Preschool Easter – Caterpillars and Wordless Bible

A while ago, we picked up these wordless Bibles at the Christian store. I knew I’d use them for something eventually. I pulled one out the other day and unfolded it and… hey! It looks like a caterpillar! *wheels turning*.




I searched high and low (for five whole minutes) but didn’t find any caterpillar wordless Bible printouts. So I drew and colored my own and made copies for the kids. There really is something therapeutic about using crayons.  

You know you’re a real (wound up) homeschool mom when you stay up until midnight making your own printables because nothing is “just right”. You know you’re still a newbie (or maybe just lazy) when they’re hand-drawn. 🙂 It is available here for download if you’d like to use it.

Each section of the caterpillar represents a different part of the gospel story, which, after all, IS the Easter story. I colored them in and put a short description of the meaning. Below, I added the hill of calvary and the empty tomb. I also decided to teach the kids to respond to “He is risen!” with “He is risen indeed!” and added that in the poster as well.

If I’d been thinking, I’d have made copies of the poster in black and white before coloring so they could have coloring sheets. Maybe next year.

Click here to download the caterpillar Easter page

First I explained the concept of the wordless Bible and told the story using the ones I’d purchased. Then I gave them each a bowl of pompoms from the dollar store, making sure that all of the needed colors were in each bowl. We worked through the story all together, choosing and glueing the correct color pompom to each section.

Then we did a caterpillar/butterfly craft.

Cocoon. Each kid got a toilet paper tube. I had selected some papers beforehand and drew dashed lines where they’d need to cut. They chose their color and cut along the dotted line, and then I helped them tape it around the tube. 

Caterpillar and Butterfly. The kids glued pompoms onto a clothespin to create a caterpillar. They did a second one and then we decorated and glued wings to the bottom to make a butterfly. When all was dry, they rolled up the butterfly and stuck it into the cocoon.  

They push the caterpillar into the tube to release the butterfly. They loved this craft and we had a talk about how Jesus transforms us too when we ask Him into our hearts. 


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  1. What great idea, will use for our Sunday school

  2. I love this idea and am totally stealing it! You are so creative! Maybe you could homeschool my kids one day because I am NOT a craft-y mama 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Keri! I’m not naturally creative either. I just am becoming more so as the creativity of other homeschooling mamas I steal ideas from starts to rub off on me. 😀

  3. I loved to make things when I was a kid but my mother wasn’t crafty and I sat and made them on my own. It’s beautiful to see a mother using crafting to explain the Gospel truth. Precious xx

    1. Thank you! It is one of the more fun and satisfying things I get to do with my kids. 🙂

  4. So glad to call you my friend. You are such a good mama and inspiration to me! I am stealing this idea as well :).

  5. This is awesome!! Thank You!!

  6. Beautiful Post!! Thanks for sharing….just linked up with you via facebook. Found you through our simple country life. Will be pinning this post because it is just a beautiful craft that I would like to do with my family.

  7. I’m wondering where you found the wordless Bible. I’ve been looking for a smaller one but have only been able to find the larger ones that are just solid sheets of colored paper!

    1. I found it at a local Christian book store. I looked around and only saw some used versions available on amazon. If I were to do it now, I’d cut out a construction paper or card stock circle for each color and use brads to connect the pieces, alternating along the top and bottom so it folds out like a caterpillar. Uh… because that’s how caterpillars fold out. 🙂

      Here are more ideas. You could easily use the printable I provided or the basic concept but make a different style Wordless Book.

      Here’s a powerpoint/PDF version: pdf/powerpoint

      Here’s a simple bracelet. This one is pretty cool and fits well with the circles/caterpillar thing.

      Here are several ideas including some printable ones.

      Hope you find something that works for you! Have a blessed Easter. 🙂

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