October One Year Bible Brick Challenge Calendar (Acts – Romans 12)

The October One Year Bible Brick Challenge takes us from Acts to Romans 12. 

 This is the calendar for the October One Year Bible Brick Challenge, and although you can jump in anywhere you like, you can also check out the list off all the One-Year Bible Brick Challenge calendars along with some tips on how to use it

Teach your kids the Bible while they build with Legos! The October calendar for the One-Year Bible Brick Challenge goes from Acts to Romans 12. Enjoy!

October One Year Bible Brick Challenge Calendar

Here are the stories covered this month: 

  • Coming of the Holy Spirit
  • Peter’s Sermon at Pentecost
  • Fellowship of the Believers
  • Lame Beggar Healed
  • Peter and John Before the Council
  • Praying for Boldness
  • Ananias and Sapphira (that’s an intense one – might want to pre-read)
  • Apostles Arrested and Freed
  • Stephen Seized (also intense)
  • Saul Ravages Church
  • Simon the Magician
  • Ethiopian Eunuch
  • Conversion of Saul
  • Scales Fall
  • Saul Proclaims Jesus
  • Angel Appears to Cornelius
  • Peter’s Vision
  • Gentiles Hear Good News
  • Peter Rescued
  • Paul and Barnabas Preaching
  • Philippians Jailer Converted
  • Paul’s Defense Before King Agrippa
  • Shipwrecked
  • Paul on Malta
  • Righteous Live by Faith
  • God’s Righteous Judgement
  • Gift of Justification
  • Life in Christ
  • Set Free
  • Confess and Believe 
  • Present Bodies as a Sacrifice

If you’d like to include some engaging questions and devotions, I recommend pairing this challenge with Bible Road Trip (the Bible curriculum we use) or 365 Great Bible Stories: The Good News from Genesis to Revelation, which is a great simple devotional for younger kids. 

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October One Year Bible Brick Challenge

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You will find all the Bible Brick Challenges on this page – we’ll keep it updated as the year progresses. 




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