Music Education for Everyone with Hoffman Academy

I am happy to introduce to you all Hoffman Academy. We have had the pleasure of using the amazingly well done piano lessons online in our own home. Mr. Hoffman’s generosity and dedication to providing music education for everyone has led him to provide this service FREE! 

I was so excited to learn that Hoffman Academy is planning on expanding and adding more options and services for families to enjoy, so today they are sharing with us a little more about their plans for the future. Please check them out and consider supporting them, as they help provide fun and affordable music education options for families!

Music education for everyone - love the generosity and purpose behind the Hoffman Academy online piano classes!

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Are you looking for a piano teacher? Meet Mr. Hoffman!

Joseph Hoffman has always wanted one thing, for more people to be able to learn music and to love it while they’re learning. He spent years developing his own comprehensive piano method based on research in early childhood education and great music teaching methods like Suzuki and Kodaly. After receiving his master’s degree in music and founding a very successful music academy in Portland, Oregon, he wanted to find a way to teach music to children whose families might not be able to afford private music lessons, or who might live far away from a piano teacher.

Music Education for Everyone

Children learning piano through the comprehensive lessons with Hoffman Academy online. A fun and affordable option for families!

Five years ago, Joseph and his wife Kelly came up with the idea to create piano video lessons and post them online, for free, so that anyone in the world could learn piano with the Hoffman Method. To support their project, they sold downloadable lesson materials, like sheet music and audio files, to accompany the video lessons. Mr. Hoffman’s video lessons now have over 5 million views, with thousands of students watching lessons every day. But he’s not done yet.

Right now, Mr. Hoffman has 120 piano video lessons online. He wants to double that number in the next 16 months, then continue to make more. His ultimate goal is to make Hoffman Academy a complete piano learning program, so that a student who completes all the lessons would be ready to major in music at any university and become a professional musician. 

The Hoffman Academy team is also working on building a new, interactive, subscription-based website that will include music learning games and online progress tracking. Video lessons alone can’t give personalized feedback, but the new Hoffman Academy will be able to guide students through developing their skills in rhythm, staff reading, music theory, and ear training, and make learning the piano even more fun and engaging.

In order to fund these projects, Mr. Hoffman is running a Kickstarter campaign through the month of February. Campaign backers can try out the new Hoffman Academy premium subscription for themselves at a great discount. Or, you can contribute to our campaign and fund a Hoffman Academy premium subscription scholarship for a child in need. Come on over and check it out!

Examples from the Hoffman Academy piano program online - music education for everyone!


Do you believe in music education for everyone? Contribute to our Kickstarter and help make it happen. Visit our Kickstarter page to learn more.

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