Bible Story Printables!

We love using fun printables to supplement our Bible learning! Here at Proverbial Homemaker we often publish Bible Story Printables with that in mind. You will find that they are perfect for ages 2-9 with activities including math, literacy, copywork, and more! Some of the Bible Story Printables include:

  • Noah’s Ark 
  • Adam and Eve 
  • Jonah and the Whale
  • Joseph and His Colorful Coat 
  • Daniel and the Lion’s Den 
  • Reformation Day
  • Kindness Printable Pack
  • And more!

(Note: The bundle freebie period for these products has ended, but we occasionally put items on sale or as limited time freebies.) 

After reading them the stories right from scripture, your child will enjoy completing these packs. Some of the activities included are: 

  • Vocabulary Cards – these are great for memory/matching games as well as spelling and vocabulary.
  • Coloring Pages – Decorate or color as you wish and hang up to decorate your rooms.
  • I Spy – These pages are great for counting practice.
  • Word Tracing – These pages help children learn to form letters and spell words correctly.
  • Color Matching Cards – A great way for kids to learn their colors.
  • Shadow Matching Cards – These shadow matching cards are so much fun and can be used in games such as memory/matching as well.
  • Size Sequencing Cards – Match the cards from smallest to biggest or the other way round.
  • Counting Clip Cards – These are great for kids learning to count and recognize numbers.
  • Puzzles and Mazes – These are always fun for kids to do. Store in zip lock bags and take them with you to appointments to keep the kids occupied.
  • Math Activities – Great for those who are just starting out with math problems.
  • Bible Copywork Pages – This pack includes 10 Bible Verses in both King James and English Standard Versions for your child to copy and then memorize.
  • Plus MORE, including unique pages and activities in each pack

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