Praying for Integrity in Our Children

Jesus is the perfect example of integrity – completely and flawlessly full of truth and righteousness. Although we are flawed, when we are in Christ, we can be men and women of integrity through the Holy Spirit. Praying for integrity  in ourselves, our children, and our spouse is a worthwhile pursuit! To always be truthful and upright is an important quality for us to have as followers of Christ.

Praying for Integrity for ourselves, our children, and our spouse is a worthwhile pursuit! Use these scripture cards, Bible journal pages, and scripture coloring pages to help.

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Will you join me in praying for integrity in our families? 

The Praying for Integrity pack includes 4 scriptures and a journal that helps us to focus our prayers on this godly character trait. You’ll get a scripture art print and coloring page, scripture memory verse cards, and journal pages for each of the memory verses. All are available in ESV and KJV! You can find this and more prayer packs in the Proverbial Homemaker Store




Read, Pray, Love 2017

The scripture printable pack above is the February set for Read, Pray, Love 2017, a year-long effort to pray the scripture for our family and godly character! This year I am joining with parents just like you in a commitment to pray diligently for our families and stay rooted in prayer. Every month covers a new godly character trait and includes new printables. You can join anytime, starting at the beginning or jumping in with the current month!

Click here to find out all about Read, Pray, Love 2017 and the accountability and resources available.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you’re joining us in Read, Pray, Love and would like weekly accountability emails, CLICK HERE!

For the 2016 edition of Read, Pray, Love, click here

I NEED THIS! Read, Pray, Love includes gorgeous scripture art prints and memory verse cards with COLORING PAGES! A Prayerful Woman 5-Day Challenge - Set yourself up for success in your Bible reading and prayer!




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