Teach Children Obedience (Family Bible Study)

Do you struggle with a disobedient child? Or perhaps just wonder how to consistently teach children obedience in the first place? We want our children to have a heart of obedience because it is in their best interest: it keeps them from running into traffic, from hurting themselves or others, and from bringing avoidable consequences in their lives. We want our kids to learn obedience not just because it’s more convenient for us (although that’s nice too) but because, according to the Bible, things will go well with them if they do. 

Teach your kids obedience with this 60+ page family Bible study!

When our children fall into a habit of disobedience, disrespect, and defiance, it is usually because we let it happen. Ouch, right? Still, I know that this is most often true in my own parenting, and seems to be typical for other parents as well. 

Why? Because parenting is hard. It’s emotionally, physically, and spiritually stretching and often we (I) just go for the easy way. It’s easier in the moment to ignore a small gesture of defiance, distract a disobedient child instead of disciplining and training them, or use bribes or threats to get them in line so you can just get through the afternoon.

The big problem is, it doesn’t work. Sure, we’ve averted the crisis or inconvenience for the moment, but at the same time we’re teaching them that disobedience is actually a great way to get what they want. We’re reinforcing the behavior we try so hard to discourage. 

Here’s the thing: Teaching and training our kids to obey is not easy and it takes time. However, it does get easier as we develop the habit in ourselves of consistent and immediate instruction and/or discipline. Training ourselves in this way is, in fact, the hardest part. 

The good news is that there are tools, resources, and tips that can help us in this worthwhile effort to teach children obedience. Not to mention the ever-present and precious assistance of the Holy Spirit.

A Heart of Obedience Family Bible Study

Teach children obedience with this 60+ page family Bible study!

A Heart of Obedience helps you teach children obedience. It is a family Bible study that takes you through valuable teaching tips, biblical principles, and sets up a unit study of sorts for you to use to teach children obedience. Here’s what it includes: 

  • 5-days of lessons on obedience: prayer, devotion, scripture memorization, coloring sheets, copywork, activities, and suggestions for further study.
  • A Heart of Obedience Notebook your child completes that will help reinforce the lessons and serve as a fantastic review of what has been learned. 
  • For use with the FREE Trust and Obey hymn study, which also includes devotions, copywork, lyric and sheet music, and more!

Teach your kids to trust God and obey Him with this Trust and Obey Hymn Study!

This set of lessons are ones our family has gone through several times and will likely do so several more. Obedience is not easy for adults, let alone children, but we are doing them a great service by teaching them to follow biblical obedience. Be prayerful as you prepare and teach these lessons. God will give you the wisdom and discernment you need!

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18 thoughts on “Teach Children Obedience (Family Bible Study)”

  1. Carrie Neahring

    This study came at the right time for my family. This is so important for not just my kids but all kiddos.I just might have to work it into my Jr. Church as well! Thank you so much for this. My prayer is that it will help touch my kids hearts as well as the hearts of anyone else who uses it. Thank you so much!

  2. This Study looks amazing! I purchased irbid last year and only got into day 1! Life got in the way and I gave up. I hope to start it again as our school year starts.

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