February One Year Bible Brick Challenge Calendar (Genesis 41 – Exodus 25)

This month we’ll continue through the Bible with our One-Year Bible Brick Challenge! This is the calendar for the February One Year Bible Brick Challenge, and although you can jump in anywhere you like, you can also check out the list off all the One-Year Bible Brick Challenge calendars along with some tips on how to use it

The February calendar for the One-Year Bible Brick Challenge takes us into Genesis and Exodus with the Israelites in Egypt! It includes a simple reading plan and a daily Lego build project throughout the month.


 I have received a few questions about using these challenges I wanted to help address here.

“The challenges are too hard/easy.” Some parents weren’t sure that their kids would be able to build something like Noah’s ark and felt like that was overwhelming. Remember that we aren’t giving our kids instructions or expectations for what they’ll product. The idea is to use their imaginations and be creative! This means it works for any age. My 10 year old can make a large version of Noah’s Ark with many more details than my 5 year old, who makes a simple small boat with a lion figurine in it. Both are wonderful and it’s a great opportunity to help them learn to encourage each other! If some of your children prefer to draw or decide to incorporate other materials because their Lego stash is too small, that’s totally fine too!

“How long should this take each day?” This can vary depending on your children’s age and interest, as well as on what you want to do with the challenge. I typically get them started and tell them what the prompt is with a short description. Then as they start building I read the scripture and follow it up with my own comments or perhaps some discussion questions that come to mind. I usually let them continue building until they’re done or have them stop about 15-20 minutes into it so we can continue our day. We set aside unfinished builds and they complete them during their free time at the end of the day if desired. 

You can find more tips and suggestions here!

February One-Year Bible Brick Challenge Calendar


Here are the stories covered this month: 

  • Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dreams
  • Pharaoh rewards Joseph
  • Joseph’s brothers in Egypt
  • Joseph tests his brothers
  • Joseph provides for brothers
  • Jacob and Joseph reunited
  • Israelites slaves in Egypt
  • Moses is born
  • The burning bush
  • Miracles for Moses
  • Making bricks without straw
  • Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh 
  • Nile river turned to blood
  • Frogs, gnats, and flies
  • Disease, boils, and hail
  • Locusts and darkness
  • Final terrible plague
  • First passover
  • Exodus out of Egypt 
  • Parting of the Red Sea
  • Waters at Marah
  • Manna from heaven
  • Water from the rock
  • Israel defeats Amalek
  • Jethro visits Moses
  • Moses goes up Mount Sinai
  • The 10 commandments
  • Ark of the covenant

If you’d like to include some engaging questions and devotions, I recommend pairing this challenge with Bible Road TripBible Road Trip (the Bible curriculum we use) or 365 Great Bible Stories: The Good News from Genesis to Revelation, which is a great simple devotional for younger kids. 

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February One Year Bible Brick Challenge

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You will find all the Bible Brick Challenges on this page – we’ll keep it updated as the year progresses. 

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