of the Bible or even just Frankincense!!

  95. Nicole R.

    Funny that you say that Immune Strength is your favorite–I have had that on the top of my “to-try” list for a long time! I’d love to try it.

  96. Lacey Simon

    I would like to try German Chamomile. I hear it’s great for making kids sleep! And I’m sure other things 🙂

  97. Sarah r

    mt favorite is immune strength but would love to try citrus passion!

  98. Jenna DeMaria

    I would get Breathe Ease. We have had so many respiratory colds this season and I am really intrigued to see if this stuff would help.

  99. Caitlin

    I definitely would like to try Clary Sage. I’ve read how much it helps with hormonal imbalances and it’s a great addition as a mixin for other blends.

  100. Melissa

    I’ve heard great things about NAN!

    1. Melissa

      Oh and would love to try “Balance” 😉

  101. Kristin Coats

    The oils of the Bible blend sounds like an interesting one! I’d love to try it out.

  102. Erin

    I would love try Migraine Relief !

  103. Karen G

    I love, love, love Gentle Healer, it must go on your wish list. I have Blend of Melissa (because can’t afford it neat), Hair Support and Joyful Moments

  104. Jan

    posting my comment to have a chance to win. a blend. I have Meditation and True Blue in my wish list, so probably one of those! One for sleep help, one for migraines.

  105. Amanda

    I would love: slim and trim, gentle baby or the migraine blend!

  106. Rachel

    I would love to win Roman Chamomile if that is considered a blend. If not, True Blue would really help with the wrist and elbow problems my husband and I have.

  107. Cindy

    I’ve recently discovered NAM oils and have been using the Slim and Trim with success these last couple of weeks. I have so many in my wishlist but I’d like to try Skin Tone and Present Moments next.

  108. Linda

    Would love the Breathe Ease

  109. Amy

    I currently love the customer inspired Muscle Relax blend, it helps with an old torn rotator cuff injury. I would like to try Immune Strength. Thank you!

  110. Gertrude Ezell

    I love the Secret oil – it took a while for me to like it, but now its grown on me & I use it all the time.

  111. Kayla Arrowood

    Today I would have a very hard time choosing between Migraine Relief or Breathe Ease!

  112. Carol G.

    What a great giveaway! Great way to get to know NAN oils. So many oils…sigh…would love to give Oils of the Bible a try. (probably something I would wear as a perfume or ‘power dressing’ scent.) Their immune strength would be nice to try. (interesting to note its different recipes than Thieves/On Guard).
    Peace and Quiet sounds nice and it’s different than Calming.
    Love that they have so many blends.

  113. Victoria

    I first ordered Skin care and True Blue from NAN and cant say enough. I have many other oils but these two bottles are the ones I find myself wanting to use Everyday. I use one drop of skin care, two drops of kosmea rosehip oil and a dime size amount of moisturizer on my face after an oil cleanse and my skin looks amazing. True Blue is actually helping my husband quit chewing tobacco…it has a similar scent to the dip he used so there is that aroma therapy benefit, but also it simultaneously helps alleviate the anger he feels due to withdrawl. I am about to have my second child in February and would be ecstatic to try Peace and Quiet. Would also love to try Nerve Repair eventually, my mothers vision is gradually deteriorating, my two year old son also is far sighted and wears glasses to correct, and I read a review it would also help healing post-birth. Thank you!!! <3

  114. Susan Schultz

    I would love to try the love blend for Valentine’s Day! My favorite is the King of Oils, Frankincense!

  115. Hilary

    I am just starting to explore essential oils but the Tummy Rub sounds like a natural way to kep cre the kids tummy troubles.

  116. Alissa L

    Currently love using my sacred frankincense but would love to get some helichrysum italicum

  117. Ann Printup

    I’d like to try Migraine Relief. I get such terrible headaches and try not to take OTC pain relieves.

  118. karen

    I love immune strength! But would love to try the baby skin

  119. Lindsey

    Just placed my first order of NAN/RMO oils yesterday! I would LOVE to add Immune Strength to my collection.

  120. cynthia

    I would love the blend Oils of the Bible!

  121. Brenda McCament

    I would like to win Gentle Healer.

  122. Stephanie

    Peace and Quiet sounds lovely. 😉

  123. Krystal Dawn

    I would love to try their immune strength 🙂

  124. Kyris

    I am new to this so don’t really have a favorite yet or a large supply at home. I want them all! 🙂

  125. Sarah P

    I think I would get frankinsense.

  126. Olivia

    I’m interested in Oils of the Bible or Immune Strength.

  127. valerie

    Immune Strength is my absolute favorite. It has warded off so many colds for me I’ve lost count! 🙂 Would love to try Breathe Ease, but I’ve been leery because of the warning on NAN’s site regarding asthmatics. 🙁 I would probably choose Slim & Trim!

  128. Amanda Jordan

    I would pick Baby Skin for stretch marks or Breathe Easy for cold season.

  129. Carrie

    Would love to try Calm (or is it calming?) I have a 3-yr-old and a 10 mo that need to sleep better!

  130. Marlena Nitschke

    I would love to try Baby Skin please.

  131. Margarete

    I would like to try Oils of the Bible. 🙂

  132. Amy

    There are so many that I’d like to learn more about & start using. Right now my go to is Peppermint – why? Don’t really know other than it helps open sinuses and I like peppermint.

  133. Mary

    It is hard to narrow it down… But may be Slim and Trim

  134. Elisa Maloney

    Really want to try breathe easy or any of the blends for pain!

  135. Laura Nusz

    I would love to try aligning. I want to try something that will help me focus.

  136. Athena Garris

    I would love to try immune strength or breath ease! I love NAN oils, one of my favorites is the Angel blend!

  137. Cyn

    Clove bud is prefect for toothaches – fast acting. Use calming for child at bedtime (coconut oil and a drop on feet). I am very interesting in expanding EO knowledge and use with detox and general health. Choosing will be very hard since I am finding that you want most if not all of them. Immune and DNA Repair look very interesting.

  138. Candie

    Recently, I had the most amazing results with First Aid – it completely stopped itching from a bug bite and lasted for hours. The blend I would love to try next is Brainstorm.

  139. Tracy B

    I would like to win Immune Strength! 🙂

  140. Carly

    I’d love to try Immune Strength.

  141. c

    I think I would like vetiver. I hear it does good things with children with autism.

  142. Rebekah

    I would say immune strength or first aid since with little boys in the house we are either having booboos or getting sick. 🙂

  143. Brandy Pethel

    I would like to try Breathe Ease.

  144. Stephanie G

    Yes I love the scent of Oils if the Bible. I would love to try Joyful Moments because of the forest scent. And who doesn’t want joyful moments anyway?

  145. Jen

    I’d love to try Relieve Me!

  146. Heather Ratliff

    I love Flu Time!

  147. Ashley Soneson

    There are so many I want to try! Baby skin and first aid sound great!!

  148. Veronica

    I would love attention assist.

  149. Kirsten

    Immune Strength is on my wish list. I just recently got Citrus Passion and I LOVE it!

  150. Lori Coughlin

    i have many nan blends but have been wanting to try the “baby skin” blend. I love the “skin care” blend so I’m sure I’d LOVE this one too! Thanks! 🙂

  151. Rachelle

    My favorite NAN oil is lemon. It does wonders for my face!! (Diluted of course.) I want to get their orange oil next. I’d love to try Feminine Aid and Breathe Ease too.

  152. Melissa

    Hi! I love NAN!! My favorite blend is Immune Strength! My family uses it all of the time. I would love to try Brainstorm and Oils of the Bible. They are on my wish list!

  153. Kimberly

    I would love to try DNA Repair

  154. Joy

    I’ve been wanting to try their oils if the bible blend

  155. Rosie

    Citrus Passion is my passion – oh how I would looove to have it!

  156. Julia

    Joyful Moments would be my choice. 🙂

  157. Kathy

    id like to try the baby one or migraine relief.

  158. Michelle


  159. Jen

    I’d be most interested in trying First Aid. Thank you for this contest! 🙂

  160. Audrey P

    Citrus blend would be nice today!

  161. Audrey P

    Citrus passion would be great today!

  162. Barb

    Would love to try Immune strength.

  163. Megan

    I have been wanting to try Lymph detox and Sports Pro.

  164. P Black

    My daughter gets headaches 3-4 times a week…willing to try anything that might help her. Immune Strength? Migraine Relief? Thanks…

  165. Christy

    Peace & Quiet or First Aid. Still trying out all of these oils!

  166. Manny

    I would love Immune Strength – we diffuse it everyday and apply it topically to ward off colds. I also use it in my homemade toothpaste.

  167. lisa


  168. lisa

    slim and trim

  169. Lisa

    I really like Immune Strength and Purify.

  170. Rachael

    I’m fairly new to EO’s and am LOVING the NAN ones my husband got me for Christmas. But of course, it just makes me want more 🙂 The top three I want to try next are Align, Purify and Slim n Trim…..!!!!

  171. TERRI

    Alinging, So great to keep you from getting sick, smells great!! Love it!!

  172. Melinda C.

    Oh,Sacred Frankincense sounds amazing!!

  173. Cathleen Cryer

    Aligning- Chiropractor in a Bottle

  174. Kim F.

    Immune strength would be my choice

  175. laura

    I love, love Migraine Relief and Breathe Ease! Immune Strength and Slim & Trim are on my list to try!

  176. Kathy Makin

    I would love to try oils of the Bible.

  177. Mary

    I would like to try breath ease

  178. Susanna

    I would love trying migraine relief since I suffer from these and can’t figure out what causes them to stop them.

  179. Wendy

    I would love to try the “Gentle Healer”. Also the “Relieve Me” blend. Thanks for having this giveaway!

  180. Beverly

    I have the blend Gratitude on my wish list. Just starting into essential oils and LOVE Native American Nutritionals’ fast service!

  181. Kim

    Would love to try sports pro

  182. Maria

    I would like to try Oils of the Bible , they sound wonderful. I would like to try it on my dad’s early dementia

  183. Wendy

    I love immune strength too but would love to try migraine relief.

  184. Betsy

    Would love to try the Aligning blend

  185. Kori

    recently made the switch from another company to NAN. I would love the oils of the Bible, the carrot seed, or the love.

  186. Sara R

    I would choose the oils of the Bible blend! Sounds just awesome! (:

  187. Toni T

    i would love to try immune strength!

  188. Catherine Le

    My favorite blend right now is attention assist. I use it to help my autistic son communicate. I would really like to win a gentle healer blend!

  189. Katrina

    I’ve done so much research as I have been slowly getting into using EOs more and I am confidant that NAN is one of the best out there. I would so love to try their Helichrysum italicum because I simply can’t purchase it on my own… Skin issues, respiratory, genetic, endocrine and infammatory conditions abound in our household so it would a very welcome addition… I would be happy to try First Aid though as even a much more reasonably priced option. Thank you so much for this chance!

  190. jen

    I just got flu-time and relieve me. Ones on wishlist are fortify and all around.

  191. Alisha

    Favorites are Immune Strength and At Peace. Want to try Frankincense.

  192. Christi

    I want to try Peace and Quiet on my kindergarten class next year 🙂

  193. Darlene

    Just getting started with oils and can’t wait to try Slim & Trim and Breathe Ease.

  194. Monique

    I would be thrilled to try Balance, because I’m a bit of a wonky mess, and yowzers, could benefit from all the help I can get!

  195. April Thompson

    I’d definitely pick immune strength, and then maybe something that will clean, declutter and organize my house. What blend would that be?

  196. Alana

    I really want to try Balance. I mean I NEED some balance – afterall, who doesn’t? 🙂

  197. Zaheera

    Oh my i would love to try Scared Frankincense. I have heard soooo many good reviews about it and can’t wait to try it. 🙂

  198. Kim W

    I would love to try tummy rub. Hoping this addresses the indigestion and digestive issues.

  199. Barbara Beverage

    I would love the “Love” blend. Can’t have too much love going around!!

  200. Doris Podany

    It wouldn’t let me comment, so I would say Slim & Trim

  201. Martha DeMarco

    I am just starting my collection, so I would appreciate any.

  202. Susan Howell

    Am new to essential oils. Would love to try immune strength or breathe ease!

  203. Ashley

    my current favorite is respiratory ease I’m diffusing it right now 🙂

  204. Danielle

    I would love to try Immune Strength or Breathe Ease. I also liked Relieve Me when I tried the sample pack.

  205. Dawn Purdy

    Would love to try Immune Strength for the family or Breathe Ease for my son with asthma.

  206. Crystal Roznik

    I am NO POO, so I probably would want Hair Support. Immunity Strength and/or Slim and Trim have my interest peaked

  207. Cooper

    I would love to try Immune Strength.

  208. Maria Marz

    I’m a fan of the Native American oils! I’d really like to try Gentle Healer – Thanks!

  209. Linda Blakley

    I would love to try Oils of the Bible!

  210. Dorie

    I’ve just started using essential oils. so I haven’t tried any blends yet. I’d like to try the Immune Strength or the Slim and Trim!

  211. melinda

    I would love to try gentle healer!

  212. Steph

    i would love some Baby skin! Thank you!

  213. Crystal F

    I would love to try Pain Ease and Blend of Cinnamon sounds lovely.

  214. Christa

    I love Immune Strength and True Blue. On my wish list are Brainstorm and the Sandalwoods Blend.

  215. Emily

    I need to stock up on more immune support – a must during these winter months! Or maybe try hair support

  216. cindy brewer

    I would like to try the citrus blend!

  217. Leah Brislin

    I would love to try Joyful Moments.

  218. Terri S

    I have used Purify to diffuse in our home. It works great to ward off illness for those not subjected to it yet. I think I would like to try Oils of the Bible or Hair Support! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  219. Deann

    would get breathe easy or tummy.

  220. Sharon

    I would love to try Dreamtime, or Baby Soft, or Oils of the Bible. I love NAN oils!

  221. Beth

    I love lots of NAN’s blends – Tummy Rub is awesome for when my stomach doesn’t quite feel right. Angel and At Peace are also really good for helping soothe some tension and anxiety – my mother adores my mixture of Angel with some Bergamot for her anxiety. The one I’m currently planning on purchasing soon is Brainstorm, but there’s always others that are very tempting as well.

  222. April

    I have quite a collection of NAN oils. My favorites are vetiver blended with lavender to calm my high-strung kids, eucalyptus citriodora as deodorant and to clear my sinus infections (first thing I’ve found to successfully clear the green that’s not an antibiotic), and feminine aid to relieve postpartum blues and as perfume, it smells so good!

  223. Janet Jensen

    Just ordered Slim and Trim, Hope it works. Loved the oils I’ve purchased this last year.

  224. Jessica Green

    I love NAN! Oils of the Bible is on my wish list to try(among other’s)

  225. Susan

    I found NAN through your blog about a year ago and have been very happy with all of the EOs I have bought from them and their customer service!

  226. Tammy

    Would love to try Immune Strength. Just recently started using their oils and really like them so far 🙂

  227. Pam

    I love First Aid,a lot, I had a burn over the Christmas Holidays. My go to has always been lavender, but it wasn’t helping the pain. So I tried First Aid, and wow immediate relief! But that said, I would love to try Oils of The Bible.

  228. Rachael R

    I’d like to try calming.

  229. Lisa

    Migraine Relief please 🙂

  230. Barb

    As the mother of triplets, Peace and Quiet sounds amazing! That could definitely be a keeper

  231. Mary F

    I would love to try the First Aid blend or the Immune Strength. 🙂

  232. Ryan Knight

    I would love to try Oils of the Bible!

  233. Amanda

    I would love to try NAN’s Frankincense, Sacred.

  234. Anne

    Immune strength is my favorite too! I’m like you though, I tend to use the oils that seem to be most useful as well. If I had the oppurtunity to try something different, I think I would like to try ylang ylang. Thanks for the chance!!!

  235. Syble Schitoskey

    I would love to try the arthritis and joint.

  236. Veronica

    I would like to try out Peace and Quiet and have a good sleep.

  237. Nadja

    I like Immune Strength and Attention Assist. I’m not usually for blends, I’m more of a purist. But I’d love to try the citrus blend or Brainstorm, though.

  238. Gwen

    I would like to try nerve repair!

  239. Alyssa

    I love using skin care myself but am so excited to try some new blends! My husband and I just started oils 3 months ago and are so impressed!

  240. Jenny

    I would like to try Bresthe Ease

  241. Becky

    I’d love Peace & Quiet! Both literally and in an oil blend 😀

  242. Nicole M

    I’m new to EO…I would like to try Attention Assist.

  243. Jennie

    I would love to try slim trim or first aid, but the immune sounds great after we have had a sick house, I have been wanting to try oils, but it is very confusing, and knowing witch kind to get. I do use tea tree oil, around her for little things but that’s it maby it a oil a year to try lol

  244. Joscelyne H

    I have just begun researching EOs and haven’t yet looked at NANCY, but from what you describe the Peace and Quiet would be one that I’d be interested in using.

  245. Kimberly W.

    I would try immune strength. Germs travel too fast around here! Also, the first aid one and the calming one sound helpful!

  246. Bethany B.

    We love NAN oils! I would really like to try Oils of the Bible, Peace and Quiet or Slim and Trim.

  247. Paula Z

    You had me a Peace and Quiet 😉 They all sound great to have! The migraine essential oil would be great to try too 🙂

  248. Kimberley

    I would like to try Peace and Quiet or Breathe Ease

  249. Nicole

    We love Tummy Rub and would love to try Immune Strength!

  250. Danette Benoit

    I am new to essential oils but I would love to try Oils of the Bible.

  251. Brooke Hart

    I am wanting to get started in using EO’s. I think the first blend I would want is Immunity and then maybe Migraine.

  252. Tracy


  253. Desiree Dunbar

    I choose Peace and Quite.

  254. Jen Mathesz

    I’d try the breathe

  255. Alycia A

    I love First Aid! I keep it in my purse, just in case. I would like to try Peace and Quiet or Migraine Relief.

  256. Tara H

    I’d love to try the peace and quiet or the tummy one.

  257. Kim Campbell

    I would love to try the Fit and Trim!

  258. Megan

    I would really like to try the Love blend. I have heard something like it really helps with those emotional roller coaster days!

  259. Christine

    I would love to try the peace & calm.

  260. Kim

    Oils of the Bible or Citrus Passion. Both sound like they would be a big help in my house.

  261. rebecca navarro

    my favorite is Immune Strength but I would love to try peace and quiet, I hadn’t heard of that one before!

  262. Jennifer Smith

    Love Nan/RMO oils and would love to try gentle healer. I’ve heard great things about it!

  263. Holly

    I would love to try Immune Strength. Lately I’ve been diffusing Lav and Melaleuca at night and getting great sleep!

  264. Teresa

    Brainstorm or Relieve Me! – Brainstorm for the kiddos to help with studying and Relieve me for my parents!

  265. Jayna

    I am wanting to try Immune Strength. 🙂

  266. Angela P.

    I would love to try either Peace and Quiet or Slim and Trim. I love trying new essential oils and blends.

  267. Linda

    I would love to get the Vision blend for my Mom who is having trouble with her vision. If I was picking for me it would be Sandalwoods or Skin Care blends.

  268. Pat

    I’d like Gentle Healer

  269. Michelle Proper

    Oils of the Bible sounds interesting 🙂

  270. Lark

    I am just experimenting with oils and think Tummy rub might just help my sons reflux a bit.

  271. Liberty T.

    I love the smell of of Citrus Blend but I am due in March with my first little one and I think the Baby Blend would help me skin greatly.

  272. Sara M

    I’m having trouble deciding. I’ve narrowed it down to three. Gentle Healer, Oils of the Bible & Relieve Me.

  273. Kimmie

    I’ve been researching essential oils and I have never used them. I am a skeptic so I hope to be able to give it a try! What I have learned so far is interesting but I want to draw my own conclusions until I give it a try.

  274. Kimmie

    I forgot to mention that I have chronic sinus infections and would like to try the Breathe Ease.

  275. Beth

    I would love to try the Immune Strength!!!

  276. Deborah F.

    I would love to win this! I want to start using oils with me and my children. I would pick immune strength to start with.

  277. Tina H

    I would love to try migraine relief!

  278. Lori J

    I just placed my first order with NAN and would love to try either the Immune Strength, Respiratory Ease, or Attention Assist. Those are on my wish list!

  279. Kelly

    I just started using oils. I went with NAN after looking into lots of companies. I am very satisfied with what I have tried so far. I would love the sacred frankincense but am also interested in so many others. I am placing an order tonight. I am in love with these products.

  280. Jessica

    If like to try Gentle Healer (Helichrysum + Foraha). 🙂

  281. Ruth

    I LOVE immune strength!

    I also LOVE true blue, but I use immune strength daily.

  282. Chrissy

    Thank you so much for talking up NAN oils! It is so refreshing to hear wonderful things about non MLM oils. People need to know they have options!! I’m interested in trying Attention Assist. I have several friends with ADD/ADHD themselves or have kids with it. I’d love to be able to help them!

  283. Tster

    I would love to try the Peace and Quiet

  284. Kymberlie Stefanski

    I have tried other oils and made my own blends, but none from NAN. I would live to try Attention Assist for one daughter, Feminine Aid for 2 other daughters, and True Blue for me. 🙂

  285. Amber E

    I do want to try one of the skin blends!

  286. LaRee

    So many choices, but Immune Strength is high on my list!

  287. Donna

    Oils of the Bible would be really interesting to smell. I would think it would be a very powerful blend, too.

  288. Leah

    I would love to try the slim and trim, but well you know how stubborn that baby weight is 🙂

  289. elle

    I would love to try tummy rub.

  290. Cynthia

    I would love to try any of them! If I have to pick one, the oils of the bible blend 😉

  291. wendy clark

    I can always use more peppermint oil.

  292. Liz

    I love immune strength and migraine relief. I want to try gentle healer.

  293. Shawnda Kirchmeier

    Not familiar enough with EO. I have a few but would love something to help with facial skin. I have lots of red in my face and some uneven skin tones.

  294. Lynne Scott

    I would love to try Gentle Healer.

  295. heather

    I’m very interested in trying the hair support blend 🙂

  296. Tara Larson

    I would love to try peace and quiet!

  297. Katice Keenan

    I think that I would like to try the immune strength and the peace and quiet. I don’t own any essential oils so any of these truly sound fantastic!

  298. Sarah

    I love Immune Strength and Tummy Rub. I would love to try Slim and Trim, Migraine Relief, or Baby Skin.

  299. Rebecca Burns

    Majestic Breeze or Orange Cream

  300. melissa bassani

    I’ve heard good things about this brand. I hope I win, I would love to check them out!

  301. Jennifer Faulman

    I would like to try Oils of The Bible. But I just ordered my first oils Friday from RMO, can’t wait to start this journey.

  302. Sarah in Harrisonville

    I love NAN! I have a huge wishlist! The blends that I would love to try are: DNA Repair, Oils of the Bible, Gentle Healer, Lymph Detox (Vitality), Sandlewoods, or Vision!

  303. Melissa B

    I already use NAN oils and LOVE them! There are so many of their blends that I would love to try that I cannot narrow it down to just one!!! Thanks for this giveaway!

  304. katie

    I’d love to try the immune blend

  305. Rhoda

    I love NAN/RMO.
    I would like to try the Oils of the Bible oil.

  306. Michelle

    I use Immune strength like crazy for myself and family. I diffuse attention assist every night while going to bed. Would love to try migraine relief!!

  307. Jordan

    I would love to try the slim and trim brand!

  308. Michele S

    I would get either Migraine Relief or Tummy Rub.

  309. Rhoda

    Looked at their website–so many good choices. I wrote out a list of about 25 just going through that sound good. But to put it down to one or two–I guess Soothing Relief or Vision would meet needs in my family. Thank you for a great give away.

  310. tasha p.

    I would like to try Immune strength

  311. Misty

    I would love to try the Citrus Passion! Love your blog!!

  312. Melissa

    Oils of The Bible sounds interesting

  313. Kristi

    I would love to try Oils of the Bible. My favorite NAN blend so far is Immune Support. I have used it every day being a school teacher, and have found that I have avoided many of the illnesses that I usually take home to my family. I love my NAN oils, both blends and singles, and encourage others to try them!

  314. Kelly hollstrom

    I would choose immune strength!

  315. Melissa

    Would love to win immune strength or sandalwood. I enjoy their fennel!

  316. Kimberly

    I lost my joy. No really. My bottle is missing. I want more!

  317. Shalom Smith

    I would like to try the hair support. I am just 37 and have started menopause. I have started the thinning and it is so depressing. It makes me feel less beautiful. I know that I should find my beauty in Jesus, but I was created to appreciate what He blessed me with. I have tried so many things. I would like to know if this would help.

  318. Mary

    I haven’t had the chance to try NAN yet, but love essential oils for my family and myself. Thieves and lemon are two of our favorites!

  319. Laura

    I would love to try Purify! I’m fairly new to EO, and would love to win this!

  320. Nicole

    I would very much like to get Peace & Quiet. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  321. Misty W

    I’m out of immune strength, so I’d love to win a refill!

  322. Kala

    The only EO I’ve ever tried is lavender and I love it! I would love to try any of the blends but especially the immune!

  323. Lindsey

    I am dying to try DNA repair! and Vitality! and Revitalize! 🙂

  324. Amber kelley

    Breathe ease!

  325. kerry

    i’d be interested in several. – migraine relief, attention assist, arthritis plus and breathe ease are at the top of my list

  326. diane g

    I would like to try Dreamtime.

    Dreamtime is known for assisting with sleep issues. Every night I wake up every 2-3 hours. I would give anything for a full night’s sleep! Dreamtime also helps with dreams. I haven’t had a dream in so long I don’t remember. I understand that it is good to dream.
    I would absolutely love a bottle of Dreamtime!

  327. Elizabeth

    I would love to try immune strength, breathe easy, or migraine relief

  328. Elizabeth B

    I think I would like to try immune

  329. Deborah P.

    Some peace and quite would be lovely with 5 kids in the house!!

  330. Lindsey

    I have just started using essential oils and have loved having immune strength to help keep my family healthy this winter. Peace and Calming sounds lovely. Thanks!

  331. Gwendolyn Louque

    I’m new to this and would love to try the slim and trim or the bergamot. Thanks for the giveaways!

  332. amanda

    would love to try so many!

  333. Jenn S.

    There are SO many I’d like to try! I’d like to try the Flu Time one , Angel, and the Skin Care one! Ideally I’d love to try them all! 🙂

  334. Lara D.

    I love NAN oils. I’ve got a few oils on my wish list but I really want to try out Hair Support for dandruff and hair loss issues in my family. Thanks for the giveaway!

  335. Linda C

    I would love to try Joyful Moments.

  336. Claudia

    I would love to try Aligning and Peace & Quiet: particularly to use during our homeschooling hours …

  337. Susette Zetterman

    I would LOVE to try Mind-Alive blend from Native American Nutritionals. I would like to try this blend to hopefully help with my severe depression and anxiety. It’s gotten to the point that I have become very dysfunctional and don’t even want to leave the house anymore. When I do have to work (per-diem) I have such anxiety just getting out the door and throughout the day. When I’m home I just don’t want to do anything or be around anyone, not even my family and it’s really hurting us. I am just getting started with essential oils but have found NAN to be the best company with the highest quality oils without the high prices from the MLM companies. My stock is small right now but my want list is huge! I hope I win this blend!

  338. Amy

    I would love to try dna repair.

  339. bonnie Thom

    Helichrysum italicum 2 i just spent weeks researching oils and then stumbled on your site, i am excited to learn more and become a lifetime “die hard” of your products ! cant wait to order ! thank you for your time, effort and fantastic oils ..i am in in love

  340. Lani

    Would love to win. Aligning is great,

  341. Marie

    I would love to try so many of them! Immune system, peace and quiet, breathe better… Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  342. Tracy

    I’d like to try the First Aid blend!

  343. I am newer to EOs but super excited to try them all. I have spent HOURS researching where to find the best bang for my buck, so to speak. NAN seems to be the place. I am looking for oils to help with focus and also restful sleep for my son. Anxiety for myself. Stomach/Digestion issues for hubs. And all around mood-balance for my younger son. So… I need some oils. Why do I not follow you? Weird. Found your giveaway on Twitter when I was looking for NAN. YAY! We also are Christian Homeschoolers. Double YAY!

  344. DavetteB

    My favorite of their blends so far is True Blue, but I do think every home should have the First Aid blend.

    What I want to try next is Gentle Healer.

  345. Jen

    I have been wanting to try NAN EO!

  346. Susan T

    I use BreathEase & Lymph Detox daily. Breathe Ease before bed helps me breathe clearer which means I snore less at night & Lymph Detox is straightening out my thyroid. I apply every morning to my thyroid area & my husband loves the way it smells so it is also my perfume!

  347. Melissa

    I love diffusing Citrus blend but Immune Strength is more useful for us, as far as helping maintain health and fighting illness.. I would love to try Gentle Healer on my melanoma excision scars. Id love to see them disappear!

  348. bonnie Thom

    any blend that is about love, joy n peace. God bless

  349. Jen

    I’d like to try immune strength or tummy rub, although peace and quiet sounds great, too!

  350. Terri

    I would like to try Migraine Relief.

  351. Jenny

    I would love to try peace and quite

  352. Rebecca Harding

    I would want to try Gentle Healer for my son or possibly Blend of Vanilla.

  353. cam

    Immune strength is the one!

  354. Erica

    I am a huge fan of NAN oils and purchase them regularly! I would LOVE to try Oils of the Bible!

  355. Lyv

    I’m a newbie to essential oils because I have to change my health around. I’m not trying to follow the fads that are currently going around with them. Looking forward to learning more.

  356. Jennifer Price

    I love the frankincense and immune strength. And pretty much all the others:).

  357. gina erdahl

    I would love to try gentle healer or frankensence. My current favorite is focusing, so refreshing!!

  358. Cindy Hudson

    I would love to try the rose blend. I would like to add it to my face cream. I like the Immune Strength but I have to dilute it a lot.

  359. Cindy

    Would like to try gentle healer

  360. Deborah M

    I would like to try mind alive blend

  361. Carol Hampton

    Would love to try these oils…immune health, tranquility or any others…

  362. Kim elkins

    Immune strength is my favorite. Would love to try some of the others you talked about. Thank you!

  363. Debra Ellifson

    I love Immune Strength, but would like to have Joyful Moments.

  364. Debra Ellifson

    My favorite blend is Immune Strength but I have to have Joyful Moments. We all need more of those.

  365. Amber

    I love the immune strength. I can’t wait to try the DNA repair!

  366. Rachael Carrillo

    I would love to try peace and quiet. Or something like it for when my kids are upset.

  367. Renee C.

    I’d love to try oils of the Bible. Love my peppermint from NAN.

  368. Joyce Pickett

    I would like to try the DNA Repair blend. It has so many nice oils in it. 🙂

  369. Terry

    I would love to try rose oil.

  370. Kate

    I love NAN oils!! I’ve been wanting to try purify but joyful moments sounds right up my alley too.

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