50+ Christ-Centered Gift Ideas

We’ve been working as a family the past few years to be intentional in choosing great gifts for each other – gifts that inspire imagination, grow along with us, and are worth the space in our home.

This year, choose some gifts that focus you and your children even more on Christ!

Below are 50+ Christ-Centered Gift Ideas I’ve collected for your family and mine, including:

  • Gifts for Jesus
  • Movies
  • Bibles
  • Books
  • Audiobooks
  • Toys and Games
  • A Few Things for the Adults
  • More Ideas!

Gifts for kids and adults to focus on Jesus

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Gifts for Jesus

First things first!

Some of the most memorable gifts you can give are those you give as a family to help others. Consider going through the World Vision gift catalog and choosing an animal or other product that will help a family be self-sufficient. Sign up at a local giving tree.

Donate your time or money as a family. Find out how you can sponsor a family in need for Christmas, whether helping them put a holiday meal on the table or gifts under the tree. I promise you, you won’t regret it, and your children will never forget!

Gifts for kids and adults to focus on Jesus


What’s in the Bible DVDs! Entertaining for all ages and very educational.


Veggie Tales DVDs – So many to choose from!

Donut Man – These are older shows but our kids LOVE them!

Hide ‘Em in Your Heart by Steve Green – Again, older movies and CDs, but the kids love them and learn scripture through them!

Drive Thru History – Almost too educational for a gift, but we homeschoolers like that sort of thing. 🙂 These are fun history lessons with a biblical worldview.

Praise Baby – Cute videos for babies and toddlers set to worship music. 

The Jesus Storybook Bible Animated DVD Complete Set Volumes 1-4 – We love the Jesus Story Book Bible! So I was excited to see these animated DVD versions.


The Action Bible – This is my son’s favorite Bible. He often sleeps with it nearby his pillow! 

ESV Children’s Bible (Red) – We gave this as a gift for my 7-yo to grow into. It’s kid-oriented with the color pictures and maps, but is a full-text ESV Bible. We also use it as our primary Bible for devotions and in use with the Bible Road Trip curriculum we use every day.

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name – I cry every time I read these stories because they’re all so Jesus-focused. Love sharing them with my children!

Read Aloud Bible Stories: Volume 1 – There are four volumes and they are ALL worth having. Probably the best Bible stories for young kids I’ve ever seen. 

For more Bible recommendations, see what we have in our Bible Basket!


Christian Heroes Books 1-5 Gift Set (Christian Heroes: Then & Now) – These missionary biography books are surprisingly popular read-alouds for my kids. You can get the gift set of books 1-5 or for books 6-10 for a pretty reasonable price, or just buy one and see how they like it!

Sugar Creek Gang Books 1-6 Set  My kids LOVE mysteries, so I’ve had my eye on these books that follow a group of Christian boys on their adventures.

These last book choices are a little advanced for my own kids, but we’ve given them as gifts or have them in the queue for the future!

A Boy After God’s Own Heart: Your Awesome Adventure with Jesus

A Girl After God’s Own Heart: A Tween Adventure with Jesus

Through My Eyes: A Quarterback’s Journey, Young Reader’s Edition


Jonathan Park Creation Science Audiobooks – Some of our favorites!

Adventures in Odyssey – Another favorite series. You can get the DVDs here as well.

The Chronicles of Narnia Complete 7 Volume CD Box Set (Unabridged) – Our kids have really been enjoying the Narnia audiobooks lately. You can also get the DVDs, but we prefer the BBC versions for the kids rather than the most recent version. The visuals seem to be a little less graphic for them.

The Brinkmann Adventures is a series of stories about a missionary family and their adventures. They are very good. Here’s a complete review I did for the Crew.


Teddy’s Button Dramatic Audio (Lamplighter Theatre) – The lamplighter books and audios are truly amazing and worth the investment. They’re better to order through CBD or Lamplighter itself. Many are too intense for our younger crowd, but we often enjoy Teddy’s Button (over and over), Basket of Flowers, and Sir Malcolm and the Missing Prince.

Christopher Churchmouse – We found this treasure at the library and had to get it for ourselves! Great for all ages and wonderful character-building stories.

Toys and Games

Fisher-Price Little People Noah’s Ark


My Bible Quiet Book – Quiet books and felt sets are a great way to keep little ones busy, and there are plenty of Christ-focused ones available. You can also try ETSY or make your own!

A DIY Ruby Doll kit from Doorposts – Acting out the Proverbs 31 passage as play! See more biblical Doorposts toys, such as the Armor of God Pattern.

Playset Full Armor Of God-6 Pc-Gry/Red

POOF-Slinky – Ideal Children’s Bible Trivia Game

Apples to Apples Bible Edition


Days of Creation Nesting Block

David: A Man After God’s Own Heart Tales of Glory Playset – really any of the Tales of Glory play sets, which include a nativity, Jesus feeding the 5000, and more.

Gund Prayer Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal Sound Toy

Nativity Giant Floor Puzzle & CD (I’m Learning the Bible Floor Puzzle)


A Few Things for the Adults

Flexi Hair Clip with the cross – From Jennifer at Lilla Rose






Hymn Art Necklaces – Beautiful and unique necklaces featuring old hymn art!


Cranium Bible Edition

Retro Blessings Red “Hope” Verse Mug – Romans 15:13or other scripture mugs

Scripture Tea: Raspberry Blendor the other Scripture Tea selections available

Vinyl Scripture Decor from Wise Decor – We love what it’s done in our home!

More Ideas!

Scripture Cards! Print out scripture cards or framed art to give to relatives and friends. Here are just a few:

Printed and laminated cards from Proverbs and Pacifiers on Etsy


Printable Scripture Cards for Pregnancy and Labor from My Joy-Filled Life

Seeds Family Worship CDs – great for whole-family scripture memorization


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    This would be a huge blessing for our family! There are several books on my Amazon wishlist for curriculum that I could buy. Plus, my husband is about to open his business as a contractor and I could use it to buy tools he’ll need as Christmas presents, which would then continue to bless our family through his ability to take on jobs for a long time to come!

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    We would use it to bless some families at church that are adopting a set of siblings.

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    Extra money always helps! But I know someone who is struggling with funds this year and with this money, I would help that family with their Christmas! It is better to give than receive!

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    With hubby not working it will help us to buy Christmas gifts for the kids.

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    Awesome Bible based gifts!

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    Christmas is supposed to be about Jesus, so I don’t want to have too much focus on Christmas presents, but this year is a very tight one, and winning this would help us be able to get each of our 8 children a present, and get some groceries too.

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    Our family is in the middle of moving (and has been for the last 6 months). We are on a limited income (private teacher’s salary), so this would be a huge blessing as we gear up for homeschooling soon. 🙂

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    Love these ideas!

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    I’ve been on bedrest for the past 6 weeks, so finances are tight and without the help of others, my children wouldn’t be having much of a Christmas. This would allow us to buy a few special things for our kids, as well as get some much needed items for our baby girl, due in January. This would be a huge blessing!

  31. Michele S

    I haven’t been able to work for 2 yrs now, so every little bit (especially at Christmas) helps.

  32. Michele S

    I haven’t been able to work in 2 yrs, so every little bit (especially at Christmas) helps.

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    To win this giveaway would bless my family with gifts for the kiddos as gift buying has been erased from our budget this christmas due to job loss. Thank you for the opportunity.

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    This would bless our family with good Christmas gifts.

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    What an awesome list! Thanks for compiling it — I will be adding it to my Pinterest board!

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    Just having some wiggle room and not having to stress this Christmas would be an incredible blessing! We always find a way to make christmas work but it’s never without stress trying to make the money that usually barely pays the bills each month, do so much more!

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    This would be an awesome Christmas gift for my three girls.

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    I love your list and would love to apply a little credit toward giving some of the items you highlighted!

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    So many great ideas! Thanks for those and the amazing giveaway!

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    We have been focusing on paying off a lot of debt and christmas will be very slim this year.

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    It would help to cover Christmas for us.

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    This would bless my family to allow us to be able to catch up on expenses!

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    This would be awesome to win!

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    I would put the money into our savings to get my family one step closer to moving home to Colorado. We’re currently living in a family members home in another state for free, which is a huge blessing, but we’ve overstayed our welcome.

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    It woiuld allow me to have Christmas this year 🙂

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    I would love to win this for my family!

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    What a blessing it sure would be, some items for the household are needed. And Im sure we could find something to enjoy as a family.

  49. Sonya

    This year has been a tough year. Our income has been cut in half due to some reassignments in our jobs. What we would normally have as “extra” has gone to make-up for the loss of income. Last week we found out that my mother-in-law sold her house and we are moving her across the country to live in the same city as we do now. This move is taking place in the month of December, right before Christmas. Any money that might have been used for Christmas gifts is going to go toward our travel to move her. We have decided that this year’s Christmas is going to be all about us all being together, after her move, and not about what gifts are/are not under the tree. This is also going to be the last Christmas to have my daughter at home before she gets married in 2015. Would love to win this to surprise everyone with something special on Christmas morning. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  50. Wendy McBride

    Winning this would bless my family greatly as I am scraping by from week to week to buy groceries and pay basic bills.

  51. Jenna Mitchell

    I love these ideas. We’ll most likely be getting a couple off this list

  52. tster

    Hi this would be a huge Blessing to help our family with heating our home.

  53. Gloria Benson

    Great Christ centered gift ideas. Would love to win the prizes so I could use it to bless those in my family and others in the ministry who can’t always afford extras for their family.

  54. Jessica

    Single mom of 4 here and this would help me fill the kids’ stockings or in terms of the PayPal prize, would entirely cover legal fees associated with my separation. 🙁

  55. Beth Z. Patt

    Any extra/unexpected money is always a blessing. I would probably use some of it for splurges and some of it for practical things. My due date with my third Child is around Christmas time and I decided not to find out what the gender. If it’s a girl it would be my first so it would be nice to be able to buy a few girly things.

  56. Maria

    We are moving to a new state and will lose all of our savings and a good amount of our retirement because of not being able to sell our home for a good price. This money would help a lot in letting us give our gifts to Jesus this year!

  57. Sandra L Hying McFadden

    It would help our family celebrate Christmas before our daughter and family move to Texas. We live in Wisconsin and want them to have a White Christmas before the move. Lots of decorations, treats, and presents for the Little Guys would be such a blessing to afford to give them that.

  58. Nikky Piazza

    My twins birthday is just a week before Christmas. This would help our family have a fun filled birthday and not be stressed about Christmas gifts as well. The twins are turning 3 and are in need of all new winter clothes.

  59. Katie

    This would incredibly bless my family as mom lost her job this summer and I’d love to be able to bless her with some things she needs. It would bless her socks off!!! <3

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    I would use it to bless my son and his wife to help with their seven little boys.

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    This gift would enable me to get all our shopping done for Christmas.

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    It would really mean a lot to get blessed with this so tha my family could not only be blessed but also be a blessing to others.

  63. MeliH

    Being a one income homeschooling family, his would be a HUGE blessing to our family! I’ve found quite a few gifts from this list that I’d love to get for my family.

  64. Camille

    It would help to cover the gift-giving part of our budget so that we can afford to travel out of state to see family for Christmas.

  65. Kimberly W.

    Anything would be so helpful. I’d be able to focus on Bible focused gifts since they can be a bit pricey.

  66. Vicki Smartnick

    great ideas!

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    This is a great giveaway! Could really help for Christmas!

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    This would be wonderful to win. I would of course purchase gifts or items to make gifts (essential oils, shea butters, cooking items, etc).

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    I would like to buy some winter clothes for my niece and use the money to buy gifts for my familly:)

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    Winning this giveaway would bless my family because I wouldn’t have to choose between bills/food and gifts this Christmas. We always try to get some gifts during the year, but we are on a very tight budget.

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    This really helps thanks

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    This would help us provide gifts for our children and then be able to give more to others in need.

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    Winning this giveaway would make our Christmas! It would take off a lot of stress.

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    As a military family, Amazon gift cards would be great since we have to mail most of our presents to family far away every year!

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    It would be a blessing to have just a little help with Christmas!

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    This would be such a blessing to take the stress out of buying Christmas gifts.

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