Homeschool History Games for Hands-On Learning

Looking for ways to make your history lessons a little more fun? Nothing makes a homeschool child’s heart sing more than playing good game. So why not use that to your advantage and use homeschool history games for hands-on learning? 

In our homeschooling, I’ve found that games of any type and level of complexity really help to reinforce learning. Kinesthetic learners in particular seem to absorb and retain concepts more when there is a hands-on aspect. 

This post is sponsored by Homeschool in the Woods. I have given my honest opinion – we have used this resource in our homeschool for quite a while. 🙂 

Supplement your history studies with homeschool history games and hnds on learning with Homeschool in the Woods A La Carte Projects!

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We have a literature-based approach to history that we really love, but adding history games and fun projects to the mix, especially when they help us dig deeper into a topic the kids become interested in, has made our homeschool history program really solid. 

We have used Homeschool in the Woods for several pieces of our history experience, including their popular timeline products, but right now my favorite thing is their A La Carte Projects. 

If you’re familiar with Homeschool in the Woods, you know that their History Studies are massive learning packs covering various time periods and are really detailed and involved. We’ve gone through one ourselves and loved everything we learned

However, even if you aren’t wanting to take on a complete set of their History Studies you’ll love what they have to offer. If you just want to supplement what you’re already doing with some fun games and hands-on learning, you’re going to love the A La Carte Projects as much as I do. 

How We Add Homeschool History Games

Right now we are studying American history as a family and my oldest is also doing some independent study in ancient history. Of course, we also hit Bible times with our regular family Bible studies. There are lots of opportunities to add fun activities! 

As we progress with our history studies, reading and discussing great literature, we select from the appropriate time period in the A La Carte Projects section and pick some fun activities. My kids are big on games, so we gravitate toward those. 

I play A Trip to Town (our favorite so far) with my oldest two as a fantastic way to explore more about the terms and life of colonial America that we’ve been reading about as a family. We work our way around the town trying to gather all the items on our shopping list. I’ve landed in the stocks every game, but…

My oldest and I play Tomb Dash to go along with his ancient Egypt studies, working together against the clock to learn and review facts as we gather artifacts and find our way out. 

Everyone got in on Pirate Panoply, although the littles mostly just enjoyed the coloring and talking like a pirate, but we all raced to see who could dress their pirate first as we learned about what they wore. That was totally unrelated to any other studies. We just did it for fun! 

Next in our fun learning queue: Geography with the Name That State file folder game, the Passover Seder Game, and some non-game learning activities such as the Old Testament Tribune Newspaper and the Trip West in a Covered Wagon Lap Book. 

Supplement your history studies with homeschool history games and hnds on learning with Homeschool in the Woods A La Carte Projects!

Supplement your history studies with homeschool history games and hnds on learning with Homeschool in the Woods A La Carte Projects!

Supplement your history studies with homeschool history games and hnds on learning with Homeschool in the Woods A La Carte Projects!

Supplement your history studies with homeschool history games and hnds on learning with Homeschool in the Woods A La Carte Projects!

What You’ll Find in the A La Carte Projects

There are so many things to explore in each time period. Here are the types of projects you’ll find: 

  • Timelines
  • File Folder Projects
  • Games and File Folder Games
  • 3-Dimensional Activities
  • Lap Books
  • Newspaper Projects
  • Notebooking Projects

There are many different ways you could use the A La Carte Projects at Homeschool in the Woods. You could add fun to your history studies like we do, enrich your Bible studies, or put together a fun game-based summer homeschool program! 


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  1. Sherry

    I’d probably choose the WW1 Lapbook Project

  2. Katie

    Hi! We’d like On The Homefront and Penny Rug (among others)! What a fun resource for me to now check out. Thanks

  3. Karen

    johnstown flood

  4. Wendy Clark

    It would be so hard to choose just three! I would be interested in the Jamestown recreation, and any of the file folder games, like the WWI one and I know my son would probably love the pirate vocabulary one!

  5. Luz

    Wow! Looks like so much fun. Thank you for sharing Homeschool in th Woods. I personally had not heard about them before but I took a look through their site and I like what I see.

    1. Luz

      I got so excited I forgot that’s i really liked the Make-a-state Activity Pak. I’m pretty new to lap booking and I loved the layout of the example shown. It would be great for my upcoming 4th/5th grader kids and my younger ones could easily follow along too.

  6. Tammy

    So many great choices! We would enjoy the Science, Inventions, and Math Timeline; the High & Dry File Folder Game; and WWII Military Weaponry for my little man who loves tanks, planes, etc.

  7. Jackie

    Wow! These look like so much fun! I have just started incorporating more games into our schooling instead of just worksheets and textbooks, and I would love to win some of these!

  8. April D

    Wow! I have to say that my kids would love all the WWI and WWII activities on the site, as well as the westward expansion stuff. These are some pretty great finds. I don’t know how I’d narrow it down to choose! 🙂

  9. Kirsten

    My son would love the World War 1 and World War 2 weaponry bundles!

  10. Cabot Mama

    Oh my! How would I choose?! So many awesome options!! Thank you for letting me know they exist! My 7th grade son would choose everything WWI and WWI related, with Revolutionary War a close second. My 5th grade daughter would want the Penny Rug (birthday gift?!). And my 2nd & 1st graders would love the Fifty States game!!

  11. Katrina Lewis

    I think we would choose the art of quilling. Any of the WWII ones, and the penny rig! Those look so fun!

  12. Sheri Newell Anderson

    So many awesome items but would love the Pirate Panoply Game, The Armor of God Poster, and The Passover Seder Game, thanks!

  13. Paula

    World History Timelines would be great!

  14. Amy

    Oh my goodness, they have tons of cool stuff! I really like ones related to military and wars, but the armor of God is neat too!!

  15. Marj

    Thank you for the Giveaway!!!! Best of luck everyone

  16. Angela

    I am reading the Little house on the Prairie series with 2 of my boys right now so I would love to get the “Going West in a Covered Wagon” kit from Homeschool in the Woods.

  17. Jennifer

    Oh gosh! So much goodness in the a la carte section! I have only boys, and I have agreed to U. S. History for next year. I believe the States game, the World War weaponries and the Explorers would all be fantastic additions. If only we all had all the money in the world for educational additions! I am seriously impressed with these.

  18. Ing

    The a la carte products on homeschoolinthewoods look GREAT! I’d like to have the states and capitals game, some timelines, the composer and artist folders, and … wow! There are so many I’d like!

  19. Leigh Owens

    I’d choose the War Across Five Aprils, Native American, and Home Front. But it was extremely hard to choose between them all!!

  20. Amanda

    Wow, a lot to choose from. I’d have to get my son to help me decide to see what my kids would like the best.

  21. Katie

    Literary genres lapbook

  22. Meghan A.

    Wow, it would be hard to pick just three but at the top for our family, since we are studying American History and individual states, would be the American History Newspaper Collection and Name That State! The Penny Rug activity also looks very interesting as well as the games Taxation Frustration! and A Trip to Town.
    Thanks! 🙂

  23. Ginette

    I would love to win this for my kids, thank you!

    1. Ginette

      We would enjoy the covered wagon project, Lewis and Clark, American History newspaper, orchestra file folder, or A Trip to Town game.

  24. Erin

    Probably the Science, Invention, and Mathematicians Timeline, the Composers through history timeline, and the War between the States timeline.

  25. Mistie

    These were all so neat! I was not aware of this resource. I think I am definitely interested in the Tomb game because we will be beginning ancient history again next year. The Seder game looked neat as well!

  26. Christian Whetzel

    What an awesome giveaway! Thank you for the giveaway!

  27. Jaime Johnson

    Thank you for posting about A La Carte Projects. I hadn’t heard of this resource before and I’m loving these resources. I feel we would be using the Westward Ho! File Folder Game the most. As popular as Oregon Trail is in this house it would complement our, soon to be reading, Little House series.

  28. Marion

    I would like The Bombing of Pearl Harbor ,WW1 and WW11

  29. Amy Mac

    So many great choices. I would love to use the Lewis and Clark expedition and maybe some of the World War II ones.

  30. Dana

    These may come in handy with our literature/history study next year for my younger kids.

  31. Krista

    Wow, I didn’t know they had those and there are a lot to choose from but as we are heading into the WW with boys I think the 3 I’d choose are the Military Weaponry Notebook Project for both World War I and World War II then for my final choice The Roaring 20’s Lapbook/Notebook Project.

  32. Abigail Frazee

    Covered Wagon Lapbook

  33. Cassie

    Homeschool in the Woods has some really fun stuff! We’ve used their timeline figures in the past and have bought the Knights lap-pack for my K and 2nd next year!

  34. Sarah

    My son would love the covered wagon lapbook.

  35. Peggy Manley

    I love the Jamestown project!

  36. Jennifer Mathesz

    I like the Time travelers products

  37. Nicole P

    Oh my soooo many great choices to chose from! My kids would love the Name the State game and Tomb Dash. We are also in the process of studying early American history and the 3d model of Jamestown would be a huge hit as well. Thank you for the chance to win!

  38. Linsey

    I’ve been wanting to try these!

  39. Kera

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  40. Kristin Dickson

    This looks like a fun giveaway! I would like art Fight for freedom, The war to end all wars, and the art gallery file folder games since my son loves to play games and those look interesting

  41. Crystal Zdrojewski

    Wow! What fun stuff! Just looking at the first page, I like the penny rug notebook, the covered wagon and Lewis & Clark lap books, and the science, invention, and mathematicians timeline.

  42. Missy

    I’d get the westward ho game, and either the wwI or wwII or civil war games. My boys would love them.

  43. Charis

    I’d pick Tomb Dash, the Kemet Chronicle newspaper, and Name that State.

  44. Stacy

    These are great! I love history, my daughter loves science. I would love all of these! But I think she would most enjoy ALC-1050, the Science and invention timeline, ALC-1020 Martin Luther pack (ok, this one is for me), and ALC-1003, the Pirates, because everyone loves pirates!

  45. Molli Taylor

    i love these the best:

    ~passover seder game
    ~the penny rug notebook
    ~native story lap book project

    i think they would enhance our personal and education pursuits

  46. Kirsten

    These look awesome! Could totally use some of those Oregon Trail & Lewis & Clark lapbooks for our upcoming history units. And the colonial game looks like lots of fun too.

  47. Zorah

    I’d love to get the Armor of God poster, and the Sciece, Invention and Mathematicans timeline

  48. Wendy

    Homeschool in the Woods is ALL I use for history! I love all of their products, so I will have a hard time choosing 1 product, even off of the A La Carte.

  49. Christy Whitsell

    Tomb Dash
    Greek Life
    Journey throught the Middle Ages

  50. CarolS.

    OI!!! Too many choices!!
    I’d pick:
    Name That State
    Science, Invention, and Mathematics
    High and Dry File Folder Game!
    They ALL look FUN!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  51. Sarah

    This looks like a great resource! Thanks!

  52. A. Ross

    I like the WW2 resources, some of the timelines, and the state game. Actually it all looks nice.

  53. Kristen

    I love the WWII weaponry item as well as the On the homefront and Pearl Harbor stuff. How exciting!

  54. Kristen

    We would be interested in the World War II On the Homefront or the WWI military weaponry notebook. Or any that have to do with Egypt or the Civil War. (We love history in our home.)

  55. Audra

    So many to choose from! One would definitely have to be The Trip West in a Covered Wagon Lap Book/Notebook Project.

  56. Lisa

    The Great War Lapbook/Notebook Project looks like a great resource to integrate all the aspects of WWI.

  57. nikki garrett

    My top three are
    Merchant Marauder
    Tomb Dash
    A Trip Town
    but I’m already eyeing several others for the next school year.Especially the name that state & the Orchestra one 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this awesome site with us.

  58. Melissa N

    I am in love with the On the Homefront notebook as well as the other US History items! Thanks for sharing this resource. I’ll definitely be purchasing some of these in the upcoming year!

  59. A

    These look so interesting!

  60. Robbyn F

    I just got this in my email today but the info on this page says it ends April 9th. I will try anyway because I really enjoy Homeschool in the Woods.

    1. Tauna Meyer

      Sorry about that! It was supposed to say May 9th. I fixed it. If something on my blog ever doesn’t make sense you can go ahead and assume it’s human error because I make a lot of them. 😀 Thanks for letting me know!

  61. Robbyn F

    I would get either 1) The war to end all Wars game, or 2) Journey through the Middle Ages game.

  62. Katie S

    Thanks for the chance to win! I know my kids would love the WWI/WWII a la carte items.


    well, the military weaponry one looks like something my boys would love. Not sure if that would be my final pick though. So many good choices!

  64. Lisa Lawton

    These history units look really neat! I’m searching for a new way to do history that would let me teach all 3 kiddos the same!

  65. Teresa W

    Oh boy there are so many good ones! The Passover Seder stands out to me – I have always wanted to start incorporating Passover more in our family traditions. Name that State would be good too.

  66. Bette

    My boys would love more hands-on activities about WWII or the travels West and Native Americans!

  67. Martha

    I would love to have the Roaring 20’s lapbook project, The Great War lapbook project, and the Get Your Kicks on Route 66 file folder game.

  68. Jennie

    I’d get the middle ages game or something about WW1!!

  69. Lesl T

    Renaissance & Reformation Timeline

  70. Tiffany

    These look great! I have not seen them before, but would love to try them.

  71. Michelle

    Ummm….. all of them? They are all great!

  72. Amber

    WWII resources

  73. Heather

    Wow! So many great choices! We really like the ones that go along with the study of the States for next year’s curriculum and also the Penny Rug project looks fun and the Jamestown pop up looked very interesting as well! It would be very difficult to choose, which is a great problem to have!

  74. Barbie Null

    They all look amazing. To choose a few, I would say the Passover Seder, The art of Quilling, and Literary Genres Lapbook!

  75. Jennifer

    So many to choose from. I like the timelines. The covered wagon lapbook looks fun too!

  76. Laurie

    So many great options. On the home front particularly caught my eye.

  77. Heather

    We.would love the homefronf, covered wagon, snd science and math timeline. As well as several others!

  78. Christie

    I would choose the orchestra game, the newspaper collection and probably one of the timeline figures. So hard to decide!

  79. Nancy

    My boys would love the military weaponry items

  80. Judith Martinez

    I like the Passover seder game and the penny rug project.

  81. Tanya

    We’d love Tomb Dash!, Greek Life!, and The Passover Seder Game. Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  82. Robin G.

    Wow! There are so many choices. I would pick the lapbooks for WWI-The Great War, WWII-On the Homefront, Bombing of Pearl Harbor, The Roaring Twenties, so may of the Timelines, Literary Genres, Erie Canal. For games, I would choose Name That State, Journey Through the Middle Ages, Greek Life, Tomb Dash and Route 66. Thank you for the chance these.

  83. Jennifer Olmstead

    I can’t decide! The file folder games look fun (A Trip to Town, anyone?) but Ive been wanting to do some lapbooks with our littles.

  84. Rebecca Kruc

    I had fun just looking at all the great games… I’m thinking that the middle ages and renaissance games and anything between 1ad and 1776 would be good for this year!

  85. Rebekah

    I’m not sure, there are several that look fun!

  86. Kim

    Any of the WWI ones

  87. Stevie

    Tomb Dash

  88. Laura Oliver

    They all look awesome!! I think right now I would choose On The Homefront because my 7y/o is obsessed with Victory gardens.

  89. Amanda Ulrich

    How neat! What a fun way to learn. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  90. Kimberley H.

    I’d like them all!

  91. Dawn

    So many choices but I think I’d have to get some of the file folder games!

  92. Becky Salter

    How hard is this?! But I’m especially loving the Ancient Greece timeline.

  93. Tracey M.

    If we won this giveaway, I would choose The Art of Quilling, New Figures 20th and 21st Century, Literary Genres Lapbook Mini-Study, High and Dry Game, A Trip to Town File Folder Game, or the Name That State File Folder Game.

  94. Kira

    It would be a hard choice but I would choose American History Newspaper Collection, The Roaring 20’s Lap Book, and The Jamestown Replica.

  95. Delia Jones

    Cool giveaway! I probably would choose The War Across 5 Aprils game, a timeline or two and possibly The War to end all Wars game.

  96. Jessi

    I think the Name That State File Folder Game would really interest my kids. We have family all over the US and it will lock in more states and their locations. Looks like fun!

  97. Danielle Hull

    I haven’t seen all their new items! I think I swould start with the Armor of God poster!

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