Butterfly Learning Activities & Lessons

My kids LOVE learning about butterflies. Who wouldn’t? They’re beautiful, mysterious, and showcase the creativity of God. It seems like every year we do at least some butterfly learning activities and lessons in our homeschool.

This spring, my creature-loving daughter had a birthday and we used it as an opportunity to do a butterfly-themed gift and share some butterfly activities together! Here are our favorite resources for casual learning or even a homeschool butterfly unit study.

Fun butterfly learning activities and lessons for spring or summer! Includes a free butterfly printable pack and butterfly unit study ideas.

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Butterfly Garden

I feel like a must-have is a butterfly garden from Insect Lore. Your children can raise caterpillars, watch them go through their amazing transformations, and release them when they’re ready!

This time we purchased the kit that included a butterfly learning journal, which my daughter loved filling out. You can keep the netted container for the following year and get refill caterpillars. This kit with lifecycle models is also really cool or you can get the models separately here. Maybe we’ll do that one next year! 

Insect Lore Butterfly Garden Kit

Releasing butterflies we raised from the Insect Lore Butterfly Garden Kit - great butterfly learning activities your kids will love!

Enjoy Fun & Educational Butterfly Books

Get some engaging and educational butterfly books to read together as your raise your butterflies. Here are some we’ve enjoyed.

My, Oh My–A Butterfly! All About Butterflies, Dr. Seuss book – This is my daughter’s favorite! She loves the Cat in the Hat style book and the facts they teach about butterflies are really great. Makes a good read aloud, too. 

A Butterfly is Patient, by Dianna Hutts Aston and Sylvia Long – We love all the books in this series, especially because of the gorgeous illustrations. This one is no exception!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle – my little ones have always loved this book. 🙂 We’ve had to replace it twice! Read it aloud and use this fun Very Hungry Caterpillar printable pack, too!

Your kids will love this Very Hungry Caterpillar printable pack!

A Swift Guide to Butterflies of North America: Second Edition by Jeffery Glassberg – Great photos and info to help your kids identify the butterflies they see during the spring and summer!

Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

Having a good habitat that attracts butterflies will help provide opportunities for your children to observe and identify them. Here are some helpful tips for how to attract butterflies in your garden

Do a Full Butterflies Unit Study

Want to dig deeper and do even more fun butterfly learning activities and lessons? Get this butterflies unit study from UnitStudy.com. They’re our favorite unit studies!

Butterflies unit study from Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett - unitstudy.com

Download the New Creation Printable

Do a fun Bible study and printable pack with your kids to learn about butterflies and how we’re a new creation in Christ! Get a copy of the New Creation Printable.

New Creation in Christ butterfly life cycle printable

Enjoy all these great butterfly learning activities with your children! ❤️

~ Tauna 

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