Intentional Time Management Tips (Mini-Course + Printable)

It seems like we’re all struggling to get everything done. We want more hours in the day, better time management, and a better way of handling the work in front of us so we don’t get overwhelmed! Task management and how we organize our days is important, but sometimes we need a little guidance on exactly how to do that. 

This is something I’ve been working hard on over the past few years and it has paid off. Yes, sometimes I still get overwhelmed, but now I have practical steps I take to push through that and do the most important things. With more efficiency and proper priorities, there comes more peace in my week.

Intentional Time Management for Busy Moms - a 2-part mini course with printable worksheet! Get a handle on your workload with this crash course in time management.

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Does that sound good to you? If so, you’re going to love this! 

I’ve put together a 2-part mini-course for you on how to manage your time and it includes a worksheet printable to help you put it into practice. This new resource is a part of the wonderful series at my friend Jessica’s site, Intentional in Life

This is a crash course that goes through 7 tips, giving you a bit of background and inspiration and then action steps you can take! Here’s what it covers: 

  • Evaluating your current situation realistically
  • Taking your strengths and limitations into account
  • Taking care of yourself
  • Enlisting help
  • Setting priorities
  • Finding solutions to obstacles
  • Focusing on progress, not perfection

And of course, a simple worksheet with all the action steps so you can make it happen!

CLICK HERE for Part 1 of the series (the second part is linked at the bottom)



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