Fun Water Balloon Games for Kids

The dog days of summer are here! One of the best things you can do for your kids is to keep them active despite the climbing temperatures. How can you keep them active and cool? A simple pack (or several packs) of water balloons and a little creativity can provide a summer afternoon of excitement! There are so many things you can do with water balloons besides just handing them over to the kids to toss at each other, although your kids will probably enjoy that, too. If you want to make your water balloons last longer than just a few minutes, here are some great water balloon games to try!

Water Balloon Games

Water Balloon Games

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1. Classic Water Balloon Toss

This one is an oldie, but goodie. Each child gets a partner. Have the children stand close to their partners and toss the water balloons. After each toss everyone takes one step back and continues tossing. If a water balloon gets dropped and busts, that pair is out! Last pair standing wins!

2. Water Balloon Ring Toss

One child holds a hula hoop while the other children take turns tossing water balloons through the ring.

3. Duck, Duck, Splash

This one is a great take on the old, Duck, Duck, Goose game. Play it just like the original, but the chooser busts the water balloon on the person they chose to be the goose!

4. Catch in a Milk Jug

Cut the tops off milk jugs and have kids toss water balloons and try to catch them in their jugs.

5. Hot Potato with Water Balloons

Play just like regular hot potato, but the person who is holding the water balloon when the music ends gets to smash it over their head!

6. Target Splash

You could do so much with this game. Grab some sidewalk chalk. You can draw regular targets and have the kids toss water balloons at each target, or you could make the targets educational. You could do spelling words or even numbers. Call out the words and have the child throw them at the correct targets, or call at math facts and have them throw the balloons at the correct numbers.

7. Water Balloon Hunt

Hide water balloons around your yard, just like you would Easter eggs. Have the kids find all of the balloons and then have a water balloon fight!

8. Water Balloon Science Experiments

Want to turn your water balloon fun into a learning experience? Try these awesome water balloon science experiments!

9. Water Balloon Bowling

Set up pins using old soda bottles or paper towel rolls and use water balloons to bowl them over!

10. Water Balloon Pick-Up

When all the fun is done, have the kids race to clean up the busted water balloons from the yard. The child with the most pieces of water balloons gets a prize!

These are just a few fun water balloon games you can play with your children. Do you have any more to add to this list?

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