Candy Bar Cake


My husband doesn’t like cake. I know… it’s weird. So for our anniversary I wanted to find a creative way to treat him. I stumbled upon this idea for creating a “cake” made out of candy bars.

I bought/assembled all the supplies called for in the tutorial, including big bars, mini mars, double-sided tape, tins, and basket crinkle paper. And then I waited until the last minute to assemble it and couldn’t find all the stuff. 🙁 Go figure.

So instead, I used one of the tins and a smaller tupperware and just looped regular tape to attach the candy. Since I couldn’t find the basket paper either, I laid those across the surfaces. Not the most beautiful candy bar cake, but my husband liked it. I even filled the bottom tin with some fun anniversary-ish stuff, including IOUs from me. 🙂



Here are some fun candy bar cake ideas for inspiration!




From Pink Cake Plate
From Homebased Parties
Also from Homebased Parties
From Wrap Candy




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  1. Nell

    I can feel a toothache coming on already. What a great idea especially for those who don’t like cake. I haven’t seen these before. I think one of these decorated up at Christmas for everyone to share would be a lovely idea.
    Thank you for sharing
    Blessings Nell

  2. LaVonne @ Long Wait

    I really love these ideas. I am not a big cake person either. I usually get brownies on my birthday, but this idea I love.

    Don’t you just love Pinterest? I can find so many great things on there!

    1. Proverbial Homemaker

      My husband would love brownies too! Maybe a brownie “cake” for next year. 🙂

  3. Andrea

    Wow…just wow! What a great idea, and so colorful and festive!!!

  4. Tamera

    My son is away at college and this is a great idea to send to him for his birthday!

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