Praying Over Your Homeschool – Printable Scripture Cards


Is getting through your homeschool week sometimes a struggle? Do you wrestle with discipline issues, learning obstacles, and relationship challenges? Yah, we all do sometimes. Start praying over your homeschool!

God cares about you and your kids. He cares about your homeschool, too. How often do you pray for your homeschool efforts? I know I rarely do. What an incredible opportunity we’re missing out on! With planning activities for the new year gearing up, that need for payer is even more acute. 


Praying Over Your Homeschool
With that in mind, I have been digging into God’s Word to see what He says about different struggles we face as homeschoolers:

  • Focusing on God in our learning efforts
  • Discipleship and character
  • Development and learning
  • Family relationships
  • Running the race with perserverence
  • Moving forward when we’re having a hard day
  • Comforting and encouraging when the kids are having a hard day
  • Making curriculum and schedule choices in our planning

Use these scripture cards for each of these areas that you can print out and pray through. If you’re having a hard time with your homeschool lately, or even if you just want to bless it in a special way, I challenge you (and me) to start by praying through some of these each day.


Download the Homeschool Scripture Cards

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Let’s go to Jesus and bring Him our burdens and concerns. He will lighten our load and give us wisdom, direction, and strength to run the race! 

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