In-Depth BiblioPlan Review

We’ve been using BiblioPlan for about half a year now and it has been a big win for our homeschool. We LOVE literature-based curriculum and resources that allow me to teach multiple levels at once. BiblioPlan does all that with a Christian worldview and is set up to make things as easy as possible for this busy mama!

I reached out to BiblioPlan and offered to do a review in exchange for their Year 2 Medieval curriculum. So, below is my in-depth BiblioPlan review video, including pros and cons, details on how we use it in our homeschool each week, and a walk-through of the curriculum!

It’s a long video but I know folks prefer not to jump around multiple videos for in-depth reviews. BUT if you don’t have time for the whole thing, here are time markers so you can skip to what you want or come back to it later for the rest!

  •  Overview of BiblioPlan – Go to 0:34
  • How we Use BiblioPlan in Our Homeschool – Go to 6:04
  • Things I Love & Things I’d Tweak – Go to 10:23
  • Detailed walk-through of BiblioPlan Curriculum – Go to 19:47 (Note that I partially obscure the book lists as BiblioPlan does not provide those publicly outside of the purchased Family Guide.)

Video BiblioPlan Review

Go to the BiblioPlan site to find out more!

Definitely check out this Tips and Tricks page to see how to adapt BiblioPlan for any and all learning needs

Download free samples of all the resources for BiblioPlan and try it out for yourself.

You’ll want to join BiblioPlan’s helpful FB Group to see how others are using it and ask questions.

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