Tea Party Printable Pack

Our girls love having weekly tea parties. Every week, without fail, they bring out their tea sets, snacks and favorite tea. Sometimes it’s just a cute girlie movie, other times it’s poetry read aloud time or an audio book while we snack and sip. 

Lately though, they have been really wanting to host tea parties for their little friends! What a fantastic opportunity to have fun while learning to serve others. Not only that, but with innovations and goodies it is a great way to teach things like manners, penmanship, menu planning, and basic cooking skills! 

Adorable tea party printable pack! Have a fun tea party or let the kids host one with invitations, food labels, planner pages, and more!

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With that in mind, we put together this sweet little Tea Party printable pack and we wanted to share it with you and your kids! Here’s what it includes:

  • Tea party invitations (2 styles)
  • Tea party Decorations planner page
  • Tea party food planner page
  • Tea party menu (2 styles)
  • Tea party food labels (2 styles)
  • Tea party memories pages (4 styles)

Print out the pages and have fun! Your kids can mail off invitations for their friends and then get to work planning.The decorations and food planning pages come with great suggestions to get you started, and each one also has a supplies list. Let them decide on a simple menu and display it at the party or provide it to guests to order from. The food labels make it extra fancy! 

Finally, let your children write and draw on the Memories pages. Guests can sign their name or your child can simply draw or describe their experience with the party. Along with some photos, it can become a great keepsake!

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Download the Tea Party Printable Pack

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  1. Ruth G

    Good Morning what a great idea!!!
    Last summer I promised my granddaughter that I would take her to a tea restaurant for her birthday in February, since that hasn’t happened I was thinking about doing it while she was at Mema Camp this summer. I can do this instead!!

    1. Tauna

      I’m so glad it’s helpful!

  2. Melody

    Hi! This set is so cute! But I don’t see anything clickable to be able to print it out. It says Download toward the bottom but when I click those words nothing happens.

    1. Tauna Meyer

      Hi Melody! Sorry I missed this. If you email me at [email protected] I’ll be sure to send you the file directly!

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