Christmas Story Brick Challenge

Are you looking for an easy and fun way to focus on Christ this Christmas? Do you have kids who LOVE to build? Want to include the youngest in on the fun too? I am SO excited to introduce a new Bible Brick Challenge here at Proverbial Homemaker that I hope will bless you and your family this holiday season: The Christmas Story Brick Challenge

Christmas Story BRICK Challenge - Learn about the birth of Christ with this fun Lego brick building challenge!

The Christmas Story Brick Challenge includes build challenge prompts for 12 days leading up to Christmas. The build creations can vary in complexity depending on the age of your child – it all rests on their creativity to imagine the scene or object and re-create it from their Lego bin!

Each of the 12 days corresponds to a person or event in the Christmas story, and it all points to Jesus as our Savior. Here’s what you will find in the Christmas Brick Challenge: 

  • Challenge summary (12 build challenges)
  • Fun Christmas story rhyme with a printable poster
  • Christmas story challenge cards
  • Christmas story drawing pages
  • Memory verse with copywork
  • Cut and paste nativity scene
  • Coloring pages

Here’s how it works: 

  • Christmas Rhyme. Read through the Christmas story rhyme with your kids. There are 12 parts, each corresponding to a day in the challenge. Post the rhyme printable on your wall.  
  • Memory Verse. Post the memory verse poster on the wall and learn it as a family over the course of the challenge. Your kids can use the copywork page to help aid memorization. 
  • Daily Activities. Start 12 days before Christmas (or any day you wish!). Print the Christmas story challenge cards and go through one each day: Read the rhyme, read the scripture verses, and do the build challenge! Examples and models are intentionally left out because creativity and imagination in these build exercises solidifies the story in amazing ways!
  • Additional Activities: Younger children (or any who are interested) can use the drawing pages to draw the scene/idea described in each part of the rhyme, color the simple but sweet Christmas coloring pages, and create a cute nativity scene with the cut and paste page. 

The Christmas Story Brick Challenge is available in the Proverbial Homemaker store!

Download Your Copy

I hope you are blessed by this fun way of exploring the Christmas story, and have a wonderful time celebrating the birth of our Savior!

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Christmas Story BRICK Challenge

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