CTCMath: An Online Math Program Kids Love

Are you looking for a solid math curriculum for your kids this year? Hoping for one that doesn’t break the bank? CTCMath is a top online homeschool math curriculum for a reason! Families love the flexibility, great price, and quality instruction it provides for their homeschool.
CTCMath is a fantastic online math program kids love!

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What is CTCMath? 
CTCMath is an online math program for grades K-12 that is like having a math tutor in your homeschool. Although it’s designed as a full math curriculum, some families enjoy using it as a supplement for extra practice or to “catch up” to grade level.
CTCMath has been around for quite a while and has built an excellent reputation.
  • I recommend it to moms who reach out to me looking for an online option.
  • They are one of Cathy Duffy’s top 103 picks
  • They have several awards in the homeschool community
  • Homeschool moms in my Homeschool Successfully FB group are often suggesting it to each other when someone asks for an online homeschool math curriculum

In short, it has street cred. 😉 

How Does CTCMath Work? 

Video tutorials – The video lessons are the backbone of the CTCMath curriculum. Each lesson includes a short and engaging video tutorial with easy-to-understand instruction. Children can re-watch videos anytime they need to and skip back to past lessons to review concepts. 
Interactive Questions – After the video, your child will answer interactive questions to practice what they learned and to evaluate their understanding of the concepts. They are given a variety of questions that increase in difficulty based on their previous answers. 
Printable Materials – As helpful as online learning is for a variety of reasons, such as automated grading, it still helps to use printed materials for certain purposes. Most lessons have an optional printable worksheet your kids can use to work out the problem and then input them into the online system.
There is also a printable lesson summary at the end that can be printed out to make a review binder if you like. I think this is a very helpful idea for kids who want to flip back to refresh their memory on past concepts if they hit a snag in their later work. 
Reports and Scores – Parents have great visibility into how their children are doing in CTCMath. You’ll see what lessons they’ve completed, ongoing progress reports, what areas need more review, how much time they spent, and more. 
A few more things to note: 
  • You can do pre-tests by topic to see which areas your kids need to focus on. 
  • CTCMath works on desktop and mobile devices
  • The program is sequential vs. spiral in approach, although there is review built-in
  • CTCMath is not common-core aligned, which most homeschoolers will appreciate
  • There is an option to read the questions aloud, which is helpful for struggling readers.

Why I Recommend CTCMath for an Online Homeschool Math Curriculum

As I said, CTCMath is the main resource that I recommend families check out when they want an online homeschool math curriculum. Here’s why:
  • For a VERY reasonable price, ALL your kids can use the curriculum and you get access to ALL grade levels (this is pretty amazing!).
  • Quick and engaging lessons they can do at their own pace, so less complaining!
  • Interactive & adaptive questions, which means the difficulty level increases or decreases depending on your child’s responses and their overall progress.
  • Mastery feature encourages and rewards them to try more questions and reach higher difficulty levels. As they answer questions correctly, there is a mastery progress bar that keeps increasing and is very motivating for kiddos. It even awards them stars at intervals. 
  • Review feature help you make sure your child gets review of past math concepts. One way to do that is assigning revision (review) sets. Each week they’ll have review questions that cover content from the previous year or semester.  
  • Question bank lets you create a bundle of review questions yourself and assign them to your child. This is great for assigning additional review questions for areas you know you child needs more practice in. 

Money-Back Guarantee!

“If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your program, just email or call us within 365 days and you’ll receive a full 100% refund.”

You guys. This is such a generous guarantee and speaks volumes of their confidence in the program’s quality. It also takes a load off us homeschool moms, too, right? We can take our time and really put the program to the test. I think that’s awesome.

CTCMath - CTC Math is a great online homeschool math program!

My Conclusions about CTCMath 

I always include a pros and cons list in my reviews. Every curriculum has pros and cons, or at the very least, things that may not fit my family’s particular needs or preferences. 

The first time I used CTCMath with my kids, my oldest was 6. He’s now 14 and taller than me. 😆 In that time, CTCMath has added some amazing features that makes it an even better online homeschool math curriculum than it was before. They actually knocked some “cons” off my list from that last review. 

The main reason for that is their new Revision/Review, Mastery, and Question Bank features. They’re amazing! One of my “cons” from last time was not enough review, and we prefer a spiral approach. Now, CTCMath allows you to continue using their mastery approach to math while adding in review in multiple ways that fit your child best. It’s such a big improvement.

The only downsides I can see are the following:

  • If you simply don’t want to use an online system, this may not be for you.
  • Same if online learning/videos don’t interest your child.
  • You have atrocious internet access (ours isn’t great and it worked just fine for us).
  • Grades 1-6 don’t have worksheets like grades 7 and up do. I know that some folks would like them for each lesson. However, they can still create worksheets in the Question Bank area for review. 
  • Occasionally I’ll hear folks say that their child didn’t understand a video lesson and they had to go look up a different explanation. We have that happen every once in a while with other math curricula, too, so I’m not sure that’s specific to CTCMath.

Bottom line: It’s still my top recommendation for homeschool parents wanting an online math curriculum.

I know several moms who have used it for their kids all the way through high school and they went on to do very well in college math. I’ve also known moms who have used it for special needs students who benefit from the short lessons, audio option, and more.

Here are my big reasons I recommend it: 

  • Quality video tutorials
  • Excellent reports and tracking
  • Review, mastery feature, and question bank
  • Bonuses like speed skills and times tables features
  • Amazing price includes all children and all levels
  • Generous money-back guarantee

It’s definitely a winner!

FIND OUT MORE about homeschool rates for CTCMath here and be sure to sign up for the free trial!

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  1. danielle

    Thank you for your review, you’re the first person to give a con and was given the program for free. Sometimes you want to know if the review is really “real” because it was given to them. I’m looking to purchase a math program for my kids and I don’t want to get this just because of the cost.

    1. Tauna

      You’re welcome! There are pros and cons to every curriculum so I always try to list both. 🙂 Hope you find the right fit for you!

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