When We Blow It With Our Kids (Guest Post at Road to 31)

You know the story.

Your son whines *again* when he doesn’t get exactly what he wants. Your daughter takes her sister’s toy and hits her over the head with it, right in front of you. Your toddler says “no!” and throws a tantrum when it’s time to go.

Just like every other time, you handle it with perfect calmness and reason. The halo over your head gleams.


You sometimes blow it with your kids. Your actions provoke them to anger or discourage them. You are harsh with your words or voice. You roll your eyes and sigh. You loose your cool.  

I’ve been there. I often AM there. 

We are imperfect mothers parenting imperfect kids. The goal is not perfection. The goal is a genuine walk with Jesus, with our children following close by to see how it’s done. 

So, what does an earnest Jesus follower do when they blow it with their kids? 

Read the rest over at Road to 31, where I am guest posting while the author, Lindsey, takes time off for a new baby!

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