5 Simple Ways to Show Your Kids Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day is often thought about as a lovers holiday. Husbands and wives have a date on the calendar that gives them a reason to shower out tons of love and affection. Sometimes though, our kids get lost in the shuffle. They often feel left out and lonely on a day that is so focused on romantic love – and that really doesn’t have to be all that it is about. Here are 5 simple ways to show your kids love on Valentine’s Day .

5 Simple Ways to show Your Kids love on Valentines Day

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Buy or make a card– I am a card girl. I love it when my kids make me cards – or have their daddy take them to buy them. I love words that come straight from their hearts, and I love seeing their name penned across the bottom. Our kids enjoy it too. Lots of stores have great cards for .99 cents – or use one of their valentines!

I like to make them a special card. They know I put time into it, and it is something I made special for them. Just the other day, I was dropping off laundry in my 13 year old daughters room – and I found a card I made her last year tapped to her mirror. It made me smile. She cherishes it – just like I cherish the ones she has made for me.

  1. Write them love notes- This is something I love to do. You can write them on napkins, on the mirror, or even make a chain from their door (the last is my personal favorite). Tell them all the reasons you love them – from their eyes, to their dimples, to their kind heart, or the way they make you giggle! I hang a paper chain at their door, and for the whole month of February, I add a link each day. 28 (or 29) special ways I love them!
  2. Plan a family date day- Maybe you and hubby have a great date night in, or out, planned for Valentines Day! That is awesome! However, your kids want to be in on special moments too. Maybe the day before, plan a special day (or night) that is kid oriented. Just the other day, we did a movie and game night, made popcorn and spent the evening together. This helps them feel connected to you, so that when you put them in bed early for date night in – or send them to a grandparent – that they don’t feel disconnected or not cared for! Be purposeful!
  3. Make a special meal- Valentines Day is a day where I am focused on my hubby for sure – but one thing I do for the whole family is I make heart shaped pancakes! This is super easy. You take a metal cookie cutter and place it on your skillet – and then, pour the pancake batter in! TADA! Heart pancakes. You can add chocolate chips or sprinkle for added flair. This makes the actual day special for them – especially if you have plans with your sweetheart that evening!
  4. Tell them you love them- Very simple. But this is what they need more than anything else. We live in a world where people don’t verbalize these words enough. Get down on their level – pull them in your lap. Look them in the eye and tell them how loved and valuable they are too you. You can never replace the feelings and affirment that this will place in your child’s heart and mind.

You can do the more traditional things of buying them gifts and candy- nothing is wrong with that! However, these simple things will help them remember how loved they are, as mommy and daddy take some time to focus on each other.



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