Number Your Days… and worship with them


This morning was not all that uncommon. It started with the same old busy and crazy that comes with 6 kids and a full set of homeschool tasks before us. We sat at the table for our morning devotions and my heart was not in it. I was feeling overwhelmed and distracted by the giant t0-do list rolling around in my head.

We began to practice our latest hymn, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus. Such a beautiful sound, listening to all those little voices worshiping Jesus! It reminded me of Mandy. All my distracted thoughts slowed to a stop.  

Number Your Days and Worship with Them - a Tribute to Mandy Kelly and an encouragement to us all.

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An Example of Running the Race Well

Many of you heard about the passing of Mandy Kelly, author at As I am writing this, services are being held for her and and her sweet family. This lovely lady died in a house fire a just a few days prior along with her husband Scott and two youngest children Lizzie and Judah. Her oldest two children, Bekah and Jared, survived, along with their grandmother. It is tragic, and there has been much grief over their passing. (Please keep them in your prayers and consider donating to them through their church here – specify Kelly Fund. In addition to losing their parents and siblings, they lost everything else in the fire.)

In the past, Mandy had been a contributor here at Proverbial Homemaker offering wonderful encouragement, and we worked together occasionally after that as well. She was not only an important part of the Christian blogging and homeschooling community but She was a leader with the Good Morning Girls Bible study and well known in the adoption community. Her whole family was important in their community in South Carolina. They will be missed, to say the least.

Mandy had a sweet and humble spirit and she always had her eyes on Jesus. It’s something I noticed and admired about her. She always had a godly perspective on priorities and her role as wife and Mom. At the end of every email, Mandy would sign off with the words “worshiping with my life.” Mandy did that. It was noticeable and she will be remembered for it. 

Will you? Will I? 

And for that matter, what does it actually mean? How can we really worship with our lives, as full as they are of menu plans and math lessons, irritations and celebrations, and all the things that make life as intriguing as it is mundane? 

Here’s how…

Number Your Days

So teach us to number our days 
that we may get a heart of wisdom.
Psalm 90:12

It’s when we experience the loss of a loved one that we remember how temporary life is. Our days are short. They are like fading grass. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. When the reality of how fleeting life is sinks in, we count out our days like a treasure, desiring to make each one count.

Ironically, it is when we number our earthly days, feeling the weight of their brevity, that we come to more fully understand the wide view of eternal life. Friends, the Lord is our Creator and He has placed eternity in our hearts. His desire is for our sanctification and for a close relationship with Him for His glory. In that high and holy purpose – knowing and loving God – we find the true value in each day. And it is greater than gold.  

Here’s the thing: life goes on. We too easily forget that eternal perspective and find ourselves once again weighed down by the temporal, distracted by the meaningless. It should not be so.

And here’s the reality: This very moment, Mandy is sitting at the feet of her Savior, worshiping with her life – her eternal life – and it’s a beautiful thing. Those left behind need our prayers and our help. And we need to take hold of the eternal perspective this tragic event has given us and not let go of it


Make Much of Each Day

If we are going to follow Mandy’s example and worship with our lives…

If we are going to finish well…

If we take this idea of following Christ seriously…

If we are truly invested and committed in the work He has entrusted us with…  

… then we must make much of each day. Because the stuff of Christ-centered living is in the daily grind, living out our faith. Running the race well means making each stride count.

Our priorities matter.
How we spend our time and energy matters.
The words we use matter.
The attitude we do it all with matters, possibly most of all. 

An Eternal Perspective

So number your days, dear friends. Ask yourself, how can I worship God with my life today? How can I worship Him today with my relationships, activities, and attitude? Then ask Him to help you do that, because He will. 

These are the things I have been pondering since hearing that Mandy and her husband and two youngest children were called home. I can only imagine what her closest friends and family are going through – they are constantly in my prayers. I am thankful for the legacy of Christ-centered living that Mandy left behind to encourage and spur us on. 

May all our lives be a testimony of His mercy and grace. 



Number Your Days and Worship with Them - a Tribute to Mandy Kelly and an encouragement to us all.

**I am honored to be participating in a blog hop in memory of Mandy Kelly from Worshipful Living  Take time to go and visit each one of the blogs below and see how Mandy impacted them. We are all linked up at Awe Filled Homemaker.


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  1. Dana Rodriguez

    I live in the same area where Mandy and her family lived and I know this has to be so hard on their children, family and friends. My heart breaks for this family and they are in my thoughts and prayers.

    1. Tauna

      Thank you for praying, Dana!

  2. Sara @ The Holy Mess

    This is beautiful! What a wonderful tribute and most of all an important reminder to indeed number our days. Mandy’s life has helped me put my own life in perspective. I want to honor Jesus with each of my days. Thank you for writing this.

    1. Tauna

      Yes, Sara! I have that same desire. Thank you for the comment!

  3. Domoina

    So sad. As I live so far,in Madagascar, she has been among my favorite sisters in Christ to support and encourage me mainly when I started my homeschooling journey and we have interaction via social media mainly some Facebook private groups. She thought me to live and to be ready to die for the glory of the Lord. I praise the Lord to have met her in my life. I’ll meet her in the Eternal life. We miss her already. I keep praying for her children and her family.

    1. Tauna

      Thank you Domonia!

  4. Jen

    Yes – it’s in the daily grind that we makes these seemingly small choices that add up to a live well-lived! Joining you and the other ladies in honor of Mandy today. Even in death, her legacy is causing the name of Jesus to be lifted high! 🙂
    Jen @ Being Confident of This

  5. Bethany

    “The attitude we do it all with matters possibly most of all.” Bam! This, right here, has been central to much of what God’s been working on in me lately. It’s Colossians 3:23, doing the right thing as an expression of our love for Jesus. No more, no less.

  6. Mary Newman

    I love that she worshipped with her life. She has inspired me to do the same.

  7. Marilyn

    Rest in Peace Scott, Mindy, Lizzie and Judah. Bekah and Jared, may God give you the strength to get through these trying times. God Bless.
    ,Joan Marion and Marilyn

  8. Rhonda Kelly

    I am Mandy’s mom and I want to thank you so much for sharing about her. Our family is so touched and overwhelmed by the out pouring of love and support. I am slowly making my way through all the tributes. – Rhonda Kelly

    1. Tauna

      Thank you so much Rhonda for the note. You and your family are in our prayers!

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