A Mighty Fortress is Our God Hymn Study

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The hymn A Mighty Fortress is Our God is Martin Luther’s most famous hymn and one that became a mark of the Reformation. The powerful lyrics and timeless message makes it one you’ll want to study with your family!

Learn about the sovereignty and power of God with your family and this A Mighty Fortress is Our God hymn study!

A Mighty Fortress is Our God was written in 1529 by Martin Luther. It was translated from German into English by Frederick H. Hedge in 1852. Although Luther wrote several hymns (37), this was by far the most popular. It is about the sovereignty and power of God, the refuge and strength we find in Him in the face of trials, and the ultimate hope we have in Christ Jesus.

He wrote it about 12 years after famously posting the 95 theses on the door of the church in Wittenburg, Germany. It became strongly associated with Luther’s efforts and identified with the protestant reformation movement itself, and has even been called the “Battle Hymn of the Reformation.”

A Mighty Fortress is Our God is based on Psalm 46, which was a great comfort and encouragement to Luther as he faced opposition. It is also a wonderful hymn to learn around Reformation Day, which is remembered on October 31st each year.  

Teach Your Kids Our God is a Mighty Fortress

This A Mighty Fortress is Our God hymn study includes tips for helping your kids learn the hymn, along with the following:

  • Family devotions
  • Notebooking pages
  • Lyric sheet
  • Sheet music
  • Scripture poster
  • Coloring page
  • Scripture copywork

Download A Mighty Fortress is Our God Hymn Study

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        Each day includes: 

        An overview of a Sola or Scriptural concept.
        A Bible passage to study with discussion questions.
        Additional Scripture passages to read to better understand the intent of each Sola.
        A structured notebooking page to encourage independent thinking and writing skills.
        A fun family activity to help creatively cement your child’s learning process.
        A memorable craft to encourage creative expression and further your child’s understanding.
        Bonus coloring pages for older children and a printable card set for memory games.”

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  1. This looks like a wonderful way to study this special anniversary of reformation day. My family would love to be blessed with this gift.

  2. Cannot wait to use the hymn study! Thank you!

  3. Great resources for this study. The figure to play with allows kids to re-enact this.

  4. Thanks for the opportunity. My boys and I will be celebrating all month! 🙂

  5. I enjoy using living books for teaching history. My kids retain and want to learn more. When Lightening Struck sounds like an engaging book. Plus with it being the 500th anniversary, I want to make Reformation Day extra special this year.

  6. This will be the first year we spend time teaching our kids about Reformation Day, but I’m excited to dive in and thankful for the great resources!

  7. My kids are so excited to learn about reformation day, and I know this package would delight them!

  8. Thank you, Tauna! What an exciting giveaway! Our family has been enjoying the study on the Reformation. Our pastor has challenged the young people in our church do research on several different Reformers, and then give a report on it to the congregation. I would love to have these resources, but do not have any of them currently.

  9. What an important area of study. Thanks for the resources!

  10. This is such a fantastic offering! We are covering the Reformartion during our Sunday evening service. Being brought up Catholic, and left the church after accepting Christ! I have a keen interest in this.

  11. I think it is great to have books about Martin Luther accessible to children and teens.

  12. I love people who try to obey and follow all of the Bible, not just what is convenient or comfortable for them.

  13. We’ve been going through Romans as a church and talking about the 5 solas, and have been watching a lecture series on the reformation with some friends. We are so excited about the 500 year anniversary and would love these resources for sharing the excitement with our daughters!

  14. Thank you, by the way, for the work you and your blogger friends do, to bring your readers this opportunities.

  15. Growing up I remember hearing the part of Martin Luther’s story of how the lightening stuck and impacted him to turn to Christ, and since every time I am in a big lightning storm I also think back to his story! I am excited to have his story brought to more little ears and see how his story and life for Christ impacts them!

  16. Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome giveaway!

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  20. Thank you for all the planners and home school information that you provide, it has been a great help to my daughter-in-law.

  21. Martin Luther has always been one of my heroes. As a lifelong Lutheran I was taught about Martin Luther from a young age. So glad to see others learning about his important work.

  22. I I would love to win this. History is amazing.

  23. When Lightning Struck would be an additional great way to help me teach about the Reformation, which I would much rather our family focus on in October than football and Halloween.

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  25. This is such an awesome giveaway and such great tools for families to study the reformation!

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  33. This looks like a great study. I hadn’t realized before now that Luther posted his 95 theses on October 31.

  34. I’ve been wanting to get this book since it was released! I believe my oldest are mature enough to understand it this year

  35. We are hoping to read this together to learn more about the Protestant Reformation and Martin Luther. We love historical fiction, and we’ve read the first chapter of this one to see if we like it. It has great detail and decsription, and it seems action packed. Can’t wait!

  36. Why are you excited about When Lightning Struck!? I recently finished Here I Stand, and am interested in Reformation history. This would be a good read aloud or book for my children.

    1. Hi! I know the author and her love of church history, biblical fidelity, and integrity. 🙂 It gives me confidence in the accuracy of the book, which makes it easier to enjoy and share! That and I started reading it and was so taken by the story that I started over so I could read it to my kids!

  37. Ahh! I would love to win this pack. We are going to be starting a Martin Luther study next week. We haven’t done one before, but I figured since it’s the 500th anniversary of Reformation Day, this year would be a good year to start. Thanks for the chance.

  38. Thank you for offering all of these resources for Reformation Day. I have always had trouble finding worksheets for my
    children to celebrate the day.

  39. This would be so awesome to add to our homeschool bible study. Would love to win. Thanks.

  40. Love this! Reformation Day is such a fun holiday, and so educational for kids. (Plus I think the Playmobil figurines are adorable!) I grew up reenacting the reformation every year so I’d love to win these for my little siblings to continue the tradition of learning about the Reformation!

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  42. We are in the midst of studying the Reformation right now. This would be a wonderful extension to our studies!

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  46. The reformation is so important in history! It changed the course of history.

  47. My last semester of college, I took a History of the Reformation class. Sadly, I had to drop out that semester and never finished. I’m excited by the thought of being able to finally learn about that time and also to maybe share it with my daughter, who’s just reaching an age where I think she can have all the conversations that learning about that time could bring up.

  48. Being able to share historical accounts of people/events in an exciting adventure story really brings it to life. It’s not always easy to make history fun, but when you can it really seems to stick.. I’m always looking for new ways to present historical facts to my children.

  49. I’m looking forward to doing this hymn study. Thank you!!

  50. Wow, what an awesome giveaway! I didn’t realize it was the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Thanks for the freebies too!

  51. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  52. I am SO excited about this contest because the reformation is a part of our family’s history. Also, the hymn study looks amazing. Thanks for all your hard work!

  53. Learning more about Martin Luther and how he changed history.

  54. Thanks for the Hymn download and chance to win these resources.

  55. Am so excited about this Giveaway!! Love each of the prizes. Am thrilled to read When Lightening Struck! with my 12 year olds. This history is so essential to our faith and world history. Love it all! Thank you!

  56. I’ve been looking at “When Lightning Struck” for a year or so, but my kids are just a bit young for the study yet. I’m thinking it would be a great resource for my youngest next year, and I’d love to win it!!

    1. I understand! I’m reading it to my kids (ages 1 – 9) and have to do a bit of editing for the more intense parts as I go, but we’re loving it!

  57. Thank You!

  58. I would love or our family to learn more about Martin Luther with these resources!

  59. Always have loved Reformation day! These would be awesome!

  60. This is my first year teachin my children about Reformation Day and the book would be a great interest to my children, especially my twin 3rd grade sons as they love history.

  61. I’ve never read the book before and I’d love to share it with my 5 kiddos. ♡♡

  62. Studying the Reformation with our homeschool co-op this year! What great resources to add to what we are learning.

  63. My husband and I are going to Germany to celebrate the anniversary of the Reformation. I haven’t done much yet to explain to our kids why/what we’re going for!

    1. Wow that’s an amazing opportunity! Have a wonderful time!

  64. This all looks amazing! I’d love to have a copy of When Lightning Struck! to use with all my kids.

  65. I am hosting a Reformation Party at our church and these resources would be a wonderful help for that and for my family to learn from. Such an important part of history that often gets overlooked. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  66. I am so excited to use the hymn study to further teach my kids about the Reformation. I would also love to read the book “When Lightning Struck” to my kids and they love Playmobil so it would be neat to have the figure to remember what they have learned.

  67. Looks amazing❤

  68. I have been looking for devotionals for my whole family that isn’t too young for my olders nor too old for my youngers. THis would fit the bill esp with reformation day being around the corner!

  69. This would be an amazing addition to our Reformation studies.

  70. These resources look amazing! I’ve been teaching my children about Reformation Day using bits and pieces of information I find on various websites – these resources could help us have a more comprehensive understanding about Martin Luther and Reformation Day.

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  72. as a lutheran, this is a great way to share our faith’s history with our fellow home schoolers!

  73. Thank you offering such a special giveaway.

  74. Exited to teach my kids about Martin Luther! I think it would be great to be able to learn bout the hymns too!

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  77. This would be amazing to win!

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  79. Thank you so much for this give away. We have been celebrating at our church all month, but I don’t have any resources for home school and would really like to have some. Don’t have the budget to do it right now. We have six so I really like that some of these resources are for little ones.

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  81. I am excited because this year we are studying World History and introducing my children to the Reformation Period is going to be interesting. Thank you for the resources you provide.

  82. What wonderful resources! Thank you for this opportunity!

  83. Looks great!

  84. I guess I knew there was a Reformation day, but I never really thought about it. We just studied a little about Luther’s brave acts a few weeks ago. Glad you sent this out. Looking forward to going a little deeper!

  85. We have been studying the Reformation during family devotions, so my children would enjoy reading a book about Martin Luther!

  86. Growing up, no one ever taught me church history. Now that I am in my 30 with children of my own, I want them to know the history of our faith. Our children need to understand the heritage they have been handed, the history of the church, and to understand the sacrifices others made on our behalf. I want our kids to understand that the Reformation continues and that the church continues to fight against heresies and false gospels.

  87. Martin Luther was a bold man. I am thankful to the Lord that this man had the boldness to stand against the majority!

  88. Hymns reach the heart and leave a lasting memory connected to a true honest feeling – a feeling of love and a desire to fill an emptiness we often are unaware of. They are great for families, especially as teaching aids for youngsters.

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