Free The Very Hungry Caterpillar Printable Pack

This printable pack was inspired by the popular book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. This is a great book for kids and allows for many learning opportunities.

Your kids will love this Very Hungry Caterpillar printable pack!

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In this 100-page printable pack, you will many activities for children ages 2 – 9. They are:

  • Alphabet matching cards– match the lowercase letters to the uppercase letters. You can also print them out on white cardstock and laminate, then your younger child who is still learning to write, can use a dry-erase marker to practice tracing the letters over and over again.
  • I Spy– How many of each picture can you find?
  • Handwriting practice pages– trace the names of the objects while practicing forming the letters correctly.
  • 4 part puzzles – place the four pieces together to create the picture
  • Size sequencing cards– place the cards in order from smallest to biggest or biggest to smallest
  • Story writing pages– research caterpillars and butterflies and write about them
  • Count and clip cards– a great way to practice counting while working on fine motor skills
  • Simple addition and subtraction pages– a great way to learn and practice adding and subtracting
  • Vocabulary cards – can be used to play games such as memory or snap or used as part of spelling practice
  • Coloring Pages – You could use a variety of mediums to colour in these pictures; such as oil pastels, watercolour paints or pencils, and even rip up some crepe paper and glue it on.
  • Order of Events – Cut out the events and paste them in the order they happened.
  • Color Matching Cards – Can be used to learn and match different colors
  • Shadow Matching Cards – a fun way to learn about shadows
  • Tracing / Cutting Practice – Trace the lines and then cut them out. Great for fine motor skills.
  • Edible or Not? Cut out and paste in the correct column.
  • Beginning Letter Sounds – A great way to practice letter sounds
  • What Comes Next? – Cut out and paste in the correct answer
  • Finish the Pattern – Cut out and paste in the correct answer
  • Caterpillar Acrostic Poem
  • Butterfly Acrostic Poem

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Your kids will love this Very Hungry Caterpillar printable pack!

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    I love your Very Hungry Caterpillar. I can’t wait to get it. Thank you so much.

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      You’re welcome!

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    So excited to get this for my daughter
    Thanks a lot Tauna.
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