Book Review: Questions God Asks by Israel Wayne

I have heard the name of author and speaker Israel Wayne floating around on a few of my favorite blogs. When the chance to review his new book, Questions God Asks: Unlocking the Wisdom of Eternity, I jumped at it! I am so glad I did. Wayne has quickly become one of my favorite Christian authors. 

Each chapter examines a question that God asks and His purposes behind that question. We know that God knows everything, so there’s nothing He can learn from asking the question. However, we have much to learn from them. 

In Questions God Asks, we get a unique perspective into the heart of God, exploring His tone and His intent behind each question. It often made me think of the gentle yet firm questions a parent might ask their child in order to get to the heart of an issue together.

In many instances, I was surprised by new insights into some of the people and stories of the Bible: Moses, Abraham, Jacob, Joshua and more. Wayne says “God seldom chose people with exceptional abilities, but rather those who had no strengths of their own.” With these people – and with us – God carries out His purposes. The book demonstrates over and over that this is true, and encourages us to walk by faith and depend solely on Him rather than our own strivings.  

The chapters are short and to the point, and use an engaging narrative and quick wit that makes them easy and entertaining reads. The book would make an excellent devotion for a busy mom like me. There’s no fluff, however, and I appreciate the depth and theological soundness, as well as the self-examination that Wayne encourages. 

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