Showing Love Even When He Isn’t Perfect


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Is your husband perfect? I know when we first met the man of our dreams, he seemed perfect. His laugh, his smile and the way he said things made us feel special, loved and cherished. Then, there was the wedding.

Oh, the wedding. The wedding was a blissful, happy day with the perfect dress and the perfect music with the perfect cake. After the wedding, the happy couple drove away in a car to be surrounded by no responsibilities for a week long retreat from life. Then the couple returns.

Reality sets in.

There are bills to pay, jobs to go to, deadlines to meet and a home to keep. It is still fun, as a newlywed couple, however life creeps in and it isn’t as fairytale as it once was.

He isn’t perfect like he once was either.

The little things you once found cute and charming, aren’t so much anymore. His laugh is a little loud, his smile is a little crooked (has it always been that way?!?) and did he really just say that to me??

So now what? What do we do to combat the feelings of an imperfect husband?

Learn to Acknowledge Your Own Faults.

Think of this, if the little things are annoying you about him, what is annoying him about you? The things that he thought were cute and charming about you are coming across to him as frustrating and a little overbearing.

It really goes both ways, Ladies.

Nobody is perfect. This side of heaven, nobody is going to be perfect. If you are so intent on finding fault in your spouse, you may overlook his great qualities. Don’t be quick to judge him. Don’t be quick to point out what he did wrong. Every time you want to point out his faults, ask him what you could change about yourself. Every time you want to point out his faults, find something that he does you love. Remember: you are far from perfect.

Overlook and Over Praise

Overlook the bad things and over praise the good things. If he helps you with the dishes, thank him. If he takes out the garbage every day, tell him you notice and appreciate it. Soon you will realize all of the things he does for you and the home.

Valentine’s Day, Every day

Love him. Give him a hug when he comes home, even if the children are swarming at your feet. Hold his hand while watching a movie. Kiss him goodnight. Make him his favorite supper. Show intentional acts of love and caring to him. Don’t get so busy you forget to love your husband.

Encourage Him

Encourage him in his tasks whether it is for work or for his ministry. Be a help to him. Not sure how? Ask him. Ask him what you can do to help him. One way I like to encourage my husband is to make sure the home is a peaceful place when he gets home. With four children that isn’t always easy, but I try to keep a relative calm for when he walks through the door. Encourage your husband daily.

Did you notice what those points spelled? L.O.V.E. Love your husband every day and look past his faults. They will fade in your mind when you focus on the man you married and be the wife to him that he needs.


Sarah is a wife to a wonderful husband and mom to 4 wonderful kiddos. She blogs at She also just published her first ebook, Supercharged: Plugging Into Ministry And Encouraging Others To Do The Same. You can follow her at Facebook and Pinterest.

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    Thank you so much i needed this,it really got me too rethink things!!!❤

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