Jesus Baptized – Trinity (Day 4 Matthew Bible Lego Challenge)

Build through the Bible with the Matthew Lego Challenge - Day 4: Baptism of Jesus (Trinity)

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Day 4 of the Matthew Bible Lego Challenge! Today is about the baptism of Jesus, although my son chose to build a representation of the trinity instead of the actual baptism scene (he did that for Day 3: John the Baptist).

If you haven’t downloaded the printable yet, you want to do that right away! You can do the challenge on your own (there are 34 days total with copywork and notebooking pages) or you can use it to follow along with us here and share your creations with us on the Proverbial Homemaker Facebook pageTwitter, and Instagram!

Learn the Bible while building with Legos!

For the 4th day of the challenge, we are looking at Matthew 3:13-17 and the baptism of Jesus, where the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are clearly represented. Of course, you are welcome to do the baptism scene or some other part of the story.

For the build challenge, my son chose to make a triangle (no easy task, according to him) and then put something to show each part of the trinity at the corners. He put a “G” for God, an “S” for the Holy Spirit, and his stand-by Jesus figurine (storm trooper, for some reason) for the Son!

The copywork for the challenge is Matthew 3:17, where the voice of God says “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” The printable includes a drawing and writing page for those who would rather draw the scene. 

Build through the Bible with the Matthew Lego Challenge - Day 4: Baptism of Jesus (Trinity)

This was one of those challenges where I had to really just let my son do his thing and not try to direct him. Because it doesn’t have to be Pinterest-perfect, my friends! It just has to be from his own creativity. Of course, I was pleased that he remembered so much from out Sound Words lessons about the trinity. 

Have fun building with your kids! Don’t forget to email me their creations or share them on the Proverbial Homemaker Facebook pageTwitter, and Instagram. Can’t wait to see them!

Bonus lego challenge - math problem

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What's in the Bible

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