DIY Country Yarn Vases

Today I’m guest posting over at Hope in Every Season while Sarah is in England! At a Jane Austen festival! (Thou shalt not covet, thou shalt not covet…). Anyway, here’s a little craft I shared!


While we were on vacation last month, a sweet neighbor watered my gardens for me. I wanted to get her something nice but simple, so I thought I’d try an idea I saw on Pinterest and make her a vase with some flowers from the garden. 

This project is just right for my attention span and my level of skill, which is nothing to speak of. I love projects that look fancy but can be done in 15 minutes! I’m not sure where I saw the idea to begin with, but here is another example. 

Fortunately, I had all I needed on hand, including an empty bottle of coffee syrup and that giant skein of white yarn I bought years ago with the funny idea of knitting something. 

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