Camping Printable Pack

Isn’t this year flying by? We are now nearly half way through. With vacation time here, now is a great time get out camping and show your kids how beautiful nature is. I created this Camping Printable Pack that includes a great scavenger hunt that you can do while on your trip.

Camping Fun Pack

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Camping Printable Pack

This 64 page Camping Printable Pack includes many activities for kids aged 2 – 9.

As always, we love using 3 part cards. I love printing out 2 copies of these cards on white card stock and then laminating them. Our boys enjoy matching them up as well as in games such as memory and snap. I like using them for spelling practice as well. After shuffling all the unlabelled cards and placing them face down in a pile, the boys take turns at picking up a card and spelling the word that goes with it.

Camping Fun Pack d

Some fun cut and paste pages. These pages will get your child thinking: ‘Is it living or non-living?’ I’m going hiking / bird watching, what will I need?’

The Literacy Activities include handwriting practice as well as dot the letter activities. I have also included a couple of pages for your child to learn about nouns and verbs.

Camping Fun Pack a

The Math activities in this include counting, following the numbers, and number puzzles. I have also included count and shade cards and simple addition / subtraction cards. With these cards, you child can either shade in the correct answer, or if you wish to reuse these cards, after laminating them, your child can use either a peg or paperclip to clip onto the answer. Sometimes our boys place pom poms or lollies on top of the correct answers.

Camping Fun Pack b

And, as mentioned before, I have included some fun Scavenger Hunt pages. If you aren’t going camping, you could still use these pages when you visit a park, or go on a hike.

Camping Fun Pack c


Download the Camping Printable Pack!

Download the Camping Printable Pack

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