Teach My Child About Anger

Are you one of those parents who has a child with anger issues? You’ve done all the right steps…go to church, pray together, have devotions and homeschool. But, maybe you’ve discovered it’s not enough.

Have you tried drawing closer to the Lord and ask Him for help? By praying, God can reveal how we can teach our child about anger.

Surprisingly, parents don’t realize they can provoke their own children to anger by losing patience themselves and not showing mercy.

Here are some positive steps you can take towards teaching your child how to control his/her anger.


How can I teach my child about anger is a big parental hurdle. Here are a few helpful tips.

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Teach My Child About Anger 

First of all, before beginning, please make sure your child is saved. Satan will do all he can to prevent your children from getting saved. It’s time to prepare your child for a spiritual battle. What’s not seen sometimes causes us to forget about it — however, it’s imperative that we remind ourselves of this consistently.

Secondly, evaluate how you react to your child. Are you a parent who is led by his or her emotions? If so, you may be leading your child into sin. And, one of those emotions is Anger.

Remember the bible verse that’s consistently used with children? Ephesians 4:32 states “Be ye kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another…”? Are you always kind to your children when disciplining them? Have you ever been angry when you are instructing them?

Good parenting is calm, attentive with gentle firmness.

The only negative bible verse in the bible for parents raising children is Ephesians 6:4. “And ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath..” The word wrath means a strong desire to avenge. As Colossians 3:21 states, ungodly anger is a discouragement to a child. Obviously, parents want to encourage their children and get deceived with an overload of negative emotions.


Not sure if this sounds like you? Here are 8 examples that can provoke anger in a child:

  1. Criticizing in an angry tone.
  2. Speaking to them harshly.
  3. Teasing incessantly.
  4. Expectations are too high.
  5. Not spending time with them.
  6. Not communicating with them daily.
  7. Publicly insulting your child.
  8. Ignoring or not focusing on them when they are talking.

Are you struggling with any of these 8 destructive behaviors? If so, ask the Lord to help you have a merciful, Christ-like spirit. Then, you can begin to teach YOUR children about anger. It’s NEVER too late to begin. Don’t get discouraged with the past, be joyful about the future and remember, every day is a NEW day!

Anger is deceptive as with most emotions. As parents, the most important job is to keep our child’s heart. Otherwise, rebellion will rear its ugly head. A parent who has their child’s heart will have access to everything in that child’s life.

Once you confess to God any YOUR anger issues and ask Him to help you identify weak areas, then you will be able to effectively teach your children about anger. Keep God close with you at all times and you WILL be successful. And, in the process, you’ll find and KEEP your child’s heart!

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Natalie is married with two children. After leaving her IT career in the healthcare industry, she decided to stay home full-time and homeschool both children. She runs two blogs, works part-time as a Virtual Assistant and teaches English to Chinese children. Natalie loves sharing her minimalist approach with other homeschool moms on her blog at https://contentwithsimple.com. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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