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This month, I have for you some amazing {FREE} Flower Life Cycle Printables. Spring is a great time to watch and learn about the gorgeous flowers all around us.

Flower Life Cycle Worksheets

Included in this fun 40 page pack are: 

Flower Life Cycle 1

I prefer to print 2 copies of these 3 part cards on white card stock and then laminate. Our boys enjoy matching them up as well as in games such as memory and snap. I like using them for spelling practice as well. After shuffling all the unlabelled cards and placing them face down in a pile, the boys take turns at picking up a card and spelling the word that goes with it.

Flower Life Cycle 2

There are also a couple of fun Flower Life Cycle pages. These are great for learning or revising the how a seed arrives at a flower. These pages also make great posters once they have been filled out, laminate and tack to the wall.

Flower Life Cycle 3

Learning about the parts of a flower are included as well as some really fun number puzzles.

Flower Life Cycle 4

These cute pages can be made into fun little books with your child decorating their own cover. I gave these pages to our boys at the start and had them write what they thought each word meant and how it related to a flower. At the end of learning about the life cycle of flower, they also completed them again, this time making them into a booklet and writing what they had had learnt about each part of the life cycle.

Flower Life Cycle 5

This pack also includes pages about what flowers need to grow. Again our boys completed the booklet pages before and after learning about what flowers need to grow. 

Flower Life Cycle 6

Lastly, there is a life cycle of a flower booklet that I used as part of the learning process. Our boys were given a booklet each to read at their own pace. When they had finished, they were able to draw their own picture and then explain in a couple of sentences how the life cycle of a flower worked.

Download the Flower Life Cycle Printable Pack

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  1. I’m already subscribed and I received this link in an email. How do I access the download? Thanks

    1. You enter your email in the download form. For existing subscribers it will just send you the download link without subscribing you again. 🙂 Hope that helps!

  2. Your educational materials are amazing!!! Thank you!!!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoy them! 🙂

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