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I can’t even believe we’re into holiday season already, can you? I absolutely love Thanksgiving and Christmas, and this time of year brings our family extra blessings with several birthdays and our anniversary. It’s such a wonderful time!

However… I have to have a plan in place. Far too many years have gone by when I just wing it. I like winging it – it suits me. The problem, though, is that I end up either not doing all the things I wanted to do, or I end up overwhelmed with it all. And sometimes both. 

A Simple Plan for the Holidays Free 20+ page holiday planner PIN

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Making a Simple Plan for the Holidays

Even if you’re not usually the type to use a holiday planner, I encourage you to give it a shot, especially if you are planning-challenged like me. Here are some reasons to consider it: 

  • Focus on Priorities – There are so many things competing for our time, energy, and money this time of year. Keeping a simple plan in place helps us to zoom in on the things that are most important to us so we don’t get distracted. It makes for more meaningful holidays!
  • Fit in the Fun Things – I have been guilty of skipping a lot of the fun activities we like to do for the holidays because the days just fly by and they don’t stay on my radar. This year I want to do those things without packing the days full. I need to schedule them or they won’t happen!
  • Sanity Saver – Sometimes just writing out a plan is enough to help remember what it is. When it comes to the holiday meals, parties, family activities, gift-giving, and more, outlining a plan will help save our sanity when things begin to get busy. 

How to Use a Holiday Planner

I love making plans but tend to ditch them if I lose sight of them. To actually use your plan all the way through the holidays, keep it in a place that is visible each day. Perhaps it’s tucked into the homeschool planner you have on the counter all the time, tacked to your kitchen wall, or tucked in your Bible. Wherever you can’t miss it, put it there. Browse through it each morning to catch the things you wanted to and keep your plans in mind. 

Another thing to remember is that a planner is a flexible tool to help you – not some rigid schedule you have to keep to or you’ve failed. Think of it as YOUR flexible plan that can change as needs arise. The important thing is to use it and not let it fall on the wayside! If your plans need re-working, doing that will help you process things and have a better grip on what’s on your plate. 

A FREE Holiday Planner for You!

A Simple Plan for the Holidays - Why and how to make a plan for the holidays and a FREE 20+ page holiday planner

I’ve put together a handy Thanksgiving Planner and a Christmas Planner for myself that I want to share with you as well. It kind of makes sense to keep your plans for those two or three months all in one place, so I’ve rolled them together into one convenient download in this Holiday Planner!  

In the Holiday Planner you’ll find inspiring scripture art prints and planning pages for holiday meals, grocery shopping, recipe cards, all the baking and crafts you want to do, service projects, greeting card lists, budget and gift shopping, and more. Print it out and put it to good use to make the most of the holiday season!

Note: The Holiday Planner is laid out for sided printing. If you are printing single sided, simply put the blank pages back in the printer for later use.  

Your Holiday Planner Challenge

Print out the Holiday Planner and begin by posting the scripture art prints. Make sure you have multiples of whatever pages you need such as the recipe cards or gift planning pages. Use a 1-inch 3-ring binder, print and bind the planner at a copy shop, or simply staple them at the corner! 

Begin filling out the pages and really consider how to make this planner work for you. Where can you keep it? I made a spot for my planners on our kitchen island where I’m at so much during the day. Put a reminder on your phone each day or week to check your planner and update it when needed.  

Get the Holiday Planner

Head over to the Proverbial Homemaker store to get your planner! Registering for a Proverbial Homemaker store account will mean that anything you order there – whether paid products or freebies – will be added to your account and you’ll get automatic emails for any future updates to the Holiday Planner.   

I hope you are blessed by the Holiday Planner and have a wonderful time of thanksgiving and worshiping our Savior!

~ Tauna



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