Overcoming Anger: Resources for the Gentle, Joyful Mom

I write about anger, humility, and becoming a gentle joyful mom fairly often here at Proverbial Homemaker. It’s a challenge for many of us moms and it’s an important thing to find encouragement for! I hope they are helpful!

Anger vs. Self-Control Family Bible Study 

12 Scriptures for a Gentle, Joyful Mom

Overcoming Anger

Praying for Humility – Praying for a Humble Heart in Ourselves and Our Children

Pitchin’ a Fit Book Review

Read, Pray, Love Prayer and Scripture System

Praying for Self-Control

Scriptures for the Overwhelmed Mom

More Resources: 

My ESV Journaling Bible

KJV Journal the Word Bible

More Family Bible Studies

Doorposts for Bible Studies and Parenting Tools

Visual Bible – DVD set for playing scripture throughout the day (we have and love Matthew)

Heart of Anger by Lou Priolo

Fold Up Exercise Bike