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Have you heard of by The Old Schoolhouse? The Yearly Membership Option is a tool for parent-led education. It’s 
packed with homeschool helps and encouragement, full courses of study for all ages, planning materials, and more! Features
The site is deep with content to fit a variety of homeschooling needs. Here are some of the major features of the Yearly Membership Option: 

  • Over 50 ongoing courses
  • Archives of past courses and lessons
  • Daily lessons in various subjects
  • Schoolhouse EXPO recordings
  • Digital back issues of The Old Schoolhouse magazine
  • Secure online homeschool record keeping system (Applecore)
  • Detailed homeschool and student planners for different needs

Why I’m Impressed
Although I’ve only scratched the surface of what’s available on, here are the two things that stood out to me the most:

  • Content Quality: The content is great and the list of expert teachers is quite impressive. The lessons can be used digitally or printed. There are also video and audio resources.
  • Content Quantity: There are a LOT of lessons and resources! The unique electives and course archives make the offerings even more comprehensive. Nearly every homeschool type and style would find value in it. Here is a sampling of the courses:

    • Art Techniques
    • Nature/Outdoors
    • Economics
    • Home Economics
    • Logic
    • Photograpy
    • World Views
    • French, Hebrew and Spanish
    • Classical History
    • Geography
    • Math
    • Guitar, Violin, and voice
    • Lapbooking
    • Literature
    • Writing
    • Science
    • Unit Studies
    • Much more!

How We’re Using It
It’s only been a couple of weeks and we’ve already made good use of with our 6 and under crew. 

Daily Games

One of my favorite features is the Dailies, which help me add “just a little something” to our homeschool day. They are daily lessons independent of the full courses, for subjects such as math, grammar, copy work, etc. 

We zoomed right in on Everyday Games for a little fun learning. You can print them, but I pull the games up on my iPad and play them with my son using a bag of buttons. Every day is a new game for us to enjoy!

Playing Everyday Games with Mom

Encouraging and Teaching Mommy
I love listening to homeschool speakers. I often set up recordings and listen to them in the car. I was excited to see a Heidi St. John talk in the Schoolhouse EXPO recordings and immediately downloaded it.

So far, my favorite thing from has been the 16-week Charlotte Mason Homeschooling series by Cindy West. It’s in the archives, but going through it has been like striking gold for me! 

I’ve always wanted to know and implement more of the Charlotte Mason method but would get overwhelmed by it. Within a few days of starting this series we’ve been implementing the ideas. Score!

Our Pinecone Nature Study Inspired by the 
Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Series

Nature Studies
Hooking right into the Charlotte Mason method I’ve been learning is the Nature/Outdoors class by Erin Dean. The lessons are just the right size to easily fit into what we’re already doing for school and there’s little to no prep work. (Mommy likes!) 

We’ve been following along with the cold weather activities and digging into the archives. How cool is it to do a nature walk as we hunt for a Christmas tree and then learn to identify different trees?!

Studying weather and trees right along with everyday life!
My kids are studying the tree with a magnifying glass.
They’re awesome. 

As far as cons, the content was difficult to navigate at first, especially when I was looking for archived lessons. The search feature also does not produce highly useful results. However, it didn’t take long for me to quickly find what I needed. 

Bottom Line
Overall, we are enjoying in our homeschool and plan to continue using it this year to supplement our studies. It would also make a good backbone to a homeschool program. 

Find Out More
Interested in learning more about

  • Specials: During December, purchase of a Yearly Membership Option will get you another membership to gift to a friend and other great freebies. 

Explore and see if it is a good fit for your family!

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  1. That sounds really neat, Tauna. I like the idea of self-education for adults. I feel like I need some learnin’, especially regarding the different homeschool approaches. The recordings sound great, too. I will make a note of Schoolhouse Teachers for sure!

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