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Fall is such a lovely time of the year. I love watching the colours of the leaves change going from green to yellow, orange, red and brown. There is also many different things to do: apple picking, getting into the pumpkin patch and playing in the fallen leaves and cool weather. To bring fall into your homeschool, I created this 80+ page Fall Printable Pack which is aimed at children ages 2 – 9.



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There are gorgeous alphabet cards can be used to match the upper-case letters to the lower-case letters as well as in games such as memory and snap. If you wish, you can print them out on white cardstock and laminate them, then your younger child who is still learning to write, can use a dry-erase marker to practice tracing the letters over and over again.

There are colouring pages that give children the freedom to express themselves using different mediums to colour in these pictures; such as oil pastels, watercolour paints or pencils, and even rip up some crepe paper and glue it on. There is so much you can do with them!

There are also:

  • maze and puzzles pages
  • vocabulary cards that can be used for matching and spelling practice as well as games like memory and snap
  • size sequencing cards and pages
  • simple addition pages where you colour in the answer
  • simple subtraction pages, again where you colour in the answer
  • shadow matching cards
  • handwriting pages in which your child will practice writing certain letters of the alphabet as well as some popular fall words
  • 3 pages where you child can write a few sentences or a short story about certain things about fall and how they like or dislike them. It is a great way for them to get in some creative writing practice.
  • count and clip number cards

I hope you and your children enjoy this bright and colourful Fall Printable Pack.

Enjoy bringing fall into your homeschool!



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  1. I have a four year old and two year old in December… this would be so helpful for letters!! I thank you

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