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I am so excited to tell you all about a fantastic Christian audio drama for all ages called The Brinkman Adventures! The kids and I have been listening to The Brinkman Adventures Season 2: Episodes 13-24 during every car trip and are completely hooked!

The Brinkmans are a real-life missionary family, and the The Brinkman Adventures are based on their experiences. The kids are even played by the actual Brinkman children! 

In Season 2, we follow the Brinkmans as they overcome obstacles (like bandits!) to get to an important concert in Mexico, free children from forced labor in sapphire mines, dive for pirate treasure, and explore an old castle in France. These are modern day missionary stories that are full of cultural and historical information, models for handling difficult relationships, and much more. 

Above all, they are about Jesus Christ and sharing the gospel message. Not only is the family on mission to different peoples and situations in the world, but they live on mission wherever they go. I was especially impressed by the example and encouragement it provides my children in how to share Jesus with their friends in everyday life, including the joys and the struggles that come with that experience. 

Things to Know
  • Excellent Production Quality: The sound, music, dialog, and flow of the audio are very well done. They are a pleasure to listen too! 
  • Too-Quiet Moments: There are a few times during each episode that we had to turn up to hear the dialog. Sometimes the whispering was a little too quiet and we could’t hear it. 
  • Engaging Storyline: Every drama is engaging and paced just right. The kids are always riveted to the story and seem to easily follow along as it jumps around subplots. 
  • Sometimes Intense: Some of the stories have rather intense moments, and I wasn’t sure how my kids would handle it. For example, the episode where they were freeing the child slaves from the sapphire mines was very intense. We always listened in the car, so we were able to stop it and talk through the different scenes to inform and reassure the kids. You may want to listen to some episodes first to see if they are better to set aside for a little later on. One great thing is that the episodes that are intense include a warning as such at the beginning so you can stop and skip ahead if you want to. 
  • Great Messages: I’ve mentioned some of what I love about these audio dramas. They are Christ-focused, mission-minded, great examples of navigating relationships with believers and unbelievers, and they gently expose my children to countries and cultures outside their own.  
Bottom Line

We love The Brinkman Adventures! We’ll be purchasing the first season and were excited to find out that season 3 is in progress. These would be great audio dramas to give as gifts or to form unit studies around as well. 

Find Out More
You can purchase The Brinkman’s Aadventures in CD or download format. 
  • CD: Suggested donation $25.00 (includes shipping)
  • Download: Suggested donation $17.00
You can find The Brinkman Adventures on Facebook.
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