New Year, New Chance to Commit to Daily Bible Time

Commit to Time in the Word

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Well, it’s the new year once again, a time where many people take the time to reflect on how the previous year unfolded, and whether or not initial intentions and plans were carried through to completion, or halted by unforeseen circumstances.

For a lot of us, however, goals were left unfinished simply due a lack of focus and commitment as the realities of our daily lives pelted against our craniums.  Sometimes life can literally make the head hurt.

But, life is an interesting phenomenon, for many of the problems that we encounter each day are issues of our own making.  Often we take on more responsibilities than should wisely be undertaken, and we neglect the events and people which pour back into our souls.  We struggle in the “shoulds” and “ought to’s” of the day and lack the support and encouragement needed to simply face the day’s challenges.

The mind is definitely a battlefield.

And yet, you do not have to suffer in the recesses of your mind, tossed to and fro between the ways of the world and the guidance of the Spirit.  You can choose a better path for your life and your family, little by little, day by day, choice by choice.

Which choice will you make?

New Year, New Chance to Commit to Daily Time in the Word

To find the best and narrow road you must be laser-focused on the Word of God.  You need to know His character and the things that He hates.  You need to have a strong understanding of the depths of His love for His children.  You need to be securely positioned in the palm of His hand, walking along according to His standards, and turned away from those of the world.

But, how can you find that road; the best path marked out by the Father?  By a regular and daily reading of and washing by the Word.

A one time a week overview session of the Bible will not sufficiently convey its many scriptures.  Listening to a message from the pulpit or stage, podcast, or daily devotional, etc. is not the same thing as spending one-on-one, focused, intentional, personal time with the Creator of the Universe through diligent reading through the entire Bible year after year.

Imagine trying to have a deep and meaningful conversation with someone in the midst of a full, loud, and crowded room.  How intimate would that be?  Now imagine the same in a quiet, calm environment with little to no distractions or anyone else around?  Looks a bit different.  Which one would develop a close and intimate relationship with another?

This is how we need to think about our time spent with Yahweh, our Abba: intentionally committing to developing a habit of daily quiet and intentional time spent with Him.

Even if for only five minutes.  Even if you are stealing away to the bathroom with the door locked. Even if you have to put your fingers in your ears to block out the noise of the world.  Some seasons of life are like this, but it doesn’t mean we give up.  We must never forsake our commitment to spending time with our Heavenly Husband, especially if we want to maintain a healthy and maturing relationship with Him.

Take Up the Bible Challenge: #CoffeeWithTheKing

So, here’s my challenge to you.  Commit to taking this year to a deeper level of intention by starting with that which matters MOST: spending time reading God’s Holy Word.  Whatever reading plan you like, just show up and commit to daily study.  Even if just a few minutes.  Even if it is less than perfect or ideal some days.  Commit.  Be consistent.  Be a good Bride to Him.

Join me in this resolve to spend time in the Word by sharing a snapshot or quick post, if you choose, and add the hashtag #coffeewiththeking.  Any time you want some fellowship or to find others doing the same, all you have to do is search for that hashtag and others will appear.  I have even added a board on my site where we can all meet in The Throne Room to find each other.  Community matters.

And then, share whatever message He has laid on your heart that day.  Meditate on it for the day and pray for wisdom in applying its meaning and Truth to your life.  Be humble in the face of His Spirit led life-changes, as we are all called to transforming change as we move from milk to meat.

But, above all else, be in the Word, daily.  It is not for anyone else’s benefit but yours, for eternity. Get to know your eternal groom even more by spending time in relationship with Him daily, both by letting Him get to know you more, and you getting to know Him through His Word.

What is your biggest challenge to spending time with God?

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  1. Carol

    Time. Just finding time. I do better when I have a fixed schedule to make the habit but life doesn’t always offer me that. I also do much better later in the morning. If I try first thing, my mind just isn’t there so I try to do it after we say our family morning prayers and after I’ve read my son his bible stories. Sometimes he listens to me read mine aloud. But it just doesn’t work on mornings we are flying around trying to get ready to go somewhere…. and then I forget later.

    1. Julie Ann Filter

      Carol, I totally understand that. I’ve been there so many times throughout the years. One of the tricks I used to do was hijack the air waves of the car ride when we needed to do errands. I called it “Drive-time University.” We listened to all kinds of sermons, or even the reading of the Bible, and with today’s technology, it is even easier! There are some wonderful Bible apps that you can easily set to read the Bible aloud and then connect it through your car’s audio system, or just let it play near you while you drive. If you want a sermon, there are apps for that too! Isn’t technology amazing?! =0) I love how it has provided an amazing opportunity to allow us even more control over our often crazy lives. I hope this gives you some tips to help bring the Word back into the breath of your life, even when things don’t go as planned =0). Blessings!

  2. Karen

    Isn’t it just why we need a force feeding. We will be glad we did! It’s funny how spiritual feedings we hunger for more physical feeding we eat til were satisfied and we are done. The more I am in the word the more I want. I get a bit jealous of my sisters in Christ that get there before me everyday. It shows in my life. God please increase our desire and hunger for you.

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