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The hymn Trust and Obey is one many of us know and love. It is a sweet song with profound truth that our families would be blessed to know! It can be a beautiful way to teach your kids about trusting and obeying God, and a wonderful addition to your family worship. This Trust and Obey hymn study was created with all that in mind!

Teach your kids to trust God and obey Him with this Trust and Obey Hymn Study!

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Trust and Obey was written in 1887 by John H. Sammis along with Daniel B. Towner. Sammis was born in 1846 in Brooklyn, NY and died in 1919 in Los Angeles, CA. He was a business man who left the profession to become a minister and hymn writer. He wrote over 100 hymns which you can find in the paperback compilation “Trust and Obey and other songs.” 

According to several sources, the hymn came about during a revival meeting of Dwight L. Moody’s in 1887. A young man who had just given his life to Christ stood up and said several things showing his lack of biblical understanding. However, he ended with the words “I am not quite sure. I am going to trust and obey.” 

Daniel B. Towner, the music director for the Moody Bible Institute, was present at the meeting. He was so struck by the young man’s words that he jotted them down. With the help of Sammis, who wrote the lyrics, he soon composed the music to the hymn we now know as “Trust and Obey” (or “When We Walk With the Lord”).

Teach Your Kids to Trust and Obey

This Trust and Obey hymn study includes tips for helping your kids learn the hymn, along with the following:

  • Family devotions
  • Notebooking pages
  • Lyric sheet
  • Sheet music
  • Scripture poster
  • Coloring page
  • Scripture copywork


Download the Trust and Obey Hymn Study

Teach your kids to trust God and obey Him with this Trust and Obey Hymn Study!

Download the Trust and Obey Hymn Study

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