Frog and Toad Together Unit Study

Frog and Toad Together is one of those classic books that should grace the bookshelf of every home with kids, or at least be borrowed from the local library from time to time.

Frog and Toad Together is a book consisting of 5 short stories about friendship.  During these stories, Frog and Toad will work through Toad’s ‘to do’ list, plant a garden, eat lots of cookies, discover their bravery, and even dream of one another.

This book offers some great opportunities to incorporate many different subject areas to make a nice unit study for your preschooler or early elementary aged child. This Frog and Toad Together unit study will give you great ideas to get started!

Frog and Toad Unit Study

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Language Arts

  • Have your child write (or dictate to you) a story based on a recent dream they had
  • Have your child practice writing a list – a grocery list, a to-do list, a packing list (for a trip), etc.
  • Practice letter recognition, letter sounds, and spelling with Alphabet Flower Garden



  • Take a survey of your family and friends on what their favorite cookie is.  Make a bar graph of the results.
  • Make several different sized ‘snakes’ with pieces of yarn and have your child measure them and put them in order from biggest to smallest.



  • Compare and contrast frogs and toads using a Venn diagram
  • Plant a garden or just a flower.  Discuss what a plant needs to grow.  Record your seed’s progress on an observation chart.
  • Take about what makes up a balanced meal.  Discuss the different food groups.  Plan out a day’s menu and make sure it provides a balance of all the food groups.


Arts & Crafts

  • Have your child draw a picture of their best friend and discuss the qualities of a good friend
  • Make a garden collage with pictures cut from garden and seed catalogs or from seed packets
  • Have your child paint a picture of a recent dream they had
  • Make a paper bag frog puppet
  • Make origami frogs



  • Bake your favorite kind of cookies and enjoy them with a cold glass of milk



  • Kindness – Bake cookies and take them to your neighbor, fire department, coach, senior citizen home, or anyone else you think would be blessed by a batch of cookies.
  • Responsibility – create a list with your child of things they need to do each day (get dressed, brush teeth, chores, schoolwork, etc.); laminate it so they can check things off their list each day.
  • Courage – ask your child about a time when they were afraid; discuss what they did in that situation and what they can do if they are ever afraid again.  Talk about what it means to be courageous.
  • Self-control – do the bubble game object lesson or marshmallow (or candy) test


Additional Books


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